Hello and welcome to our Dress up! Magic Lamp stage 2-2 full walkthrough and guide. In the previous stage Gina, Light, and Sinbad went to the palace and attended the ceremony of Kahir’s coronation as the Crown Prince. After the King gave a speech in which he praised his son, claiming that he is one of the most virtuous and noble persons that ever walked the Earth, he handed him over the decorated Golden Scimitar and officially made him the Crown Prince. The crowd erupted in cheers, celebrating the coronation of their new Prince. However, at this moment, Light was feeling unwell, so he decided to go to the garden and rest for a bit. Gina was left with two choices. She could either go after Light or go to Kahir to congratulate him on his new title. If she chose to go after Light, she will find out that Genie needs to rest in order to recover his magical energy. She will also discover that Light thinks that Gina is in love with Prince, and it seems that Genie is jealous.

If Gina decides to go to congratulate Kahir, she will overhear a conversation between the Prince and his mother. Apparently, the Prince was supposed to marry the Princess from the Northern Kingdom in order to secure an alliance. However, he refused this marriage, saying that he is already in love with somebody else. At this moment Gina bursts into the room. Scheherazade suspects that her son is in love with Gina, and decides to leave, and give them some privacy. At first, our character thought that Kahir was in love with some noble lady. However, while talking to him, Gina slowly starts to catch on and realizes that the Prince is in love with her, and it seems that the feelings are mutual.

Regardless of the previous choice, Kahir, Gina, and Light get together and decide to take Sinbad home, because he drank too much. But, just as they were leaving, Light saw a flawless ruby that is embedded in the hilt of Kahir’s Golden Scimitar. As soon as he saw it, Light felt a terrible headache and fell to the ground, but his eyes remained fixated on the ruby. All this leads us to believe that the flawless ruby on Kahir’s Golden Scimitar might actually be the gemstone that Gina and Light were looking for… 

The stage window will display all the relevant information. Hit Start when you are ready to begin.

After Light collapsed, Gina and Kahir brought him to the palace doctor, although our character already knew that Doctor won’t be able to help Light, since he is a Genie and not a human being. However, neither of them could stay with Light. Kahir had to go to a meeting with a foreign envoy, while Gina had to find a drunk Sinbad before he passes out somewhere. But even after looking for quite a while, our character still wasn’t able to find Sinbad.

Gina is lost in her thoughts, thinking about Light who was looking really ill. She was feeling guilty because she had to left her friend but, on the other hand, she also had to find Sinbad. While roaming through the palace garden, a shadow beneath the tree catches her eye. She moves in to take a closer look and sees Chapur talking to the Prime Minister. Our character immediately decides to hide behind a nearby tree and eavesdrop on their conversation. It seems that the Prime Minister is worried after the coronation of his nephew Kahir, but Chapur tries to reassure him, claiming that this isn’t a big deal. Apparently, the Magician is sure that they will be able to take over the entire world once they find the magic lamp. But, the Prime Minister doesn’t seem pleased. He blames Chapur for everything and claims that the magic lamp probably doesn’t even exist. The Prime Minister is very mad at Chapur, because he convinced him to search for the lamp, and that only caused him one trouble after the other.

However, the Magician remains calm and explains that all of their troubles started when the Prime Minister decided to use the refugees to search the desert, ignoring Chapur’s advice to keep the low profile. But, the arrogant Prime Minister doesn’t want to hear any of it. Instead, he issues orders to Chapur, instructing him to leave the city and secretly meet with the representatives from the Eastern Provinces. But, Chapur openly declines, saying that he won’t take part in the Prime Minister’s plan. The Magician also reminds him that he only joined forces with the Prime Minister in order to find the magic lamp. So, now that Prime Minister has decided to give up on the search, their partnership is over.

With that said, Chapur turns around and leaves, while the Prime Minister follows him with an angry gaze. Furious, but realizing that there’s nothing he can do to change Magician’s mind, the Prime Minister runs away in the other direction. Naturally, our character is overjoyed after finding out that the alliance between Chapur and the Prime Minister is broken. However, she still has to keep an eye on them, but she can’t follow both. So, it’s time to make a decision, one that will DRASTICALLY AFFECT THE STORY.

NOTE: Your choice will affect the story in Stage 2-4 and Stage 2-10.

