Hello and welcome to our Dress up! Magic Lamp stage 2-6 full walkthrough and guide. In the previous stage, Gina tried to talk to Light but he couldn’t remember who she is. Instead, told her to flee the city, because the rebel army is on its way. Their conversation was interrupted by the fleeing citizens, and Light used this moment to slip away from Gina. She decided to follow him and after some time reached the palace wall. Light used his magic to fly over it, but Gina couldn’t follow. However, fortune smiled at her when she saw one of the palace maids that was preparing to run away from the chaos in the city. Gina traded a bracelet that Sinbad gave her for the maid’s outfit. She planned to enter the palace disguised as a maid. Also, she found out that the Forty Thieves are attacking the city, together with the rebels. This discovery shocked her because that means that she traveled 70 years in the past. On the bright side, she managed to enter the palace easily. However, once she got close to the inner courtyard, she saw Light hiding behind one of the pillars, and at the same time, one of the guards noticed her. She tricked the guard by saying that the shadowy figure was sneaking around the palace and sent him on a wild goose chase. Light came out of hiding and thanked her for the assistance. He still couldn’t remember who Gina is, but she earned his trust, so he invited her to come with him. He also promised that he will find a way to get her safely out of the city, but first, he has to do something. He leads Gina into a poorly illuminated room filled with books. Here, Light pulls one of the bookshelves revealing a hidden compartment. Inside is the magic lamp. He wanted to use the power of the magic lamp to teleport Gina out of the city. However, as soon as the magic lamp started to pulsate with energy, a black cloud of smoke surrounded Gina and Light, and they realized that they’re trapped inside the magic circle. At this moment, the old King rushed into the room and a dozen heavily armed guards ran in after him. The son of the old King, Ghiyath, has fallen into eternal slumber because he was practicing dark magic. Now, the King intends to use the magic lamp and rewind the time itself to a point at which his son was still alive and well. We also found out that Light belongs to the Fatih family (so he is Kahir’s ancestor), and that they were sworn vassals of the King, but decided to rebel against his tyrannical rule. Also, the old King slew Light’s father, so Light swore that he will stop the tyrant, no matter what. So, as the old King was preparing to use the time-space portal, Light decided to sacrifice himself in order to stop him. He swore his life and soul to the magic lamp in return for this favor. As the magical energy was building up around the lamp, he pushed Gina out of the circle and told her to bring the magic lamp back to his family, after he’s gone. He told her to destroy the gemstone on the lamp if she’s unable to find them. However, Gina refused to obey him. Instead, she rushed back into the magic circle and hugged her friend. She then got an idea. Gina figured that she might disable the magic lamp if she managed to pull out the gemstone. She started pulling on it with all her might, but she felt as if she was losing consciousness, and that’s how the previous stage ended.  

The stage window will display all the relevant information. Hit Start when you are ready to begin.

Our story continues with Gina coming back to her senses, inside some old shack. By the sounds from the outside, she concludes that she must be near the marketplace. However, she has no idea what happened with Light. Just as she was trying to figure out what happened, she hears the voice of a slaver, saying that she won’t be able to run away from him. He also orders her to dress up and look nice, so he can get a good price for her at the market. At this moment Gina realized that she was back at the beginning of her story…

Gina already knew that the slaver won’t turn her in for stealing a loaf of bread if she puts on the clothes he brought her. Our character also knew that she could easily escape by opening the window and running away. She reaches into her pocket and finds the pendant that she had all along. The crystal on the pendant (which turned out to be a gemstone for the magic lamp) is glowing with energy. Gina is terrified of the idea of having to go through everything, just like she did the first time around. Besides that, she is unsure if she managed to save Light or not. The cat that Gina adopted while she was living at Sinbad’s mansion suddenly appears beside her. Our character looks into the cat’s eyes and finds and discovers that they are glowing like gemstones. Completely enthralled, Gina is unable to look away. Her head starts spinning, and in the next moment, she feels as if she is falling…

She fills as if she’s floating through the clouds, and all the memories start rushing through her mind. She remembers all the important events of her adventure, including the last one during which she traveled 70 years into that past. All of the sudden, it seems like the memories have stopped rushing to her mind, and she can clearly hear the voice ordering her to wake up. When Gina opened her eyes she found herself back in her room, with Light curiously looking at her. It seems that she returned to the present time.

