Hello and welcome to our Dress up! Magic Lamp stage 2-5 full walkthrough and guide. In the previous stage, Gina returned home with flawless ruby in her possession. It was raining along the way, so she decided to change, before trying to fix the lamp. After that, she walked over to the magic lamp and tried to insert a flawless ruby. Nothing happened. She rubbed the lamp a few times. Nothing happened. Desperate, she thought she lost Light forever and burst into tears. At this moment, Chapur walked into her room. He saw her when she was sneaking into the palace garden and decided to follow her. The Magician claims that he wasn’t involved in a conspiracy to poison the King and it seemed that he was telling the truth. However, he is very interested in the Magic Lamp and claims that he can fix it with the dark magic, but Gina refused to hand it over. At this point, Chapur wasn’t interested anymore in negotiations. Instead, he used the Dark Magic to try to manipulate Gina into handing him the Magic Lamp. His plan would work if Light hadn’t intervened. By shaking the lamp, Genie temporarily broke the hold of Chapur’s spell on Gina and, in desperation she started rubbing the lamp, hoping to summon Light. Nothing happened. However, she did notice that Chapur was afraid. She then recalled that the Magician was scared of Light when he met him in the garden. So, she decided to bluff. She rubbed the lamp again and called for Light to join her in this fight. Terrified, Chapur made a few steps back and Gina used this moment to run for the door, but before she could reach it, Chapur regained his sense and attacked her with one of his spells. Gina had to tumble to the side in order to avoid the attack and in the process she crashed into the cabinet. Her old pendant fell out of the cabinet and she picked it up. She noticed that the crystal in the pendant was glowing, and she figured that this must be the gemstone that they were looking for. At this point, she was completely safe from Chapur’s attacks, because the pendant created a protective force field around her and a magic lamp. Safe inside her bubble, Gina inserted the crystal into the magic lamp. After that, there was a flash of bright light and that’s the last thing she remembers. She woke up in the market, but the streets were deserted and she couldn’t find Sinbad’s house. After some time, she finally saw one person. This man informed her that the city is under siege and that the provinces have rebelled against the royal family. Fearing that Kahir might be in danger, Gina rushed toward the palace. On her way there she met Light, but his friend couldn’t remember her, even after they talked for several minutes. To Light, she seemed like a complete stranger. Also, he claimed that his name isn’t Light.

NOTE: You can unlock this stage by choosing “Follow Chapur” during stage 2-2, and the “Resist” option during stage 2-4.

The stage window will display all the relevant information. Hit Start when you are ready to begin.

Our story continues with confused Gina looking at Light, unable to understand why he can’t recognize her. On the other hand, Light is equally confused, because he can’t understand why this stranger keeps looking at him, instead of running away toward the South Gate with the rest of the civilians. He warns Gina once more that the rebel armies will soon reach the palace, and urges her to run away. Our character finds this curious because it seems that Light knows exactly what’s going on in the city, almost as if he wasn’t asleep inside the magic lamp. Gina tries to remember what happened after she inserted the gemstone inside the lamp, but to no avail. Her mind is blank.

Light explains to her the way to the South Gate, in case she doesn’t know how to get there, and urges her once more to go there. With that, he turned around to leave, but Gina grabbed stopped him by grabbing his elbow. Light turns around and tells Gina again that she mixed him up with someone and that he doesn’t know her. But she is relentless and demands to know why is he urging her to leave while he is clearly heading in the direction of the advancing armies. Light tells her to mind her own business, but at this moment, she can clearly see the sadness on his face. Their conversation is interrupted by fleeing citizens. One of them screams that the Forty Thieves are inside the city!

Gina is shocked because Forty Thieves lived several decades ago! So, it looks like she indeed traveled to the past. However, before she could recover from shock, Light ran away into one of the alleys, so our character decided to go after him. She followed him until they reached the palace walls. Here, Light used his magic to fly over the walls, and Gina could no longer keep up with him.

Gina almost gave up, but then she spotted a girl that looked like a place maid. Our character immediately got an idea. She rushed toward the girl and offered to buy off her maid outfit with a bracelet that Sinbad gave her. Luckily, the girl accepted. Now, it’s time to change clothes, so Gina can try to sneak into the palace, disguised as a maid.

