Hello and welcome to our Dress up! Magic Lamp stage 2-1 full walkthrough and guide. In the previous stage, Kahir, Gina, and Light were in the Golden Serpent Queen’s cave. When Gina awakened, she saw that both of her friends are incapacitated. After a short conversation with the Golden Serpent Queen, Gina realized that she thinks that human beings are very selfish by nature. So, Gina decided to strike a deal with this mythic creature. If Kahir decides to act selflessly and save Gina’s life, instead of saving his father, the King, she will release them and give them reversed scale. Well, it turned out that Gina was right about Kahir. He decided to act selflessly and even offered his own life in exchange for the lives of his friends and his father. At first, Golden Serpent Queen thought that the young Prince wants to trick her. However, once she realized that Kahir was truly prepared to sacrifice himself for his friends, she had no other choice but to honor her deal with Gina. So, she gave them the reverse scale and bid them farewell. She wasn’t really eager to let Light go, because he, and his fire magic, posed a great threat to this ancient being. Once Gina and her two friends left the cave, the entrance collapsed.

Once they returned to the Palace, Gina stayed with badly injured Light and watched over him while he was resting. In the meantime, Kahir gave the reverse scale to Fatimah, and she immediately started to work on a potion that should heal the King. After some time, Kahir returned and informed Gina and Light that Fatimah managed to cure his father. After that, Gina saw that there’s some secret agreement between Kahir and Light, because two of them were whispering about something, and refused to share details of their conversation with our character. Shortly after this event, we found out that the servant that delivers a royal invitation to Sinbad has been poisoned. With this turn of events, Kahir, the King, and Fatimah decided to isolate themselves inside the King’s chambers, while they figure out their next course of action. Light informed Gina that everyone thinks that Prime Minister and Chapur are behind the plot to murder the King and that one of them is also responsible for the servant’s death. Light explains that they probably poisoned the servant in order to cover up their tracks. With all that said, Gina and Light decided to head back to Sinbad’s house, and that’s how the previous chapter ended.        

The stage window will display all the relevant information. Hit Start when you are ready to begin.

After the King was cured, he ordered the release of Sinbad from prison. Naturally, he also organized an investigation with the goal of gathering evidence and revealing this would-be assassin and anyone else that was involved in this matter. However, he also decided to officially make his son a Crown Prince, and the ceremony will be held on Kahir’s twenty-first birthday.

Kahir invited Gina, Light, and Sinbad to the ceremony. Our character is very excited about attending this ceremony and wants to put on the most beautiful outfit that she has. She is also overjoyed because she can finally enter the palace without having to disguise herself as somebody else. And now it is time to Dress Up! For this occasion, we should use an outfit with Grand and Elegant tags.

NOTE: Even if you have all three recommended items, you won’t be able to achieve the Perfect Score. So in order to get the perfect score in this stage, you will have to be creative with makeup and Relics.

When Gina reached the palace, she noticed that everyone was acting a bit more seriously, unlike during the previous celebration. She was certain that the attempt on King’s life was the main reason behind this behavior, and it prompted everyone to be more cautious, especially the guards, who vigilantly watched over the ceremony, making sure that there would be no incidents. The ceremony begins with Kahir, dressed in formal attire, walking up to his father and formally saluting him. The whole palace suddenly becomes silent. A few moments later, King straightens up, and in a sure voice starts his proclamation. He announces, that he is getting old, and has to think about the successor to the crown. After that, he praises his son, Kahir, describing him as a diligent, hardworking, calm, ambitious person. All of these traits make Kahir a perfect successor to the crown of a Full Moon Kingdom. With that said, the King proclaims Kahir as his successor and hands him over the Golden Scimitar.

After the King’s speech, everyone in the hall starts cheering, celebrating Kahir as the new heir to the throne. But, strangely enough, Light remains silent, and our character thinks that something must be bothering him since he isn’t celebrating. When she asked Light if something is wrong with him, Genie replied that he is exhausted. He explains that he spent too much magical energy because he had to remain in his human form for several days, without resting in the lamp. After hearing that her friend is exhausted, Gina explains that they could leave, if Light isn’t feeling well.

