Hello and welcome to our Dress up! Magic Lamp stage 2-3 full walkthrough and guide. In the previous stage Light collapsed so Gina and Kahir brought him to the palace doctor. But, they had to leave him there because Kahir had to go on a meeting with the foreign envoys, while Gina had to look for drunk Sinbad. While Gina looked for Sinbad she noticed Chapur and the Prime Minister talking in the secluded area of the garden and decided to eavesdrop on the conversation. She found out that Chapur and the Prime Minister are no longer working together, and that they have different plans for the future. Chapur wants to continue the search for the magic lamp, while the Prime Minister has some kind of secret deal with the Eastern provinces. They part ways and Gina has to decide which one of them to follow.

If you decide to follow Chapur he will lead Gina in a deserted part of the garden and ambush her, demanding from her to hand over the lamp. Luckily, Light will appear in the nick of time to save her and will use his magic to teleport both himself and Gina back to the Sinbad’s mansion. Also, Chapur could see through illusion and immediately realized that Light is a Genie, not a human being.

If you decided to follow Prime Minister, Gina will lose him in the crowd, and will instead run into Sinbad. After talking with him for a bit, they will decide to head back home, together with Light.

Upon arriving at Sinbad’s home he immediately hosts a banquette, and Gina has to attend. After the banquette, she goes back to her room to check on the Light. She found out that Light is in a very rough shape and the Genie claims that the ruby from Kahir’s scimitar is the only thing that can help him recover. Without it, he will perish. With that said, he asked Gina to sneak into the palace and steal the ruby. Regardless of your answer, Light will explain that he was only testing Gina’s resolve because he wanted to see if she is ready to take such a dangerous action in order to save. Later, he explains that he hasn’t felt any magic in the ruby, so it probably isn’t the gemstone that they were looking for. 

The stage window will display all the relevant information. Hit Start when you are ready to begin.

Our story continues with Gina dreaming Light, surrounded by the thick fog. She tries to reach out to him, but her legs wouldn’t move. When she tried to call out to him, she discovered that she has no voice. Terrified, she watched as Light slowly disappeared into the fog. Before he completely vanished he smiled at our character, and bid her farewell. Gina wakes up, cold sweat running down her spine. She thinks that this was more than a mere dream. Gina is afraid that Light might be gone forever.

She jumps out of her bed, grabs the magic lamp, and starts rubbing it, desperately trying to summon Light. A few moments pass, but nothing happens. Gina starts rubbing the lamp even harder while yelling and ordering Light to come out. Again, nothing happens. Gina recalls that Light’s smile and expression in her dream looked exactly the same as when he told her “good night” the last time she saw him. Gina now realized that Light actually sacrificed himself. It looks like he wasn’t testing Gina’s commitment when he said that he will perish without the flawless ruby from Kahir’s scimitar…

Desperate, Gina hugs the lamp and thinks of all the good times she had with Light. Although Genie was rude, he was always honest and he was very loyal to Gina. So much, that he never abandoned her in the face of danger, even in his severely weakened state, when he faced Chapur. Gina doesn’t want to accept that her friend might be gone forever. Seeing no other way, she decides to disguise herself as a maid and sneak into the palace to steal the flawless ruby from Kahir’s scimitar.

NOTE: For this occasion, we will need an outfit with Cooling and Perky tags. But, in order to achieve the perfect score, we will need “Arabian Night” which can be problematic to acquire since you’ll need a perfect score in stage 2-1 in order to acquire the blueprint for this item.

Gina easily enters the palace yard, since she already knows the layout of the place very well. However, she immediately noticed that are only a few guards around the place, and it seems that the security in the palace is very light. The garden is very silent, and Gina decides to proceed to the Library. On her way there, she remembered that Kahir spent a lot of his time at the library so, she figures, it’s very likely that he kept his scimitar inside this building. Suddenly, Gina realizes that she won’t be able to see Kahir ever again if she got caught stealing the flawless ruby. Even worse than that, Kahir would probably be both mad and very disappointed. Gina hears footsteps nearby and decides that it is probably better to focus on the problem at hand and leave them thinking about consequences for later.

Our character can hear the conversation between the two guards. One of them is particularly lazy and doesn’t want to do his job and patrol through the library, because he thinks that it would be a waste of time to patrol through the empty library. The other guard argues that the first guy would be expelled from the Royal Guard if Tariq was still in charge, and points out that the ex-commander might be reinstituted by Kahir since now he is the Crowned Prince. But the lazy guards don’t seem too concerned. He shakes his head and walks away. The other guard, seeing that arguing is pointless, follows after him.

The guards leave, and Gina uses this opportunity to sneak into the Kahir’s study. She looks across the room and now has to decide where she should look for scimitar, because the time is short, and the guards might return at any moment.

Near the couch

Near the round table
NOTE: “NEAR THE COUCH” option, will unlock stage 2-4.

If you choose the first option “Near the couch” Gina will notice that there’s something hidden between the couch and the cabinet. Her heart starts pounding in excitement, as she approaches this object. Upon closer examination, Gina discovers the scimitar and pulls out the ruby from its handle.

Well, it seems that Gina came prepared. She brought with her the Philosopher’s Stone that Awad gave her. Because this stone looks similar to ruby, Gina intends to use it as a replacement. This way, she should be able to buy some time, because Kahir probably won’t realize immediately that the ruby on his scimitar looks a bit differently.