Disguised, Gina easily managed to enter the palace garden, but she immediately noticed that the place looks different and that it is almost deserted. She quickly goes through the garden and reaches the inner courtyard. Here, she saw a Light, dashing toward one of the pillars and hiding behind it. Gina wanted to go toward Light, but then she saw that one of the guards noticed her. She tries to keep calm and decides she might be able to trick the guard because she is disguised as a maid. But, the guards inform her that the palace courtyard has been closed because the rebels are at the city gates, and the maids aren’t allowed to be here. But, Gina has quick wits. She tricks the guard by saying that she saw a shadowy figure sneaking around the palace, and points in the opposite direction from Light’s hiding place. The guard immediately rushes towards the direction that Gina pointed. Good job Gina.

As soon as the guard left, Light emerges from his hiding place. He demands to know why Gina has followed him because all sane people are trying to get out of the city. However, Gina points out that without her aid, the guard would probably saw Light, and then he would be in huge trouble. With all that said, Gina demands some appreciation from her friend. Light still can’t remember who Gina is, but it seems that she gained his trust, since he invited her to come with him.

After a few minutes, they reach a mysterious, poorly illuminated room, filled with books. Light tells her that he owes her a favor and that he will find a way to get her out of the city, once his job here is done. He also says that he didn’t expect that the Forty Thieves will take part in this rebellion. Considering all the chaos, the Kingdom might collapse. Gina started thinking about the things that Light just said. After a few moments, she finally realized that the Magic Lamp has sent her 70 years back in time, and she is now part of the events that already transpired!

Gina looks at Light, realizing that her friend must have lived in this city 70 years ago and was part of these events. With that said, Gina would now like to know what Light plans to do. Her friend explains that he has to retrieve something from the palace, but doesn’t want to reveal what, or how this item ended up in the palace in the first place. He turns around and pulls out one of the bookshelves, revealing a hidden compartment behind it. Gina peeks in and sees the magic lamp, and the glowing gemstone embedded inside. At this moment, she realized that Light in front of her is a human being and not the Genie of the Lamp.

Light believes that the Magic Lamp will make everything easier, and decides to use its power to teleport Gina to safety. However, as he started to cast the spell and activated the magic lamp, the ground beneath them started to shake. It was at this moment he realized that he was tricked.  The room fills with black smoke. Suddenly magical circle appears on the ground and Light and Gina are in the center of it. Suddenly they hear a mysterious voice, saying that he was waiting for Light. They turned around and saw an old man, accompanied by at least a dozen armed guards. This man used the Magic Lamp as bait, in order to ambush Light! Well, it seems his plan worked perfectly.

Light explains that the Magic Lamp is an heirloom of the Fatih family, and his father’s last wish was for the lamp to return to their rightful possession. At this moment Gina realized that Light is Kahir’s ancestor, and this explains why Light reacted to flawless ruby, and why Sinbad thought that Kahir and Light are very similar. But, the mysterious man doesn’t seem to share Light’s view. He claims that the Magic Lamp was donated to the palace as a symbol of loyalty of the Fatih family towards the royal family. This means that Light is openly rebelling against the royal family by trying to take back the lamp. But, Light shoots back claiming that the royal family has turned against its own people with their tyrannical rule. Now, the entire country has risen up in rebellion against them.

Gina concluded that the man in front of them must be the King from the previous era. Light reminds him that the city is under siege, and soon the rebels will reach the palace. But, it seems that the old King isn’t afraid of death. Apparently, when his son, Ghiyath, fell into eternal sleep, his world crumbled, and nothing doesn’t matter anymore. But, Light explains that Giyath was cursed because he was practicing dark magic. And now it seems that the old King wants to try to resurrect his son by using dark magic. Also, Light reveals that this King slew his father because Light’s father refused to submit to his tyrannical rule. Furious, Light casts a fireball at the King, but the black smoke around them absorbed the spell before it could harm anyone.

