Hello and welcome to our Dress up! Magic Lamp stage 2-7 full walkthrough and guide. In the previous stage, Gina walk up in the old shack and realized that she had travel back in time to the beginning of this story (stage 1-1) when she was caught by the slaver. However, this time around, the cat that our character adopted suddenly showed up at the shack, and while Gina looked into her eyes, she sensed something magical. She passed out again, but now she walked up in the present time. Gina was back in her room, and Light was standing beside her. She told him everything all about the events that she witnessed while she was in the past. Light explained that she definitely saved him when she inserted the crystal from her pendant into the magic lamp, but he wasn’t sure if she managed to change the past. On the other hand, Light concluded that Gina fell into the time loop, but the cat was able to break it, which is very fortunate. Also, Light revealed to her that Chapur is actually a Giyath, the son of the old King that she saw in the past. However, Light has no idea how Giyath managed to wake up. On the positive side, Light is the only person on the entire Earth that can use the magic lamp now, because Gina merged the ruby with the lamp. Apparently, Light’s father sealed the power of the magic lamp behind a spell, and Light is the only one who knows this spell. So, while they were thinking about their next move, Gina accidentally pushed the glass bead that her cat brought into the room. Light saw the glass bead and explained that there’s Chapur’s magic still inside it, which means that Light use magic to determine Chapur’s exact location if they are in the same general area (location spell has somewhat low range).

With all that said, they decided to go to the palace and search Astrology Chamber for clues about Giyath’s whereabouts. Also, they intend to return the flawless ruby to Kahir because, as it turned out, it isn’t the gemstone that they were looking for. When they reached the palace they found out that there was a rebellion organized by the Eastern Province and the Prime Minister, but Kahir managed to crush the rebels and arrest his uncle. Gina and Light rush to Kahir and informing him about everything. They intend to question the Prime Minister about Chapur (Giyath) but the Prince explains that his uncle was tricked and doesn’t know anything about the Magician. On the upside, Kahir already searched Chapur’s quarters and found a map. This Map is very old and has Gihtak’s hunting lodge marked on it so Gina and Light decide to go there in search of Giyath. Kahir had to stay behind because there are still some rebels that he has to deal with. So, he sent the elite guards to accompany Light and Gina on this journey, promising that he will join them as soon as he can.  

The stage window will display all the relevant information. Hit Start when you are ready to begin.

Our story continues with Gina and Light preparing to head into the desert, towards the hunting lodge. Light suspects that Giyath had prepared the trap for them and is concerned about Gina’s safety. So, asks her to stay behind, while he deals with the Magician. But, Gina replies that she will follow him to the end, no matter the risks. Besides, she points out that Light has completely recovered his magical energy, so even if Giyath lures them into a trap, Genie will be able to outmatch him in the magic duel and keep her safe. After some debate, Light agreed with Gina. However, he warned her that desert at night can be very cold, so she should put on some warm clothes before they head out.

Gina and Light traveled through the desert for some time, accompanied by the elite guards that Kahir sent to protect them. All around them is a barren wasteland, but suddenly one of the guards noticed a town in the distance. Gina thought that they should rest before continuing their journey. Light, on the other hand, was very suspicious about this town, because according to the map, there should be no towns or villages in this part of the desert. Gina is concerned that they might be seeing a mirage. However, Light isn’t worried about mirages, he suspects that this might be something much more sinister. But, before he could finish his thought, the screams erupted around them. Gina, Light, and soldiers have wandered into the quicksand.

Gina tries to calm everyone, urging them to stop moving, but Light yells at her that it’s’ too late for that. At this moment, Gina felt the sand beneath her feet shifting, and before she knew it she was trapped in the sand up to her hips. She quickly realized that struggling to pull out is pointless because the harder she tried the faster she sunk. Luckily, Light grabs her hand and uses his magic to fly. He goes up into the air, holding Gina in his hands. From the bird’s eye perspective, our character witnessed the entirety of the horror below. All the elite soldiers that Kahir sent, together with their horses, were being swallowed by the sand. Light yells to her, saying that he will come back for the soldiers as soon as he finds a safe place to land her.

