Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 2 Stage 4 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, we were under a big dilemma. A spark of doubt fell into our lap when we met Mr. Rio Rossi. This gentleman is known for being a favorite among his employees. It didn’t seem that way to you. You had to choose your answers. Depending on the answer, your reporter’s life has continued to flow. This stage is called “Midnight Mistery”. Enough for you to continue your story. Mr. Rio Rossi is not a man of trust. That needs to be remembered. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 4.

Today, you will have to sneak into the factory to search for clues. Even though you have heard much about the factory from Mrs. Ivanova, you are still a little anxious. Infiltrating the factory at night requires an outfit that allows you to be nimble yet inconspicuous. Something Noble and Perky should do the trick.

It is already midnight. The streets near the factory are especially quiet. There’s no one guarding the back door, but the large and heavy steel gate is firmly shut. Looks like you will have to climb over it. Go to the parking lot first.

There’s a disquieting stillness in the air as if danger’s just lurking around a corner. Anxious, you run as fast as you can to the parking lot. The parking lot is quite as it is already midnight.

You put your face close to the window, and peer inside the vehicle, determined to find out more about its owner. Suddenly, the rumbling of a car engine nearby rouses you from musings. You crouch down behind the car. A minivan approaches and stops nearby. Several men emerge from the factory and walk towards the van. Looks like they’re about to have some kind of meeting. A few men alight from the van and are greeted by those from the factory.

Mr. Rio Rossi and Mr. Ricci are here. Mr. Ricci is Mr. Puzo’s subordinate. Mr. Ricci looks stern and cold, a far cry from what you remember about him. He was friendly and warm. Although there’s a mysterious air about Mr. Puzo, you always thought he was nothing more than an ordinary businessman.

The man facing Mr. Ricci waves his hand, and his men remove the cloth covering the goods beside him. Mr. Nino Ricci and Mr. Rio Rossi are leading a discussion about their business. Ricci gives order and his men start moving the barrels. A late-night transaction with no one else around. These barrels look heavy. Maybe it is alcohol. After all, it is the era of prohibition. That must be why they’re being so shady about this.

Mr. Nino Ricci hands a black suitcase to Mr. Rio Rossi and turns back to the van. It looks like he will leave as soon as the goods are all loaded up. Rossi Takes the case and hesitates, then whispers to one of his subordinates. At that moment, Rossi and his men glance in your direction.

Unfortunately, it all plays out exactly as you feared. Rossi’s men walk straight towards you. They are too close. There is nowhere for you to run. You have to curl up in a ball, hoping that you won’t be discovered. Squat down and plaster yourself against the car. Drenched in a cold sweat, and your clothes are starting to stick to your skin.

The man holds you at gunpoint and brings you to Mr. Rio Rossi. Rossi stares at you coldly, as though he’s looking at a dead person. Mr. Rio Rossi thinks you’re a wounded man who fell asleep at work. Mr. Nino Ricci did not see you. He didn’t see your face. He has his back turned and that is an advantage for you. He knows you from before. You have two options. Option 1 (Call out to Nino) and Option 2 (Stay silent).

Call out to Nino
Stay silent

If you select Option 1 (Call out to Nino), it will not end well for you. At this stage, it is called A reckless End. You will call Mr. Nino Ricci and, in that way, you will discover that you know each other. A few days later, you will see the news in the newspapers that 7 men and one woman were killed. That would be the end for you that you don’t want.

Gotham Memoirs Walkthrough | Stage 2-4

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If you select Option 2 (Stay silent), you will not call Mr. Nino Ricci and in that way, your life will be extended. Mr. Rio Rossi will recognize you as a worker who forgot to go home. This is a sign that Mr. Nino Ricci goes his own way.

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Middle-aged man, a man who works for Mr. Rossi, he’s distracting you to kill you. In the meantime, you have to do the only thing on your mind. That is to say that you are a journalist and that everyone will know what Mr. Rio Rossi if you get killed. You have to face a dilemma. Whether to tell the truth about why you are here or to agree. Option 1 (Tell the truth), Option 2 (Lie).

Tell the truth

If you select Option 1 (Tell the truth), you will say what is the real reason why you are here. Mr. Rio Rossi will let you go. You will think that you have managed to convince him. On the contrary, two men will follow you to the apartment and kill you in the middle of the street. He had to let you go to be as far away from Mr. Rossi. The newspaper will write about you three days later.

Gotham Memoirs Walkthrough | Stage 2-4

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If you select Option 2 (Lie), you will say what the Diner Owner said. The workers are complaining about their working hours of 12 hours and that is what will save you. You are looking for proof of the exploitation of workers. This will upset Mr. Rio Rossi. He’ll have to let you go. When you leave, you will notice that Mr. Rossi the owner of the car you were looking for. This will be a big step forward for you in the investigation.

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While driving with Mr. Rio Rossi, certain thoughts will run through your head. He will ask you if you are interested in his car. He leaves you on the street near the apartment with a note.

Will he trust you? The reasons behind Jessica’s death seem to be far more complicated than you expected. You still haven’t uncovered the truth, and nearly got yourself killed. Take one step at a time. This is just proof that the fire will start spreading at high speed. Brace yourself.
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