Gina immediately got up and hugged Light tightly. Looking around the room, she can see that the room is in mess. She also sees that she has bruises from crashing into the cabinet when she jumped to the side in order to avoid Chapur’s attack. She can also see the magic lamp sitting on the cabinet. It is complete, with the gemstone shining with magical energy. Gina isn’t sure if her experience in the past was just a dream or a reality, but Light provides an explanation.

Light thanks her for “fixing” the magic lamp by inserting the gemstone. However, Gina wants to know did she managed to save Light when she traveled to the past. But, Light has no definitive answer to this question. However, he is certain that Gina saved him in the present time when she assembled the magic lamp and the gemstone. However, Gina is still confused about something. She says to Light that she thought that she went back to the beginning. But, Light doesn’t understand what Gina is talking about.

Our character explains that when she pulled the gemstone from the magic lamp 70 years ago she didn’t immediately came back to the present time. Instead, she was flung back to the point in time at which she didn’t yet meet Kahir, Light, and Sinbad. So, she explains that she would have to through all of these events once more. After thinking for a few moments, Light explains that Gina fell into the time loop, which was caused by the mixing of the energies of the magic lamp and dark magic. He further explains that people caught in the time loop live through the same events over and over again. This makes sense because Gina’s memories were completely erratic. 

Now, Light wants to know how Gina managed to get back to the present time. She explains that the cat she adopted while staying at Sinbad’s place, suddenly appeared inside the shack with her. This was very strange, and Gina believes that the cat probably brought her back to the present time, somehow. Light thinks that this is a sound theory. He explains that the cats are spiritual creatures and the magic users often choose this animal as their familiars. With that said, the cat probably broke the circle and that’s how Gina came back to the present time. Our character said that the cat always looked familiar to her, even when she saw it for the first time, so Gina was probably trapped in the time loop before. Light concludes that the cat probably wanted to repay Gina for her kindness, so it decided to help her break out of the time loop. Light seeing that Gina is disturbed by this discovery tries to comfort her. But, Gina seems very curious about something. She wants to know what name would Light prefer from now on.

Can I call you Arslan

Can I still call you Light
If you choose the first option, “Can I call you Arslan?” Light would take a step back, and it seems that he doesn’t like this suggestion. Gina presumed that the name “Arslan” woke up some old memories in Light. But he just explains that it seems weird to him to hear Gina calling him by that name. So, our character decides to keep calling him Light, just as she did so far.

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If you choose the second option “Can I still call you Light”? you will gain some Goodwill with this character. Light doesn’t understand why would Gina asked him this question, but she says that Arslan is his real name. However, Light explains that “Arslan” was the name of the person that lived 70 years ago. He also explains that his soul has been preserved inside the magic lamp, and he is no longer Arslan but the Genie of the lamp. So, Gina should call him by his Genie name, Light.

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The story continues with Light deciding to look for his old acquaintance. He explains that Chapur’s true name is Giyath, the son of the old King that Gina met when she traveled 70 years in the past. Gina doesn’t understand how this could be possible. She remembered that the old King said that his son has fallen into eternal slumber. Besides that, even he woke up somehow, he should be a very old man by now. Light reveals that he and Giyath were friends once, so he is sure that Chapur and the “sleeping Prince” are the same people. Although, Genie has no idea how this guy manages to wake up. (So, Light’s memory has returned. Interesting, the story didn’t mention this). Concerning his age, Light explains that Giyath has been massing around the space-time magic, so he must have found a way to prevent aging, somehow. Whatever the case might be Light is certain about one thing. Ghiyath (Chapur) will try to get the Magic Lamp and Light is determined to do everything in his power to stop him!

Now, Light wants to hear from Gina what exactly happened when she assembled the magic lamp. She explains that Ghiyath tried to stop her from assembling the magic lamp and the gemstone, but the lamp created a force field around her that repelled all of Ghiyath’s attacks. When he saw that his attacks were ineffective, Ghiyath decided to flee. Light says that her account of the events makes sense. He explains that his father gave his life in order to seal away the power of the lamp. However, before he died, he thought Light the spell that can unlock the power of the magic lamp. That makes him the only person in the world that can use it. So, when Ghiyath saw that the magic lamp and the gemstone are assembled, he knew that he won’t be able to access its power, and decided to flee.