But, after seeing that Gina is concerned about him, Light straightens up, saying that he will be fine after he rests for a few minutes. With that said, he thinks that he should head to the garden and rest there for a bit. In the meantime, Gina should go and congratulate the prince. And now, we have to make a choice.  

Go congratulate Kahir

Catch up with Light
If you choose the first choice “Go congratulate Kahir”, you will gain some Goodwill with this character. However, it seems that Kahir has already left while Gina was talking to Light, so she decides to ask one of the servants if he saw where Kahir went. Luckily for our character, the servant says that he saw Kahir walking toward the library. Our character thinks that Kahir probably went to his study (which is in the same direction as the library), and decides to go there and look for him. When she got there, she noticed that the door was ajar, and she also recognized the Queen’s voice, coming from the inside. Curious, Gina decides to take a peak, and eavesdrop on the conversation.

Our character hears that Queen Scheherazade is talking to Kahir about the arranged marriage that was suggested by some of the Ministers. Apparently, they think that Kahir should marry the Princess of the Northland, thereby securing the alliance with this kingdom. However, Scheherazade thinks that Kahir should decide if he wants to marry this Princess or not and that he should follow his heart’s desire. Kahir explains that he has no intention of marrying the Northland Princess because he thinks that marriage without love wouldn’t be good for either of them. Also, he explains that he is already in love with someone. The Queen concludes that Kahir has already made up her mind about his future wife, and, naturally, she would like to know the identity of the girl who stole her son’s heart. While this is going, Gina is wondering who this girl might be, not suspecting for even a second that Kahir might be talking about her.

Just when Kahir was about to reveal the identity of the girl with whom he fell in love, Gina leans in a bit closer wanting to hear the most important part of the conversation. However, she leaned in too much, which caused the door to swing wide open, and our character stumbles into the room before Kahir could reveal the name of his loved one. Surprised, the Prince asks Gina what is she doing here. Our character apologizes, explaining she didn’t intend to barge in, and that she only wanted to congratulate Kahir. The Queen takes one look at Gina and immediately realizes that she is probably the girl that Kahir fell in love with. So, the Queen decides to give them some privacy, by saying that she has to leave because she has something to discuss with the King.

After the Queen left, Kahir and Gina are left alone in the room, staring at each other. Kahir breaks the awkward silence by asking Gina if she overheard the conversation between him and the Queen. Gina admits that she heard part of the conversation, but more importantly she reveals that she heard when Kahir said that he is in love with someone. After hearing this, Kahir’s face blushes, and he remains silent – probably because he likes Gina, but he’s too shy to admit it. Gina decides that it is time to break the awkward silence, and now we have two choices.

Tease him

Wish him well
If you choose the first option “Tease him” you will lose some Goodwill with Kahir. Gina will tease Kahir, saying that she had no idea that he has a crush on someone. She will also mention that there should be no secrets amongst friends. Our character goes on, saying that Kahir probably fell in love with some beautiful noble lady. But, the Prince replies that the woman he is in love with is just a commoner – reinforcing our theory that he is in love with Gina. After thinking about it for a moment, our character concludes that Kahir probably won’t be able to spend a lot of time with his loved one, since he will have many obligations after becoming a Crowned Prince. So, Gina concludes that she and Light could help the Prince by delivering his messages to this mysterious girl.

Shaking his head, the Prince says that Gina and Light seem very close. It looks that the Prince is jealous. He thanks Gina for offering to deliver the messages, but explains that he would rather talk to his loved one in person. However, he also adds that the woman that he’s in love with probably doesn’t feel the same way about him. Well, this was expected, because Gina didn’t really show much affection towards Prince, so far. She treated him as a friend, during this entire conversation. Ah, the poor Prince went into the Friend Zone…

Gina still doesn’t realize that Kahir is talking about her, and she encourages him to try to win the heart of this girl. Our character also praises the Prince, saying that he is brave, gentle, and dashing and that any girl would want a man like him. Well, it looks like Gina’s words lifted Kahir’s spirit, and he decides to try harder, and be patient until he finally succeeds in seducing the woman of his dreams. Gina remembers that she never heard Kahir mention this girl before, and she wonders who this girl might be. But, at this moment, Light enters the room.