Follow Chapur

Follow the Prime Minister
If you chose the first option “Follow Chapur” oddly enough, you will gain some Goodwill with this character. Our character starts following Chapur but quickly noticed that the Magician is walking casually, almost as if he was going for a stroll. After some time, they reach an area deep inside the garden, far away from the other people and the palace guards. At this moment, Chapur suddenly vanished behind a corner, and our character starts questioning herself, wondering if it was truly a good idea to follow the Magician all by herself. At this moment, she realized that she might have made a mistake, and decides to run back toward the palace, but as soon as she turned around, she saw Chapur standing in front of her, blocking her way back. Apparently, the Magician was aware that he was being followed, all along.

Terrified, Gina screams at the Magician to leave her alone, claiming that she doesn’t have the magic lamp and that she has no idea where it might be. But, Chapur replies that it was Gina who followed him, not the other way around. Besides that, she overheard his conversation with the Prime Minister, and the Magician implies that might be enough of an offense for him to kill her. Gina tries to talk her way out of this situation, claiming that she was looking for Sinbad and accidentally ran into Chapur. She also plays dumb, claiming that she didn’t eavesdrop on his conversation with the Prime Minister. But, the Magician can’t be fooled that easily. He explains that Gina made his job a lot easier once she decided to follow him, and willingly “meet” him at this deserted place. She saved him a lot of trouble because otherwise, he would have to find a way to isolate her from her friends. But now, the game is over. Chapur says that he will kill Gina if she refuses to hand him over the magic lamp!

But, at this moment, Light stands between the Magician and Gina and challenges him to a magic duel. Chapur is shocked, and after looking at Light for several moments, the Magician decides to back away. It looks like Chapur was able to see that Light is not a human being, but a Genie. While Chapur was still recovering from the shock, Light used his magic to teleport himself and Gina back to the safety of their room at Sinbad’s mansion. Light immediately scolds Gina, saying her decision to go after Chapur alone was ill-advised, at best. She was fortunate that Light saw her while she was walking through the palace garden, otherwise, she might be dead right now.

Gina explains that she overheard the conversation between Chapur and the Prime Minister and informs Light that the two of them aren’t working together anymore. Gina also noticed that Chapur seems to be afraid of Light, and Genie simply explains that the Magician could probably see through the illusion, so he immediately realized that Light wasn’t a human being. However, their conversation is interrupted by Samar who says that Sinbad has returned, and immediately decided to host a banquette at his place. Well, it looks like Sinbad really likes to party, and he was able to get back home very quickly. Anyway, Light goes back into the Magic Lamp to rest, while Gina decides to change her clothes before going down to that main hall. Her conversation with Light will have to wait.

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If you choose the second option “Follow the Prime Minister” Gina will try to follow him, but the angry Prime Minister was too quick for her, and she lost him in the crowd after a few minutes. However, she ran into Sinbad, who started talking about the good old days, and how he just can’t get drunk with the weak wine that is served at the palace. Realizing that Sinbad is clearly drunk in spite of him claiming otherwise, Gina suggests that they should probably come home because Light wasn’t feeling very well. Sinbad concludes that Light probably isn’t much of a party-man, and decides that he will tell him stories of some of his adventures on their way back.

Gina wanted to warn Kahir and inform him about the conversation between the Prime Minister and Chapur, but the Prince was surrounded by his Ministers, and Gina wasn’t able to reach him. With that, she left the Palace together with Light and Sinbad.

When they arrive at his mansion, Sinbad started telling stories about the adventures that he had in his youth. Naturally, the drunk Sinbad was very open to conversation. After a while, he started talking about his imprisonment at the palace. One of the first things he said was that he met his old friend Tariq at the prison. Gina recalls that Tariq was a commander of the Royal Guard but the Prime Minister fired him.

Sinbad explains that the Prime Minister framed Tariq, relieved him of his duty, and threw him into prison. Instead, Tariq, the Prime Minister put in charge of one of his own men as the new commander of the Royal Guard. Sinbad concludes that Kahir is in great danger because Royal Guard was under the Prime Minister’s control. However, now that he became the Crowned Prince, Kahir has the power to get Tariq out of the prison cell and give him back his old job. That should put things in order.