A few moments later, Light spotted a rock and decided to leave Gina there, while he went back for the soldiers. Terrified, Gina stands on top of the rock in the middle of the desert, wondering how many people so far have lost their lives in this deadly trap. Suddenly, she heard a voice of a guard calling out for help. She hesitated for a moment but then decided to rush to the man’s aid. She surveys the rocky formation, but the guard is nowhere to be seen. Finally, she noticed the pile of sand and presumed that the guard is buried under it. This time, she didn’t hesitate. Knowing that the time is short, she immediately rushed toward the sand pile and started digging with her bare hands.

However, Gina quickly realized that this was a trap because suddenly a thick black smoke wrapped around her, leaving her speechless and suffocating her. That’s the last thing she remembers.

Gina felt like she was a small feather tossed around by the powerful winds. After some time she finally regains consciousness, and she saw Light standing over her. Gina said that she can’t understand what happened. At one moment she was rushing to a soldier that was crying for help, and in the next moment, she was suffocated by the thick black smoke. But, Light explains that this was an illusion and that he managed to save her in the nick of time. Further, he explains that the quicksand has taken so many lives, that it now has a will of its own, like some kind of terrifying magical creature. In time, it became capable of creating illusions with which it lures its victim into the trap.

Light further explains that the city they saw was just an illusion and, at that moment, they were already inside the trap. Looking around, Gina notices a lot of abandoned pieces of armor, but no guards were in sight. Light explains that the sand swallowed their entire armed escort, and there was nothing he could do to help them. He goes on, saying that probably each man saw a different illusion. Gina can see that Light is clearly shaken by this event. She thinks about it for a few moments and concludes that the road ahead of them is too dangerous. Gina thinks that they should go back, inform Kahir, and come up with a sound plan to overcome this obstacle.

Gina cleans herself up and starts walking back toward the capital, but Light grabs her arm, begging her to stay. Gina thinking that Light is being overconfident and stubborn tells him that it’s too dangerous to continue this journey. But, Light just kept holding her arm and looking at her with a very strange expression. After a few moments, he finally said that they should go neither forward nor back. Gina is confused, but Light explains that he saw a mirage, and it was a very dark predicament. He saw that he had to break taboo once more, and once he did it, he turned into a pile of ash in front of terrified Gina. Our character, on the other hand, fell again into a time loop, cursed to relive the same events over and over again.

Gina tries to convince him that what he saw was just an illusion, but Light doesn’t believe that’s the case. He explains that he knew that he should fight against the dark magic from the moment he regained memory. After 70 years inside the magic lamp, he doesn’t want to repeat the same circle. He doesn’t want to sacrifice himself again for the good of mankind.

With that, he leans over Gina and strongly hugs her. Light says that he is tired of fighting and sacrificing. Right now, he just wants to enjoy life with Gina without the constant struggle. Concerning Giyath, he thinks that the Magician can’t cause as much trouble as he initially thought. Namely, without a powerful artifact like the magic lamp, Giyath will never be able to utilize the true potential of space-time magic. With all that said, Light thinks that he and Gina should take the magic lamp with them and leave to some distant, possibly exotic location, and live happily for the rest of their days. Gina tries to argue, but Light wants her to make a decision, right now. So, we have two choices.

Say yes

Say no
NOTE: The first option “Say yes” will lead to a bad ending.

If you choose the first option “Say yes” Gina will nod, and Light will be overjoyed by her acceptance of the future that he envisioned for them. However, thick black smoke raisin from the sand will start to engulf his body, and Gina knew that something was wrong. However, Light explains that the smoke represents the soles of the people that lost their lives in the desert and that they are here to help him. As his voice grows colder and more distant, he still talks about a carefree life that they will soon have. However, Gina still thought that something was wrong, and she turned around to flee, but Light grabbed her from behind and held her in place. A few moments later, she felt the ground beneath their feet shaking. When Gina finally opened her eyes, she found herself in a beautiful place that seemed like paradise. She was aware that this wasn’t real. But then she figured, that she does not need reality when she can spend eternity in this beautiful place.

NOTE: You will unlock the bad ending “Lost in a Mirage”.