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If you pick the second choice “Wish him well”, you will gain some Goodwill with Kahir. Our character will say that she is happy for Kahir. After all, he just became a crowned Prince and he is in love. However, Gina explains that she also feels a bit sad, but can’t really figure out why – probably because she is also in love with Kahir but hasn’t figured that out yet. She goes on, saying that Kahir will now have many obligations as a Crowned Prince, and will spend most of his time with his “noble lady”. So, Gina concludes that they probably won’t be able to see each other very often. Kahir is confused after hearing Gina say a “noble lady” but our character explains that she was referring to a girl that Kahir fell in love with.

Kahir decided to tell Gina the truth. He explains that the girl he fell in love with is an outspoken, cheerful commoner, not a noble lady. He also says that this girl is fearless in face of danger, although she is small in stature. Kahir continues, saying that his loved one has a strong sense of justice, and never bows down to power, and never gives up. Finally, he also adds, that this girl saved his life once. Well, now we know for sure that he is talking about Gina. Kahir also says that her eyes were shining when she saw her for the first time, and he can see the same look in her eyes now. Gina, seeing Kahir’s gaze in her eyes, finally realizes that he is talking about her. She starts stuttering, saying that she now knows who Kahir was talking about. Kahir nods in agreement, but at this point, Light enters the room and interrupts their conversation.

Back to Previous Choice

The story continues with Light entering the room, regardless of your previous choice (“Tease him” or “Wish him well”). Light bursts into the room saying that he was looking for Gina everywhere. Apparently, Sinbad had drunk too much, and Light thinks that they should bring him back home, while he can still stand on his feet. Kahir offers to help. He says that he will accompany them to the front gate of the palace and that he will also send one of his servants to help them bring drunk Sinbad back to his estate. With that said, Kahir picks up his Golden Scimitar and prepares to leave. However, at this moment, Light notices that the hilt of the scimitar is decorated with a flawless ruby. Could this be the gemstone that Gina and Light were looking for?

Kahir explains that the ruby is a part of the heirloom of the Fatih family and that it was embedded into Golden Scimitar, long ago. Apparently, the Golden Scimitar was transferred from father to son for generations, and it was in the Fatih family for a very long time. After hearing this, Light suddenly feels a terrible headache, cold sweat starts dripping down his back. Worried, Gina immediately rushes to help him.  Still clutching his head in pain, Light ignores Gina and keeps staring at the flawless ruby. It looks like the ruby is the gemstone that he was looking for…

That’s the end of this stage. Now, let’s explore the second option during the first choice and see what happens if you chose to go with Light, instead of going to Kahir.

Back to Previous Choice
If you choose the second choice “Catch up with Light”, you will gain some Goodwill with this character. Gina, not wanting to leave her friend, Light, when he wasn’t feeling, decides to follow him into the garden. There she ran into Sinbad, who recognized Light, and tells Gina that Kahir told him all about their adventure in the desert and their encounter with the Golden Serpent Queen. Naturally, Sinbad is very grateful for what they did, because without them Sinbad would still be in jail, and the King would still be in a coma or worse. But, after saying this, Sinbad shifts his attention to Light, and after looking at him for a few moments, he suspects that he might saw Light sometime in the past.

Gina is nervous because she suspects that Sinbad might have seen her and Light talking at Sinbad’s residence. However, she quickly calms herself, and jokingly says that Sinbad probably had too many drinks, because Light was never at his residence. Sinbad explains that’s not what he had in mind. He explains that Light looks very similar to Kahir. This statement didn’t sit very well with Genie.

Light says that Sinbad probably doesn’t see very well if he believes that Light and Kahir look alike. However, it seems Gina agrees with Sinbad. Well, this offended Genie, so he turns away and leaves, advising Gina to go and look for the Prince. Our character can’t understand why Light felt offended after she teased him. But, Sinbad offers an explanation. She advises Gina to go after Light and explains that man can also be very emotional. He also implies that Light might have a crush on Gina, but it looks like our character didn’t fully understand this. With that, Sinbad stumbles toward the entrance to the palace, still holding a glass of wine in his hand. Well, we already know that he got very drunk. Gina decides to look for light and she finds him hiding in one of the corners of the garden.