Gina is still worried because she remembered the conversation between the Prime Minister and Chapur, and it looks like the Prime Minister is conspiring with the Eastern Provinces. However, at this moment Light stumbles and breaks one of the plates. Seeing that her friend looks very pale, Gina informs Sinbad that she will escort Light back to his place. As soon as they got away from the people, Light enters the magic lamp, and Gina carries him back to her room. Once she got there, she says that Light should stay inside the magic lamp and rest and that she will return as soon as the banquette is over. With that, our character decides that it would be a good idea to change her clothes before she returns to the banquette.

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The story continues with Gina changing clothes before heading downstairs to the banquette.

NOTE: If you have all of the recommended items you can easily achieve the perfect score in this stage. The only item that you’re probably missing at this point is Divine Emblem, and the blueprint for it can be purchased from the Parven’s Shop.

When Gina returned to the banquette, Sinbad was still telling stories about his adventures in the younger days. After a while, he started talking about business. As soon as the banquet ended Gina rushed to her room and rubbed the magic lamp to summon Light. After a few moments, Genie appeared but he looked pale and exhausted. Gina was very worried about her friend and wanted to know if he is feeling well. Light explains that he has lost almost all of his magic and that he will perish if they don’t succeed in finding the gemstone. Gina immediately remembered that Light was looking at the ruby on Kahir’s scimitar, and suspects that this might be the gemstone that they were looking for.

Gina says that she will do anything in her power to retrieve the gemstone. Light says that he needs Kahir’s scimitar. He grabs Gina’s arm and she notices that his hands are very cold. He looks straight into his eyes and informs her that Kahir and his family will never hand over the Golden Scimitar because it’s part of their family heirloom. With that said, there’s only one way to acquire it. Gina will have to sneak into the palace and steal it, but that means that she won’t be able to see the Prince, ever again. Now, that she’s aware of everything, Light wants to know is Gina ready to make this sacrifice in order to save him, and we have two choices ahead of us.


If you choose the first option “Promise” you will gain some Goodwill with Light. Gina will stay true to her word and claims that she will help Light in retrieving the gemstone, no matter the cost. But, now Light wants to know if Gina is doing this because she wants to honor the pact that they made. Our character explains that keeping her word is important, but even more important is Light’s life and she will do anything to save him. Upon hearing this, Light’s eyes seem to brighten, and he is clearly satisfied with the answer.

Gina noticed that Light gets upset every time she mentions Kahir. She says that Light is acting like a child because even if there is something between her and Kahir, she couldn’t just stand idly while Light slowly withers and dies. Light is pleased with Gina’s answer, and he explains that he was only testing her.

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If you choose the second option “Hesitate” you will lose some Goodwill with Light. Gina will look down, imagining how disappointed and angry Kahir would be if she stole his Golden Scimitar. Light noticed the troubled look on Gina’s face, so he decided to tell her the truth. This was all just a test. Genie said that he completely understands Gina. Kahir is a good person and Gina is in love with him, so it’s natural that she would be reluctant to do something that would hurt him, even if it might help Light.

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Regardless of your previous choice, the story continues with Gina wondering if the ruby on Kahir’s scimitar could be the gemstone that they were looking for. Light admits he isn’t sure about it. The ruby did seem familiar to him, but he didn’t feel any magic within it so, most likely, the ruby isn’t the gemstone that they are looking for. On the other hand, Light is too weak at the moment so he might be wrong. Well, Gina seems determined to get the ruby. She figures that even if the ruby isn’t the missing gemstone, it clearly reminded Light of something, so it might be able to recover his memory. Our character sees that Genie is in very rough shape, and she wants to help him, if possible.

Light explains, once more, that he was only testing Gina, claiming that he will be fine. He also adds that both Kahir and her would be in a lot of trouble if the Golden Scimitar disappeared, so shortly after Kahir becoming the Prince. It could even cause a serious crisis within the Kingdom. However, Gina is still concerned for Light’s health. Genie reassures her, claiming that he will feel much better after a long rest inside the magic lamp. However, Gina must not disturb him, otherwise, he won’t be able to recover. Well, it seems that this finally, calmed Gin’s fears. Light smiles at her and disappears into the lamp, after saying “good night”. Somehow, to Gina, it looked as if he meant goodbye.

Well, that’s the end of the very exciting stage 2-2. Will Light be able to recover? Will Gina and her friends manage to stop Chapur? What about the Prime Minister and his conspiracy with the Eastern Provinces? Find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading.  

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