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NOTE: The second option “Say no” will unlock the next stage, 2-8.

If you choose the second option “Say no” Gina will push Light away while shaking her head. Light can’t understand why she rejects him. But, Gina figured out that this is not how Light would normally behave, so she concluded that he must be under influence of some kind of a spell. Gina urges him to snap out of it, reminding him that Light she knew would never give up, not after everything that they’ve been through. Finally, she screams at him that he is probably under the influence of the mirage, and orders him once more to snap out of it. It seems that Gina’s words had the desired effect because clouds of black smoke began to leave Light’s body.

But, it looks like this spell can’t be broken that easily. The black smoke that was leaving Light’s body suddenly grows thicker, and it seems as if it’s going to swallow him. Light suddenly felt a terrible headache, and he fell down on his knees while clutching his head in agony. Gina commands the smoke to release him. But, when this didn’t produce the desired effect, she rushed forward and pulled out Light’s scimitar. Not having any better idea, she starts cutting the smoke around Light with his scimitar. But then, she stumbled and fell, and the thick black smoke immediately engulfed Light, almost entirely. Gina yells at Light once more, urging him to resist the influence of the spell.

Gina yells at Light, reminding him that his father sacrificed his life for this kingdom, and his sacrifice will be in vain if they don’t stop Giyath. The thick black smoke takes on a shape of a massive snake. With the jaws wide open, the snake snaps at Light, while Gina helplessly screamed in terror. But, right before the jaws closed in around Light, a fireball strikes the snakes, and it falls apart into a million little patches of black smoke, which slowly began to disintegrate. Well, they managed to get out of this trouble, but just barely. One more second and Light would be dead.

It seems that Light wasn’t injured, but he explains that this illusion will take hold of a person’s mind as soon as it lets its guard down. He thanks Gina for remaining vigilante, if she didn’t he would be lost in the illusion forever. Gina thinks that Light has been suppressing some of his fears, but he categorically denies it. However, she then points out that Light saw an illusion of a very dark future, and that made him vulnerable enough for the mirage to take hold of him.

Light claims that he is not afraid of death, however, he didn’t expect to see the light of day after sacrificing himself 70 years ago. He admits that he felt like he was given a second chance when Gina, walk him up, and he enjoyed life and her company over the past few months. He was never so happy in his entire life, and now he doesn’t want to lose it all. But, Gina encourages him, saying that there are many days and years ahead of them, but to ensure their future they must first stop Giyath, once and for all. Gina promised that she will stand by him during the final showdown, regardless of the risks. She also swears that even if they fail, she will pull out the gemstone from the magic lamp again, and find the way to escape the time loop, “restarting” everything. She is determined to repeat this process until their job is done, and Giyath is defeated.

Light tries to reassure her by saying that she won’t fall into the loop again, because he would be a terrible Genie if he had to always lean on Gina to get him out of trouble. To be fair, she did save him several times, so far. Gina is very glad to hear that. She encourages Light to get up and show her what he can because now he is at full power. Well, Light isn’t exactly a modest person, and he says that he will show her his power when the time comes. But, their conversation is interrupted by the mysterious voice. The stranger (most likely Giyath) taunts Light, by claiming that Genie’s aren’t powerful, at all, and challenges him by demanding from Light to back up his claim.

Giyath taunts him once more, by saying that he never expected Arslan to last this long. Light is furious and says that they are aware of Giyath’s plan. However, Genie is willing to let him go if the Magician decides to abandon his crazy plan for revenge. But, it seems that Giyath isn’t afraid of Light anymore. The Magician says that he will now show Light a true power. With that, he raises his wand and starts chanting mystic words. The sand beneath his feet starts to swirl, and eventually forms into a huge vortex. A few moments later, dilapidated ruins rise out of the vortex.

Well, this stage left us on a true cliffhanger. It seems that Giyath’s power increased over the past several days, because he seemed terrified of Light and was ready to run away, the first time he saw him. And the second time. Even though, at that point Light hasn’t fully restored his power. However, now, it seems that Giyath is eager for battle. What kind of trick does he have up his sleeve? Will Light be able to stop him? Find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading.

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