Gina doubts that Ghiyath won’t surrender so easily. She thinks that he will probably try to find a way to get the lamp and its power. Light confirms her suspicion. He knew Ghiyath quite well, and he thinks that the Magician will probably lay low for a while until he comes up with a plan to steal the lamp. While Light is thinking about their next move, Gina decided to tidy up the place. However, she accidentally pushed the glass bead and it rolled over to Light. At first, he thought that Chapur probably dropped it. But Gina explains that her cat brought her that item. Light thinks that the cat is very unusual. He explains that Ghiyath used the glass bead in his rituals when creating the magic circle. After some time the clear bead would become dark and corrupted, just like Ghiyath’s heart. Both of them conclude that there’s much more to this plainly looking cat than meets the eye. Also, Gina concludes that the cat brought her the glass bead for a reason.  

Light explains that Ghiyath’s magic is still inside this bead. More importantly, the Genie can use the glass bead to locate Ghiyath within a certain distance. However, the range of this location spell is limited, so he must know in which area is Magician, in order to pinpoint his exact location. Gina suggests that they might find clues about Ghiyath’s whereabouts inside the Astrology Chamber because that’s where he spent most of his time. Moreover, they should head to the palace anyway, since they should return the flawless ruby to Kahir. The young Prince could get into a lot of trouble for losing the symbol of the power of the Faith family. Also, they should inform him of the recent events, and the true origin of the magic lamp. However, before they leave, Gina has to Dress Up.

Upon their arrival at the palace, Gina and Light find out that the Prime Minister, aided by Eastern Province, launched a rebellion as soon as Gina “stole” the flawless ruby (the truth is that Kahir gave it to her). However, Kahir called to his side the soldiers from the Western Province and was able to quickly quell this rebellion and arrest the Prime Minister. Upon hearing this, Gina and Light decided to go to Kahir first, and leave the search of Astrology Chamber for later. Gina informs Kahir about the recent events and everything that they discovered concerning the magic lamp. Kahir says that the records of the Fatih family mention the name Arslan, but there is not much information about him. The only thing that he could find out is that Arslan disappeared 70 years ago during the unrest. Now, he knows the truth. Arslan was trapped and became Light, the Genie of the Magic Lamp.

Kahir still doesn’t understand why there’s no record of the magic lamp belonging to the Fatih family. But, Light explains that he instructed his brothers to erase any trace of the existence of the magic lamp, once he used it to stop the tyrant King. Also, he instructed them to try to erase his own name from history. Kahir now remembered that the magic was suppressed upon the foundation of the Fool Moon Kingdom, and practicing science was encouraged instead of it. However, the Fatih family probably decided to keep the flawless ruby as a reminder of their past. After he took this all in, the young Prince concluded that his ancestor Arslan, now Light, was one of the greatest men in history.

Well, the admiration is mutual, as Light says that he is very proud to have a descendant like Kahir. However, Gina breaks the process of mutual admiration by reminding them that they should go to Astrology Chamber and look for clues. Our character got another idea. Ghiyath got into the palace under the false name (Chapur), but the Prime Minister probably knows his true identity, since the two of them were working together. However, Kahir informs her that he already talked with his uncle, the Prime Minister, and he claims that he doesn’t know anything about Chapur, excepted that the Magician tricked him. On the bright side, Kahir already searched Chapur’s room and found some kind of map. Ahem, well, if Ghiyath left the map to his hiding inside the room, he must be given an award for one of the sloppiest villains.

Kahir informs them that the map is from the time of the former dynasty. But, one place did catch his interest. This marking on the map is located somewhere in the desert to the northwest. Light immediately recalled the information about this place. Apparently, the marking on the map should indicate the location of the hunting lodge that Gihyath’s father built for his son. However, there’s a catch. The cabin is surrounded by quicksand, so finding the safe route would be very challenging. Gina argues that there’s no way that the hunting lodge still stands after 70 years. But, Light says that they should go to the hunting lodge as soon as possible since they don’t have any other clues. Unfortunately, Kahir can’t leave with them, because he still has to deal with the few remaining rebels. But, he did send a few elite guards to accompany Gina and Light on this journey, promising that he will join up with them as soon as he can. Light calms him down, saying that he will handle Ghiyath by himself.

What will happen next? Will Gina and Light manage to find the hunting lodge and put an end to Ghiyath? Will the Kahir’s elite guards be of any help? Find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading. 

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