Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 2 Stage 8 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you were trying to convince Mr. George Kane to let you work on his secret project. It’s an investigation that keeps you awake at night. You learned a shocking truth; Mr. Edmund Davis is a person who has lost his parents. He is now the owner of The Gotham Times. It’s something you didn’t expect. Mr. George Kane is the Editor-in-Chief or Edmund Davis is the owner. He will help you in your future endeavors. This is a big advantage for you because you will definitely be safer with him in society. Stage 8 brings new challenges and new truths. He couldn’t pass stage 7 without contacting Mr. Rio Rossi. Everything is far from solving these enigmas. There will always be people around you watching you. It is an indication that you dug where you should not. But that is the job of a great journalist. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 8.

The story continues in your office. You tell Mr. Edmund Davis about it on the day you receive Rio Rossi’s call. For Mr. Rio Rossi to trust you, you decide to forge a ‘‘detective’s handbook’’, based on the evidence you already possess. Except, you had a little disagreement on where to work. To get started, you will suggest to your colleague that you work in your room. Mr. Edmund Davis will not agree with such a statement. Your room doesn’t suit him.

Edmund Davis has a suit at the Waterlife Hotel, just a couple blocks down. In his opinion, it is fashionable to have your own suite at hotels. It’s a symbol of your status. It is not about spending the money. It’s about keeping up appearances. You have to signal that you have sufficient wealth and status. Only then will others have confidence in your business, says Mr. Edmund Davis.

Mr. Edmund Davis has other businesses besides newspapers. He says that if he was only depending on the newspaper, he would be a pauper right now. But you don’t want him to know your secrets. Your secret is that you found out he is the owner of the Gotham Times. To avoid interrogation, you will get up and go home. You will say goodbye to Davis.

You have to leave in a hurry without waiting for Davis ’reaction. It was a matter of seconds before you discovered your findings. Luckily you didn’t do it. Eavesdropping isn’t a nice thing to do at all. And eavesdropping on Mr. Edmund Davis and Mr. George Kane is even worse. But what’s there is, you’re coming home. A day later you are in your room. You must prepare to go to the Waterlife Hotel. Time to go to sort out the files with Davis. Dress in something Grand and Elegant to show respect.

There is a loud honking outside the window. That must be Davis trying to get your attention. Grab your things in a hurry and dash downstairs. As expected, Davis is sitting in a green convertible, pressing on his car horn. It is a new car. That’s how rich Davis is. As you get in, you can’t help making a mental count of how many cars Davis owns. Before you manage to arrive at a final number, you two reached Waterlife Hotel.

The exquisite interior is amazing, but Davis looks too full of himself. You don’t want to praise him because you have to start work right away. Davis looks at you incredulously, like you are a bumpkin incapable of appreciating finery. Secretly gleeful, you give Davis a little shove, shooting him a stern ‘‘get on with it’’ look. Work starts with Jessica. She is subject No. 1 today.

If you direct all eyes on her, your ‘’image’’ will be that o a little reporter who stuck up for her friend. You will down basic information about Jessica and the hospital. Six hours later, time flies, and it is almost dusk. You have worked hard all day, and you didn’t even have lunch. Both of you are starving when the detective’s handbook is completed. Edmund Davis and you share a resigned smile. Neither of you have the energy to go out for dinner. Davis will call the room service.

Mr. Edmund Davis will notice that you know a lot about him lately. What you face is a dilemma. You have three options. Option 1 (Admit to eavesdropping), Option 2 (Pretend not to know), Option 3 (Say you heard it second-hand).

Admit to eavesdropping
Pretend not to know
Say you heard it second-hand

If you select Option 1 (Admit to eavesdropping), Davis Goodwill goes up. You will admit what happened. Nothing was illegal. According to Mr. Edmund Davis, eavesdropping is a bad thing, but on account of your concern for him, it is okay. Just remember to ask him directly if you want to know something.

You lift your head to reply, but your gaze meets his gentle eyes. And suddenly, you forget what you wanted to say. The room falls silent. You stare into each other’s eyes without saying a word. The silence continues and an unfathomable atmosphere sets in the room.

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If you select Option 2 (Pretend not to know), you will not admit that you eavesdropped because it is a shameful situation for you. You will say that you heard about his parents somewhere. And you won’t say you know he owns the Gotham Times. Subsequently, no matter what Davis throws at you, you have to pretend to be utterly clueless. Your dinner proceeds with this game of back-and-forth.

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If you select Option 3 (Say you heard it second-hand), you need to gloss over this. You will say someone told you. A colleague. Since Mr. George Kane is the only one who knows, you will have to say that he told you that. That won’t please Mr. Edmund Davis. We are not Mr. George Kane in a casual way to spread such information. You use every trick of persuasion you can think of until Davis finally agrees not to confront Mr. George Kane. In fact, you have focused so hard on your goal that you haven’t managed to eat your fill.

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After dinner, Davis sends you home. Although you are still worried about the meeting with Mr. Rio Rossi, you are feeling more reassured after preparation. And one day later, you are just preparing to start work on a Monday, when White approaches you. They’ll say you shouldn’t have refused an interview with Councilman Harris. Mr. George Kane talked you up a lot.

White overheard him walking past Mr. George Kane. He heard everything that was said. You won’t say anything Mr. George Kane because you don’t want to put White in an awkward situation. In the meantime, Mr. Rio Rossi. The meeting with him is tonight at 8 p.m. The restaurant on the corner of 52nd Street. Rossi hangs up.

You don’t feel very confident about the meeting, but it is your only chance. You have got to make it count. After discussing it with Davis, you decide to meet Rossi first to suss out his motivations and reasons for threatening you.

Davis will say that you need to have faith. He lapses into silence and pats you gently.

You may be a bit uneasy, but you are still hopeful about tonight’s meeting. You weren’t expecting the terrible storm lying in wait. What will happen at the meeting? Will you be able to at least guess what awaits you? Find out all about it on our walkthrough. Stage 8 ends its story. New adventures follow.
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