Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 2 Stage 5 Dress up Time Princess. If you remember, the previous stage brought you huge problems. You have entered the property of the factory so that you can gather information related to the car you are interested in. The surprise of the evening was when you saw those famous people were involved in the evening meetings. It was not about standard business meetings; it was something illegal. Mr. Rio Rossi and Mr. Nino Ricci were the main protagonists that evening. They caught you spying on them but you went through with a warning this time. You have a lot of courage for one young lady. The next stage is extremely important. Note: To unlock the other route, go back to either Stage 1-9 or Stage 1-13 and re-read the required stage before going back to stage 2-5 Choices. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 5.

After seeing Mr. Rio Rossi at the factory, you can freely conclude that the story with Jessica is much more complicated. To gather more evidence and information, you must meet with Jack again. Same meeting place but this time without beating around the bush. You will tell Jack you want to know more about Mr. Rio Rossi’s life before the factory. After negotiating the fee, Jack leaves in a hurry.

It doesn’t look like he is just casually observing a stranger. But rather that, he is watching you with a purpose in mind. You will look at him. When your eyes meet, he gets a little flustered. He moves his line of vision away quickly and starts digging into his dessert. You will leave the café.

In the two weeks that follow, you will focus on your work at the newspaper. After the publication of your previous article, the paper has gotten some attention. Just when you think everything is going your way… Your mom calls.

Your mother will say that she had an unexpected and unpleasant visit. Several gangsters came across and asked for three thousand dollars to settle your father’s gambling debt. This year’s harvest was poor, and the money your parents earned could barely cover the interest on the bank loan. That was why your father went to the casino.

Your parents have already pledged the farm and borrowed from everyone they could, but that’s not enough. At this point, three thousand dollars is a lot of money. It is not easy to collect at all.

What’s done is done. There is no point questioning it. You better think of a solution. If you had access to money or power, solving this problem would be easy. At that moment, your office phone rings. You will recognize a well-known voice. This is Mr. Rio Rossi. You need to take a few deep breaths before choosing your words carefully. This gentleman has his own methods to punish your actions from the factory.

You have no idea how he found out, but you know that you have been exposed. According to Mr. Rio Rossi, this is the most effective method to deal with pesky reporters who value the truth over their lies. You will threaten to call the police. It just made him laugh because as you know, this man is with the Mafia. The police probably wouldn’t be a problem for him. Blackmail follows.

The call plunges you into despair. But you are more certain than ever that Rossi didn’t collect Jessica’s belongings for fun. How did he find out that you are investigating him? That’s a puzzle. That stragne man at the café. Maybe Mr. Rio Rossi send him to watch you? You have to fight back. Luckily for you, Miss Diane Boseman gave you a business card. That’s your next move.

Miss Diane Boseman is a prosecutor in New York. Maybe she can help you. Your palms start to sweat as you grow increasingly nervous. Your colleague Mr. Edmund Davis will come to your table. The fact is that you do not look good and your colleague will not miss it. You have a dilemma whether to tell your colleague what happened. He has helped you many times and maybe that is why he can help you now. You have two options. Option 1 (Ask Davis for help), Option 2 (Call Diane).

Ask Davis for help
Call Diane

If you previously selected option Hospital, or Hell on Earth in stage 1-2 and re-read Stage 1-4 Inviting Trouble and Stage 1-6 The Talne Building and accepted Diane’s name card is Stage 1-13 The Alumni Ball.

If you select Option 1 (Ask Davis for help), Davis Goodwill goes up. Everything you have to say to your colleague, you will say over a cup of coffee after work tonight.

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If you select Option 2 (Call Diane), Diane Goodwill goes up. You will thank your colleague for his interest. You will call Prosecutor Boseman. You will introduce yourself. You will schedule an interview within 24 hours. The address is 753 Bright Avenue, level 5.

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If you previously selected the option Tragic Tale of a Mad Woman in Stage 1-2, re-read Stage 1-3 Celebratory Party, Stage 1-6 The Tarskog Building, and accepted Puzo’s name card along with Go with them in Stage 1-9 Unexpected Chaos.

In this possible version, you previously received a visit card from Mr. Vittorio Puzo. You have two options. Option 1 (Call Mr. Puzo), Option 2 (Ask Davis for help). The dilemma follows because this decision will drastically change the story.

Call Mr. Puzo
Ask Davis for help

If you select Option 1 (Call Mr. Puzo), you will thank Mr. Edmund Davis to help but you will refuse. Vittorio Goodwill goes up. You will call Mr. Vittorio Puzo, he will be very kind because you remembered him. He did not forget that he offered you any help in the future. You scheduled dinner with him within 24 hours so you could talk about the problems.

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If you select Option 2 (Ask Davis for help), Davis Goodwill goes up. You will have the opportunity to tell everything to your colleague. He’ll invite you for coffee after work. Then you can say everything you have.

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This stage has many transition points. It doesn’t matter who you call in moments like this. Depending on your options, your path has different directions. A large intersection brings you many options. The next stage is Stage 6. Chapter 2 promises us a lot. Follow our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.