Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 2 Stage 6 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, we had the opportunity to choose where we were going. Mr. Vittorio Puzo way or Miss Diane Boseman way. The map on the game showed us what a certain decision makes. It’s part of our journey. Chapter 2 Stage 6 unlocks if you previously selected ‘‘Ask Davis for help’’ in Chapter 2 Stage 5. In this direction, your story continues. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 6.

The hectic day is finally over, and it is time to meet Edmund Davis. You have to change your clothes and prepare to head out. The weather’s chilly, Something Warm and Gentle should allow you to keep a clear mind while you recount the incident to Mr. Edmund Davis.

Mr. Edmund Davis is known as a charming person. That’s how this conversation will start. Perhaps you want Davis to know the full extent of the danger involved, or maybe you just need a listening ear… You have to spill to Mr. Edmund Davis as you sort things out in your head.

You will start a conversation about how you used to work for the Sun News. The last article Elizabeth wrote for the Sun News was about the mistreatment of patients at the New York Metropolitan Hospital. To get the information for this report, you snuck into the hospital. There, you met a patient named Jessica. You were fired by the Sun News right after your article was published.

The reason was that Chief Martin said the hospital was suing the Sun News because of the article. But you think that higher-ups thought you should take responsibility for it. Considering that it is the job of a journalist to report the truth, there is certainly something more hidden in that hospital than the stories themselves. You revisited the hospital after Prosecutor Boseman brought it up during the alumni ball. The hospital’s conditions had improved, and Jessica had been scheduled for a lobotomy.

You noted down that Jessica’s guardian’s visits, intending to persuade him to cancel the operation. But when you returned to the hospital a few days later, Jessica had already passed away. Jessica’s operation was brought forward, and she died of complications. Her belongings were taken by a mysterious man who claimed to be her father.

Jessica’s father, Walter Taylor, was a police officer who died in the line of duty. You found a license plate number in the visitors’ records and traced it to a Wellmer medical factory. You snuck into the factory at night and witnessed an illegal transaction involving alcohol. One of the parties involved was the union chairman at Wellmer Medical, Mr. Rio Rossi. That is the man who had claimed Jessica’s belongings.

You do not know Rossi’s motives but you can be sure he is not a good man. This makes his taking of Jessica’s belongings even more suspicious. Then Rio Rossi found you. He let you go but he found out you were investigating him. But instead of confronting you directly, he targeted your family. He duped Elizabeth’s dad into incurring a huge gambling debt. And he threatened to kill him if you continued his investigation.

He can’t threaten your family if you settle your father’s gambling debt. So, you will ask Mr. Edmund Davis to lend you $ 3,000. Mr. Davis will think you want him to help you with the investigation. He will agree with you. He will give you the money, but you must allow him to investigate together.

Mr. Edmund Davis knows that you might run into a lot of trouble. But he can handle it. Besides, he says that you will definitely get to the bottom of this if you team up. Edmund Davis’ financial resources and the network would certainly be a huge help. Once you agree, Mr. Edmund Davis pulls out his checkbook and writes out a check.

With the check in your hands, you finally sigh in relief. Dad’s problems are settled for now. Payback Mr. Edmund Davis then you can. Even though he behaves frivolously most of the time, he can be considered too. Now, you asked Jack to investigate Mr. Rio Rossi’s background, but he hasn’t found anything yet.

About Jessica. She was a regular worker before she became ill. She had a daughter who went missing. Her father, Mr. Walter Taylor, was a police officer who was killed in the line of duty. Jack couldn’t find any files on him, but he brought up a possibility. Taylor could have been corrupt. But it’s just speculation at this stage.

Since you can’t find any information on Taylor, you will have to look into Mr. Rio Rossi instead. Rio Rossi has certainly made himself a key figure in all this. First, you need to find out if Mr. Rio Rossi’s actions were independent or on someone else’s orders. Whether you want to admit it or not, the investigation is going in the right direction thanks to your colleague Mr. Edmund Davis. But figuring out Rossi’s motive is easier said than done.

That would be all for this stage. The entire stage 6 is located in a café and conversation with your colleague Mr. Edmund Davis. This is just a new start and a new preparation. Attacks follow. Your colleague is the right person for this war against the Mafia. Find out what will happen in the next stage of our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.