Gina tucks away the flawless ruby in one of her pockets and quickly leaves the palace. Gina hopes that Kahir won’t notice the difference right away, because she intends to return the gemstone to Kahir as soon as Light gets back on his feet. She will explain her actions to the Prince, and hope for the best. That’s the plan anyway.


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If you choose the second option and look for the flawless ruby “Near the round table” Gina will notice that there is something hidden just next to the table. Believing that this was scimitar, Gina walks towards it, but in her excitement, she accidentally knocks out and breaks the vase. Alerted by the noise, one of the guards immediately rushes into Kahir’s study and catches Gina red-handed.

Gina tries to deceive the guard by claiming that she is the Kahir’s maid and that she came to the study to fetch some items for the Prince. But the guard can’t be fooled that easily. He points out that all palace residents know that study is closed at night. So, he concludes, that Gina is also impersonating a maid. Naturally, he is now even more suspicious of her intentions and demands an explanation immediately.

The guard points the spear at Gina, informing her that she’s arrested. Also, he adds, that the jailer has a lot of methods to make the people talk. Realizing that she has no other choice, Gina decides to tell guard the truth. She explains that she is actually one of Kahir’s friends and begs the guard to take her to Kahir, and she will explain everything. The guard agrees and soon enough she is brought before the Prince. Naturally, Kahir is shocked, and he demands to know why Gina broke into his study.

Gina glances at the guard, and Kahir realizes that she would like to discuss this matter in private. So, he waves his hand dismissing the guard, but as soon as he left, Kahir demands an explanation. Gina decides to be honest and admits that she broke into the study because she intended to steal the ruby from the hilt of the Golden Scimitar. Naturally, Kahir is shocked after hearing this, and he says to Gina that stealing from the royal family is one of the most serious crimes. Gina quickly explains herself. She tells Kahir that Light is in a coma and that the flawless ruby is the only thing that can save him. Realizing that she isn’t making much sense, she decides to tell Kahir everything about the magic lamp, revealing that Light is actually a Genie. Well, there is a lot to process. So, Kahir bows his head, thinking about everything that Gina said. Now, we have two choices ahead of us.


Wait for a reply
NOTE: The “APOLOGIZE” option will unlock stage 2-10.

If you choose the first option “Apologize” Gina will wait for Kahir to raise his head and will sincerely apologize while looking into his eyes. She will also say that she is sorry because she had to keep her arrangement with Light secret. Our character knows that this story seems unbelievable, and now Light is gone, so she has no way to prove to Kahir that she is telling the truth. The only thing that she can do is to swear to Kahir that she isn’t lying, but he stops her before she could finish the sentence. Apparently, she managed to convince the young Prince.

Kahir reminds Gina that the three of them are loyal companions that stood together against one of the most terrifying creatures, the Golden Serpent. Kahir also reminds her that she and Light risked a lot in order to help him cure his father, and now it is his turn to help them. With that said, Kahir announces that Gina can take the ruby if there is no other way to save Light.

But Gina wants to know if it’s possible for Kahir to so easily part with the royal heirloom. What would his father, the King, say about that? However, Kahir explains that the job of the royal family is to protect and serve its people. So, if ruby can save someone’s life, he will gladly part with, because it is, after all, just a symbol of power. Naturally, Gina is overjoyed after hearing this.

Kahir just says that Gina should have to trust him, just like he trusts her, and told him everything sooner. That way they could have avoided a lot of trouble. Gina agrees and starts crying. Kahir leans over to wipe a tear from her eye, and hugs her…


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NOTE: “WAIT FOR A REPLY” option will lead to a bad ending.

If you chose the second option “Wait for reply” Kahir will lift his head up after some time, and will coldly look at Gina. He explains that Gina committed a serious crime when she broke into the palace with the intention of stealing royal treasure. The Prince also adds that the Prime Minister could use this situation as leverage against him, and that would affect the entire Kingdom. Not knowing what else to stay, Gina apologizes, and tries to explain that she had no other option and the life of her friend was at stake…

But, it seems that Kahir is upset because Gina didn’t trust him. He explains that this entire mess could be avoided if she just told him the truth earlier. But now, it’s too late. The sadness washes over Kahir’s face and with the cold eyes, he looks at Gina. He explains that he hates traitors, but since Light and Gina helped him get the reverse scale, he will let our character go (without the flawless ruby, of course). However, Kahir doesn’t want to see her, ever again, and his decision is final.

Gina knows that there is no way to repair her relationship with Kahir, and there’s nothing else that she could say. So, she turns around and leaves.

The story continues after some time (days or weeks, most likely), with Gina sitting in her room. Through the stormy night, she hears shouting and commotion outside. She looks through the window and sees heavily armed soldiers pushing back the people, ordering them to go inside their homes. She also hears that the city gates are locked and that there is an army (most likely hostile) in front of the city. I guess this is the result of the Prime Minister’s conspiracy with the Eastern Provinces.

NOTE: You will unlock the bad ending “Before the Storm”.

Well, this is the first stage so far that had a bad ending. We will continue our story in stage 2-4, with Gina heading back to her room with the flawless ruby and trying to repair the magic lamp.

If you want to explore the other branching of the story (“Near the round table” -> “Apologize”), you can skip to stage 2-10.

What will happen in the next stage? Will Gina manage to revive Light with the flawless ruby? Find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading.

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