Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 2 Stage 2 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, we had a meeting with our informant. His name is Jack. Shortly after the meeting, we discovered that Jack’s real name was John. And he is a corrupt policeman who gives information to journalists for money. The price for you was reduced when you threatened to report him. You could not report him because he is the only informant who can provide you with certain information. To be able to continue the story of Jessica, they met Mr. Bob Wilson. You had two options: To convince him or to threaten him. These choices have a big impact on the continuation of the game. What consequences can await us? Let’s find out the details of this stage. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 2.

It has been a few days since you first returned from the police station. You went there several times but no matter how much you pleaded with Mr. Bob Wilson, he refused to reveal anything more. Jack will call you on your phone. It is the person who provides you with certain information in exchange for money. He managed to find out new information related to the car plate number. You are in the same place as him at 1 pm. Dress appropriately for this situation. Appropriate means Simple and Formal.

In a conversation with Jack, he will tell you that the car has been spotted at the factor of Wellmer Medical on multiple occasions. That’s all he can tell you without being free. You will remember that Mr. Bob Wilson said something about Jessica’s father, his old partner. It’s a sign that you need to learn new things. Walter Taylor is a new name that Jack will explore for you.

After bidding Jack farewell, you need to take a cab to the vicinity factory. The gates of the factory are tightly shut. It is almost impossible to tell if it’s still in operation. You can’t just walk in the front door. You can at last but they are locked. You didn’t expect this. You will have to have a different approach.

While you are still wondering whether to sit down, a middle-aged man walks towards you. He is a diner owner. You will not have the desire to dine but you will ask the Diner owner a few questions. The Diner owner will answer you as honestly as he can.

Workers in charge of this area work 12-hour shifts. From 8 in the morning to 8 at night. They get to rest for half an hour at noon. Workers are not happy about it but they have no choice. They often organize protests but the factory won’t budge.

Someone else enters the diner before you can complete your thought. A simply-dressed woman with brown hair appears with a thick stack of papers. Her name is Ivanova. The Diner owner knows her. She gives one of the posters a pensive look before putting it up. These posters are not cheerful.

A missing person notices. She’s in the same boat as Jessica, in search of her lost daughter. Ivanova and the diner owner have an awkward conversation. Ivanova misses her working hours so she can look for her daughter. Given the size of a city like New York, it is almost impossible to find a person using posters alone.

After a few harsh sentences uttered by the diner owner, Mrs. Ivanova falls silent at the owner’s words. You can tell from Mrs. Ivanova’s eyes that she’s seriously considering the suggestion. The suggestion is that Mrs. Ivanova placed her ad in the newspaper. That way, the whole of New York will keep in mind what’s going on in the city. But things are not that simple. She can’t afford it.

You (Elizabeth Colvin) might be able to help her in exchange for some information on the factory. Mrs. Ivanova leaves when she is done with the posters and you follow closely behind. You will state that Mrs. Ivanova that newspapers are the most effective way to find someone and you will do your best to have the price lowered for her.

She turns around for a moment and you can assume she is wiping her tears. Even though you can get the information for nothing, you feel empty inside. She reminded you of the time you wanted to help Jessica find her daughter. But life is such a fickle thing, and Jessica is no longer with us. This time you will behave like a very high-quality person and you will not take the newspaper fee. It’s your decision.

The astonished expression on Mrs. Ivanova’s face turns into one of gratitude. She will tell you everything she knows about the factory. She reveals some basic information on the factory to you. You manage to draw a rough map of the factory’s layout with her description.

The parking lot is on the west side of the factory. You should check it out to see if you can get in there. Factory doors are not always watched by a guard. Only during the day. At night, the guard will leave the door to go on patrol. You have two possible ways of getting into the factory. Option 1 is to disguise yourself as one of the workers and sneak into the factory during the day and Option 2 is to slip into the factory at night when the guard is not watching the back door. So, what do you decide? Option 1 (Sneak in During the Day), Option 2 (Sneak in During the Night)?

Sneak in During the Day
Sneak in During the Night

If you select Option 1 (Sneak in During the Day), this choice will open Chapter 2-Stage 3. You will sneak during the day because guards don’t usually check the identity of the workers. But if anyone questions you, you can tell them that you got the job through Mrs. Ivanova.

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If you select Option 2 (Sneak in During the Night), this choice will open Chapter 2-Stage 4. You will sneak during the night because the guards will start patrolling at midnight and finish at 7 in the morning.

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You will return to the office after discussing the details of the missing person’s notice with Mrs. Ivanova. Spend the next few days preparing to enter the factory. This stage will close the phone call. Jack will call you. He will say that there are several complications that he will discuss with you personally.

This call is a sign that something new has come to the fore. Will Elizabeth make it to the factory? What was Jack up to tell you? What are the complications that have occurred? One thing is for sure, this is no longer just a job for a reporter. These are serious things. The sequel follows in stage 3.
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