After finding Light, our character says that he shouldn’t be hiding from everyone. Instead, she suggests that they should go over to Kahir and congratulate him for becoming a Crowned Prince. But, it looks like Light is jealous. He says that Kahir, unlike other Princes, is actually a very brave and capable person, which he proved during their encounter with the Golden Serpent Queen. With that said, it’s no wonder that Gina was charmed by him. On the other hand, Light blames himself for failing to protect Gina during their encounter with the Golden Serpent. Gina now realized what’s bothering Genie, and she has two choices.

Don't compare yourself to Kahir

You seem rather out of sorts today
If you choose the first option “Don’t compare yourself to Kahir” you will lose some Goodwill with Light. Gina will try to comfort Light by saying that he shouldn’t compare himself with Kahir, but it looks like this didn’t have the desired effect. She also explains, that Light fought against the Golden Serpent, and held her back for a while, which enabled them to negotiate in the first place. Without him, she reasons, the Golden Serpent Queen would just devour them, without even thinking about negotiating with them. All in all, Gina claims that all of them together managed to get the reverse scale, so it was a team effort. She also explains that Kahir wouldn’t be able to succeed without Light’s help.

However, Genie says that he should be able to defeat powerful enemies on his own. He explains that he is now in a weakened state, and that’s why his magic wasn’t powerful enough to defeat the Golden Serpent Queen. Finally, Light admits that he fears that he will remain in this weakened until they find the missing gemstone, and so far they didn’t have any luck in their search. So, Genie thinks that he might be left in this weakened state forever… But, Gina tries to cheer him up, saying that she didn’t forget the pact that they made, and promising that she will do everything in her power to help Light find the missing gemstone. At this moment, their conversation is interrupted by Kahir.

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If you choose the second choice “You seem rather out of sorts today” you will gain some Goodwill with Light.  Gina will presume that Light is edgy because he is trying to remain calm and presentable, despite feeling unwell. With that said, she puts her hand on his forehead and concludes that he doesn’t have a fever. Gina finds this odd and suggests to Light that he should go and make an appointment with the palace doctor. Light chuckles at this idea, and explains that he isn’t a human being but Genie, so there’s nothing that a palace doctor could do for him. He explains to Gina that he will feel better once he has some time to rest and recover his magic. Gina decides to stay with Light and keep him company while he rests.

Light is surprised by Gina’s decision because he thought that she will go on her date with the Prince. The Genie explains that he can’t grant Gina any of her three wishes until they find the gemstone, but concludes that she might become the Princess even without his help. Our character is surprised after hearing this statement, and claims that weren’t her wish, at any point in time. Now, she starts suspecting that Light might be jealous and teasingly asks him about it. Light tries to play it cool, claiming that Gina can’t be seriously thinking that he’s jealous. But, after he turned away from her and started blushing, our character concluded that she was right. Fortunately for Light, at this moment Kahir appears and interrupts their conversation.

Back to Previous Choice

Regardless of your previous choice, the story continues with Kahir approaching Gina and Light and interrupting their conversation. The young Prince says that he has been looking everywhere for them. Gina is surprised and slightly embarrassed because she and Light should have found Kahir to congratulate him, not the other way around. Kahir informs them that Sinbad is very drunk and that they should take him back home.

The rest of the story continues pretty much the same way, except this time it was Kahir who interrupted the conversation between Light and Gina, and this time they are having this conversation in the garden instead of being inside Kahir’s study.

As the three of them lead the drunk Sinbad through the garden, the wind lifts some of the Kahir’s cape, and Light notices the ruby that is decorating the handle of the golden Scimitar. Light immediately becomes interested in ruby, and Kahir explains that it is a part of the family heirloom (just like in the other choice). Light suddenly feels a terrible headache, and falls to the ground, his gaze fixated on the flawless ruby…

This brings us to the end of the stage 2-1. We presumed that the flawless ruby is the gemstone that Light and Gina were looking for. But if this is true, will Kahir be willing to part with the heirloom that was in his family for generations? Could this cause conflict between Kahir and Light, considering that they are already jealous of each other? And how will Gina if she’s forced to take sides? Find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading.

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