Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Gotham Memoirs Chapter 2 Stage 9 Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you were dealing with your colleague Mr. Edmund Davis. During your dinner, you had different moments. From charming, emotional, and funny, all the way to worrying. In the end, you managed to reach a mutual agreement. You have an appointment with Mr. Rio Rossi. Everything that was between Mr. Edmund Davis and you, he has to wait. Tonight’s meeting is one of the few attempts to extract some important information from Mr. Rio Rossi. This gentleman is a very dangerous man and you have to be careful. Mr. Davis is your great support and you have to appreciate that. The meeting is nearing. Prepare for various possible outcomes. Hit Start once you are ready to begin stage 9.

You made a trip home to prepare for the meeting tonight. You have to change into something appropriate, and check if you have missed anything. Mr. Rio Rossi is a thoughtful man. You must remain calm when talking to him. Something Noble and Formal should help.

Considering you may need to tail Mr. Rio Rossi, Edmund Davis has switched to a black car. However, the car still looks really expensive. But Mr. Davis says that you don’t get it the more you flaunt, the less you will be suspected. You are going to tail a Mafia member, not going for a spin around the block. If he goes to some poor district, the car would stick out like a sore thumb, says Davis. And this is his cheapest car. Imagine that.

Your suspicion is heightened when you hear this answer. You face a dilemma. Mr. Edmund Davis says he can protect you. So, you have two options. Option 1 (Take a dig at Davis), Option 2 (Thank Davis).

Take a dig at Davis
Thank Davis

If you select Option 1 (Take a dig at Davis), Davis Goodwill goes up. You won’t be able to say what is bothering you, but it’s hard for you to go and meet the Mafia.

But Mr. Rio Rossi wants to contact you. It will not work if Davis takes your place. Remember, your safety comes first, and getting information is second.

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If you select Option 2 (Thank Davis), Davis Goodwill goes up. He will say that you are partners. He is there for you. Just promise him you will not do anything dumb. He still cares for you, despite some comments.

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You are not used to Davis being serious and considerate, but it does calm you down a little. He says you should go. He will be right outside. He watches your back. Davis drops you off at the restaurant and, to shake any tails he might have, drives around before coming back. He alights only when you have walked into the restaurant. The restaurant is deserted, so it is easy to find Mr. Rio Rossi.

Mr. Rio Rossi will ask you why you want to meet him. Your answer is simple. You just want to give him all the evidence you have, for his peace of mind. But that will not be enough for Mr. Rio Rossi. He is a man who doubts every detail. Your stories won’t disturb Mr. much. Rio Rossi. He will ask you to give him the evidence.

Rossi yanks the notebook from your hands and gets up to leave. He says that he will not check the notebook. If you lie, you will soon face the consequences.  Mr. Rio Rossi walks out of the restaurant without waiting for your reply.

All you can do now is rejoin Mr. Edmund Davis, and see if tailing Rossi leads you to any clues. Davis has already driven over when you exit the restaurant. He points out to you the direction Mr. Rio Rossi has taken. Rossi does not enter any building or make any calls as he continues on foot. The traffic congestion in New York makes it easy for you two to follow him slowly in the car without raising suspicion. Rossi turns into a small alley, and you two continue following him on foot.

Mr. Edmund Davis makes jokes in this serious moment. It is a convenient excuse if you were discovered. A loving couple, rejected by both families, forced to elope. But according to Mr. Edmund Davis, the fire of love will never be extinguished.

You sneeze as you listen to Davis’ nonsense. Distracted by Davis’ antics, you lose track of Mr. Rio Rossi. But Davis did not lose any track. He’s gone into the house nearby. It looks like a regular home, judging from its build and the streets it’s on. Maybe that is Rossi’s home. That would be a new piece of information.

Yes, it was a gunshot. Someone is coming out of the house. The alley’s lights are dim, but you can still vaguely see. That looks like Mr. Rio Rossi. Davis and you need to approach the figure quickly and carefully. The closer you are, the weirder it seems because that man is stumbling around as if he is drunk. The man slows down and slumps against the wall. Suddenly, he turns his head in your direction. You can still recognize him through the rain.

He seems to have recognized you and raises his gun. He tries to fire, but his strength fails him and the gun slips out of his hand. Mr. Rio Rossi thinks that you are colluding with a mysterious man who shot him. Rossi ignores your attention and starts mumbling. Mr. Edmund Davis went to call the ambulance while you are with Mr. Rio Rossi.

Some people feel the urge to confess when they are dying, to clear their conscience. That does not apply to Mr. Rio Rossi. The hands of most Mafia members are stained with blood. If you try to manipulate him down the path, you may be able to get some information. You will say that so many people have died and so many families have been torn apart because of Mr. Rio Rossi and Mafia.

Mr. Rio Rossi stops praying and falls silent. Davis comes running back, saying he has called the ambulance. Mr. Rio Rossi wants to bid his family farewell. You are going to help him get to the phone booth. Davis will help you. The rain slows to a drizzle, but Rio Rossi is bleeding even more than before. Rossi props himself up inside the booth and makes you get out.

There are terrible criminals out there who are good sons and husbands at home, says Mr. Edmund Davis. Mr. Rio Rossi is a scoundrel, but you never thought he might die in front of you. Davis and you fall silent. You are overwhelmed with a mix of emotions. Upset that a man is dying, confused with the gloat at his plight, and blanketed by the unease of not knowing the truth. You are still silent when Mr. Rio Rossi exits the phone booth. The call seems to have taken all of his strength. He collapses to the ground.

Do you want to know the truth? Mr. Rio Rossi looks pale as death, but he smiles. He says something that will stick with you forever.

Rossi hacks up a load of blood. It splatters onto the pavement Drops of it land Davis and you. Mr. Edmund Davis knows about a person named Juliano. Juliano asked Rossi to take Jessica’s belongings. This item has records of all of Taylor’s investigations. Mr. Rio Rossi starts to chuckle. The blood around his mouth, combined with the wild look in his eyes, gives him the aura of a crazed man. You are scared, but he pulls himself up and grabs your sleeve.

Mr. Rio Rossi continues ranting and does not answer your questions. His voice grows softer as he slowly slides to the ground. And lands in a puddle of dirty water. A vicious smile remains on his lifeless face. An overwhelming sense of helplessness engulfs you, and you can’t help but cry. Davis leans over and holds you gently. He pats your arm lightly, consoling you. You exchange dazed looks. It is too hard to digest what just happened.

A few police officers walk over to you two. He says that you are suspected of the murder of Mr. Rio Rossi. You need to go to the police station with the police officers.

This is how stage 9 ends. One life ended in this stage. From a simple conversation with Mr. Rio Rossi, the day has turned into one of the worst days a person can experience. Your life has been in danger from the very beginning of this stage. Investigations into the details of the Mafia have never been painless. Mr. Edmund Davis was with you the whole time. He called ambulances but that was not enough. Towards the end of the stage, the police arrested you as a suspect in the murder. Is this just a formality? Will you be convicted of murder? It’s all something you can find out on our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.