Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 2 Stage 3 Dress up Time Princess. The previous stage took us to new achievements. The diner where the construction workers have their meals, revealed to us some details that are important for us to continue the investigation. Mrs. Ivanova helped us find a way to get into the factory. She gave us a map of the area around the factory. In return, we will help her find her daughter through the newspaper. Journalism is such a job that it sometimes arouses certain unpleasant human qualities. Elizabeth Colvin is such a person that she has a big conscience. Jack surprised us with a phone call near the end of business hours. There is information for us but something got complicated. That “something” is our sign that we are not near the end of the mysteries that await us. Life writes weird stories and we are the main actors. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 3.

The story continues in your meeting with Jack. You wonder what news Jack has for you. He is the key to obtaining more information about Taylor. The problem arises when Jack tells you one strange piece of news. They already know Taylor was Bob Wilson’s partner, and he died in the line of duty. Under normal circumstances, he’d be able to check the archives for Taylor’s personal information. Or look for Taylor’s commendation on the police memorial. But neither of these places have any information on Taylor.

This information will raise new doubts in your head. Was Jessica’s father involved in police corruption? Was the Mafia involved? Your job with Jack is coming to an end at this point. You leave the place where you meet Jack.

Wellmer Medical’s factory doesn’t have a uniform, but you should wear something comfortable to work in. You finally got Ivanova’s help. Seize this opportunity and change into something Noble and Perky to blend in at the factory.

Changing clothes makes you full of self-confidence. When you arrive at the factory, most of the workers are ready to start work. There aren’t many entering the factory at the moment. You will try to blend in with two fashionable ladies, but a guard stops you at the entrance.

You will declare that you are a replacement for Mrs. Ivanova. But when you enter the factory, you will discover a deserted parking lot. What you were looking for, cars with license plates. You just have to figure out who is the owner. When you leave the parking lot, notice a large gathering of people nearby. A male protester glare at you. He must have figured out you are not a protester. It’s about labor conditions.

You will say that fighting for worker rights is a worthy cause. Your support means a lot to workers. But that is not the real reason for your arrival. You came here to ask about the car owner. The registration number is 20L310. The protester will tell you that the owner, Mr. Rossi. He is their union chairman.

According to the protester’s words, Mr. Rossi has a heart of gold. If he’s as nice as the protester made him out to be, he should be willing to talk. Even if he is pretending, direct questioning might make him reveal a thing or two.

Mr. Rio Rossi will be surprised when you ask him a direct question about Jessica’s personal things. He was at the hospital that day. The man panics for a brief moment before bringing his emotions back under control.

You will ask Mr. Rio Rossi is in a relationship with Miss Jessica Taylor. Mr. Rio Rossi will say that he was a longtime friend of her father. He belonged to the Mafia back in the day. Walter Taylor had some dealings with him. There were times when the boss had Mr. Rio Rossi trade information with Walter.

Looks like Jack’s description of Walter is fairly accurate. When the hospital called Mr. Rio Rossi, he figured he could go down to handle the formalities. It’s the least he could do. Knowing Walter, Mr. Rio Rossi says that Walter would want Jessica to be buried with him. He went to collect her stuff. As for how hospital operations, he had to use Walter’s name.

A new dilemma arises in this part of the story. Mr. Rio Rossi advises you not to turn everything into a conspiracy theory. Not all things are set up as Elizabeth thinks. Curiosity killed the cat. He is not suggesting anything. It’s just friendly advice for a young person like you. Option 1 (Accept the Advice), Option 2 (Doubt the Advice). Note: This decision will drastically change the story.

Gotham Memoirs Walkthrough | Stage 2-3

Accept the Advice
Doubt the Advice

If you select Option 1 (Accept the Advice), you will conclude that the information from Jack and Rossi matches up. There are no contradictions. Perhaps things are as simple as they seem. Mr. Rio Rossi will invite you for a cup of tea. You will accept.

You lead an ordinary life as an ordinary reporter. Reporting on the ordinary life of New Yorkers, going on ordinary dates. Your life becomes ordinary. Recognizing the truth is a skill professional reporters need, but it’s far better to make your judgment based on evidence. It is obtained ending.

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If you select Option 2 (Doubt the Advice), you will notice that Mr. Rio Rossi is not a person to be trusted. There are two major issues with what he just told you.

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The First Issue:


1.    The reason he took Jessica’s personal artifacts. *

2.    His relationship with the Taylors.

3.    He went to the hospital.

The reason he took Jessica’s personal artifacts
His relationship with the Taylors
He went to the hospital

If he wanted to respect Walter’s wish to be buried with his daughter, why did he leave Jessica’s ashes behind?

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The Second Issue:

1.    The reason he borrowed Taylor’s name.

2.    How he found out about Jessica’s death. *

3.    His history with the Mafia.

The reason he borrowed Taylor’s name
How he found out about Jessica’s death
His history with the Mafia

Note: Only certain answers allow you to continue the story. 1. Doubt the Advice; 2. The reason he took Jessica’s personal artifacts; 3. How he found out about Jessica’s death.
Any other answers put doubt in your head and you will believe Mr. Rio Rossi. That way you will continue your ordinary work and remain an ordinary journalist.

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The nurse mentioned Jessica didn’t have any next of kin information. So why did they call Mr. Rio Rossi? Even if everything else he said is true, these two points are glaring contradictions. But you shouldn’t make a hasty judgment about which parts are lies. He cannot be trusted.

He was about to invite you to tea. You will know that you have to leave at this moment. Mr. Rio Rossi is a very suspicious man. You should investigate him. This is how stage 3 ends. The day went by so you don’t have much time to relax. The opposite of faith is doubt. And the role of a journalist is to doubt and seek the truth. Your adventure continues on the next stage.
Thank you for reading.