Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 2 Stage 7 Dress up Time Princess. The previous stage took place exclusively at one location. You had a meeting with Mr. Edmund Davis. Your colleague wrote you a check for $ 3,000. That was compensation for your father’s debt. The whole conversation was about how you introduced him to some details from the period when you worked at Sun News until today. You recounted part of the evening when you raided the factory property and how you had to lie to Mr. Rio Rossi. That lie saved you from certain death. The fight against crime and corruption is yet to come. Your colleague and you will have to try to look at some things and details from another angle. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 7.

The election is drawing near. Everyone in the office has become increasingly busy. You have already sent the money Davis gave you to your parents. But you still feel uneasy. Mr. White’s arrival interrupts your thoughts. He tells you that Mr. Kane is looking for you. You will have to put your worries aside and proceed to Mr. Kane’s office.

Mr. George Kane will tell you that the election is approaching. All the newspapers broadcast articles about the candidates, and you as a reporter have the opportunity to talk to Councilor Harris. You will be in charge of this interview. You need to start preparing the materials and present them today.

Mr. George Kane does not recall giving you a new task. But you will tell that a patient at the New York Metropolitan Hospital died under suspicious circumstances. It is a little bit personal but you think that this is worth looking into. Mr. George Kane says that you can’t decide on what to work on because of that.

You will say that Jessica’s father was a policeman who died in the line of duty. But his files have mysteriously disappeared from the police station. After Jessica passed away, an unknown person took away her belongings under her father’s name. There are so many questionable parts to the story. It is proof that there may be a great conspiracy behind it all. You found out that the person who took Jessica’s belongings is a member of the Mafia. Add the fact that her father was a policeman, and things are definitely not as simple as they seem. Mr. George Kane will not be fully supportive.

He will say that most mainstream newspapers have published reports on the Mafia before. They have rarely gone into details. It is not that no one has tried to investigate the Mafia. They have all ceased their investigations for one reason or another. Even if you manage to dig up something, Mr. George Kane will never allow you to publish it for the safety of Gotham Times and employees.

Although deeper secrets need to be dug deeper, Mr. George Kane will not agree with himself because that way you put employees in danger. Mr. Edmund Davis ’sudden appearance has the effect of putting out the sparks of a huge argument. It will be suggested by Mr. George Kane to work the two of you in pairs so you can avoid danger. Mr. Davis indicates he wants to talk to Kane in private and gently nudges you out of his office.

Thirty minutes pass, but Edmund Davis is still in office with Mr. Kane. Worried, you tiptoe the door and attempt to listen to their conversation. You will hear how Mr. Kane mentions Edmund Davis’ parents. As the owner and publisher of the Gotham Times, he understands he must take responsibility for its content. But that is exactly why he supports your investigation because he is responsible for its content. Besides, the job of a reporter is to uncover the facts and present them to the public.

Until you soon return to your place so that Edmund Davis would not notice that you were eavesdropping, Davis appears before you the moment you sit down. He said that he couldn’t persuade Mr. Kane. You observe Davis and realize he is trying his best to keep a straight face. You noticed that he was trying to make fun of you. So, you slowly lower your head onto your desk, hunch up your shoulders, and start making sobbing noises.

After discovering the intention to retaliate with the same measure, the story of Mr. Rio Rossi. The money you got from Mr. Edmund Davis, was passed on to your mother but no one has come to their house lately. Rio Rossi is probably observing you and waiting for your next move. Your plan is to go to the factory and talk to him. Mr. Davis thinks it’s a dangerous move and that you have to go together because you’re in a better position together to stay safe and unharmed.

You spend the next few days fabricating evidence to fool Rossi. Every day after work, you stay up late to organize both the real and the fake evidence. After yet another late night, you drag your tired self out of bed and prepare to head to work. Sorting out the leads has been an exhausting task but you have to be alert at work. Change into something Perky and Warm.

The phone suddenly rings. It is Mr. Rio Rossi. He says that you have heeded his advice. But he will continue to watch you until he knows for sure that you have dropped the investigation. You have a desire to convince him that you have given up on the investigation. Of course, no man in the world is so perfect as to follow someone all the time. You don’t have to come to the factory to convince him. He will find you before you find him.

That was definitely not easy, but at least you have managed to secure a meeting with Mr. Rio Rossi. Some things have not been discovered yet.

Will you find the truth or will you enter into something greater than yourself? One thing is for sure, this is not easy to get out of. The deeper you dig, the more you will find things that are hard to bear. The end of stage 7 is just the beginning of new things. Follow our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.