The old King explains that Light and Gina are surrounded by the magic barrier, and no spell can go through it. Moreover, they are trapped inside and unable to leave. As the black smoke is growing thicker, Light noticed a space-time portal. The old King reveals that he plans to use this portal, created by his son, to reverse the time, back to the point when his son was still alive and well.

But, Light warns the King that the magic circle that his son didn’t complete magic circle and activating it by force could have unforeseen consequences. Besides that, the only reason Ghiyath fell into an eternal slumber was his interest in the dark magic. But, the old King is prepared to sacrifice everything in order to get his son back, so he doesn’t care about the possible consequences. With that, he activates the magic circle, and black smoke gathers in a vortex. Terrified Gina grabs Light’s hand, and asks if there’s anything that they could do to stop this madman. Light explains that the magic lamp is no longer under his control. But it looks like he might have an idea.

Light says that they have to break the taboo in order to stop the old King. Gina remembers that Light explained to her the three taboos the first time she met him in the cave of Forty Thieves.

“The first thou shall not kill”.

“The second thou shall not bring dead people or animals back to life”.

“Third thou shall not manipulate memories”

Gina is terrified and begs Light to try and find another way. But, the old King seems confident that they won’t be able to escape, no matter how hard they might try. But, Light announces that he promised to his father that he will stop the old King, even if it costs him his life. With that, Arslan (Light) puts his plan into motion. He intends to sacrifice himself in order to stop the mad king.

Life offers his life and soul to the magic lamp, and his only wish in return is to stop the tyrannical, old King. After hearing these words, the King starts panicking, realizing that his plan is ruined. As bright light is starting to gather around the magic lamp, Light pushes Gina out of the circle. Gina begs him to stop, but Light just smiles and shakes his head. His decision is final. However, he asks Gina to return the magic lamp to his family (Fatih), once he’s gone. Light begs her to destroy the gemstone rendering the magic lamp unusable if she’s unable to find his family. He believes that it is better to destroy the magic lamp than for it to fall into the wrong hands. He asks Gina to swear on this. And now, she has two options.

Nod tearfully

Shake my head emphatically
NOTE: The first option “Nod tearfully” will lead to a bad ending.

If you choose the first option “Nod tearfully” Gina will honor Light’s wish. The bright light fills the room, forcing her to shut her eyes. She hears the agonizing screams of the old King and his men. When she opened her eyes she was alone in the room with a magic lamp sitting on the floor. Without hesitation, she grabs the magic lamp and rushes outside. The entire city is ablaze, and she hopes that she will be able to sneak out of the city during the chaos. Unfortunately, she was spotted by the Forty Thieves – well, at least one of them.

She tries to lose them in one of the alleys, but this turns out to be a dead-end, and Gina’s luck has run out. One of the Forty Thieves slowly walks toward her, his scimitar poised to strike. Gina closes her eyes and tightens her grip on the magic lamp, realizing that she won’t be able to get away. A few seconds later, Gina realized that her soul is slowly leaving her body, at scimitar strikes her down.

NOTE: You will unlock the bad ending “Time Travel”.

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NOTE: Choosing the second option “Shake my head emphatically” will unlock stage 2-6.

If you choose the second option “Shake my head emphatically” Gina will refuse Arslan’s (Light’s) demand. Instead, she will scream through tears that she won’t let him do this. Gina explains that she came from the future, 70 years after this event. She also says that the magic lamp sent her back through time, and it was probably done for a reason other than to idly stand by and watch the events as they transpired. Instead, Gina thinks that the magic lamp sent her back so that she could save Light.

With that said, Gina runs back into the magic circle and hugs Light tightly. However, it seems that he doesn’t fully believe her, and he warns her that they will now both perish in the void. The light from the magic lamp starts spreading and intensifying. Soon it will consume all of them. At this moment, Gina had an idea. She figured that if they remove the gemstone, they will neutralize the magic lamp. She starts pulling on the gemstone as hard as she can, but then her consciousness begins to fade. That’s the last thing she remembers…

Well, that’s the end of another, very exacting stage. But, what happened with Gina? Did she manage to save Light? Or was she teleported back to her own time? Maybe something else entirely? We’ll find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading.

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