Hello and welcome to our Dress up! Magic Lamp stage 2-8 full walkthrough and guide. In the previous stage Gina and Light, accompanied by the elite guards, set off on a long journey desert, hoping to find Giyath’s Hunting Lodge. After traveling for hours, one of the guards noticed a city in the distance. However, Light was suspicious, because there is no settlement on the map, in this part of the desert. Gina thought that they might be seeing a mirage, but Light was afraid that this was something much more sinister. Suddenly, the sand under their feet started to shift, and at this moment they realized that they have fallen into the quicksand. Gina tried was already waist deep in the sand. Light used his magic to fly and immediately rushed to her aid. He grabbed Gina and flew with her in his arms until he found one large rock. He put down Gina on the rock, figuring that she will be safe here, and went back to save the guards. As soon as he left, Gina heard one of the guards crying for help. Selflessly, she rushed to his aid, but then thick black smoke engulfed her. She was suffocating. When she opened her eyes, she saw Light standing over her. He explained that quicksand in this desert became some kind of magical creature and that it was using illusions to lure its prey into a trap. Light also informed Gina, that sadly, he couldn’t save any of the guards that were escorting them. Our character concluded that continuing this travel would be too dangerous and decided that they should go back. But, at this moment, Light started to act weirdly. He sad to Gina that they should take the magic lamp and go somewhere far away, completely ignoring Giyath, and their quest. After a short debate, Gina refused his proposal, realizing that he was under the influence of a spell. She screamed at him to snap out of it and Light screamed in pain, while the thick black smoke started to leave his body. However, the black smoke suddenly formed into the giant snake, which opened its jaws to swallow Light. At the last moment he managed to cast a fireball, and the snake, made out of black smoke, fell apart into a number of pieces, which fell to the ground and slowly began to dissipate. Our heroes were safe. Light thanked Gina for saving him and decided to continue the journey. He was determined to stop Giyath and finish this, once and for all.

But at this moment, Giyath appeared. He taunted Light saying that Genie was weak. Previously, Giyath was afraid of Light, but now the Magician seemed confident in his abilities. Giyath said that he will show Light that he is more powerful than him. He started to chant the magic words, and suddenly a huge vortex of sand formed. Beneath it, some kind of ruins started to emerge. And that was the end of the previous stage.

The stage window will display all the relevant information. Hit Start when you are ready to begin.

Our story continues with Giyath’s spell completed, and the ruins now emerged from the sand. Giyath continues to taunt Light. He calls him “Arslan” and says that he is surprised that Light managed to last this long, considering his undead state. Light shoots back, saying that he is the Genie of the Lamp, and, as such, he doesn’t need a physical body, unlike Giyath who had to result to dark magic in order to maintain his body. But, Giyath says that Light brought the undeath on to himself when he decided to break the taboo. Filled with rage, Giyath also says that the Fatih family is treacherous and accuses Light of slaying his father, the old King.

But Light shoots back, claiming that the old King brought this on himself. The Genie explains that Giyath’s father enslaved people, and spent an enormous fortune while trying to awake his son who has fallen into an eternal slumber. But that wasn’t enough for him, so he started practicing dark arts and slew Light’s father when he refused to subdue. Giyath screams in denial, claiming that Light is lying. Gina gets involved and tries to convince the Magician that her friend is telling the truth, but Giyath orders her to stay out of this. The Magician thinks that Gina couldn’t possibly know anything about the events that happened 70 years ago.

Gina asks Giyath if he knows how that managed to find him. Without waiting for the Magician’s response, she presents the black glass bead. Giyath is shocked because he immediately recognized his black glass bead and demands to know how it ended up in Gina’s possession. Now, we have two choices.

It was left by the former King

I just happened to find it
If you choose the first option “It was left by the former King” you will gain some Goodwill with Chapur (Giyath). Gina will explain that the magic lamp sent her 70 years in the past and she witnessed everything that transpired. Our character will explain that Giyath’s father left the black glass bead behind when he tried to open the space-time portal. He tried to lure Light and use the magic lamp to activate this portal, all in an effort to revive his son. Gina goes on, saying that Giyath’s father tried to use the unfinished magic circle created by his son, and Light had no other choice but to break the taboo in order to save everyone. That’s how Light sacrificed himself and became the Genie of the Lamp. When the dust settled, Gina found the black glass bead near the body of Giyath’s father.

Giyath is speechless because he obviously didn’t expect to hear this. Gina goes on, saying that Giyath’s father loved him so much that he was willing to sacrifice everything, just for a chance to bring his son back. With all that said, Gina is certain that the old King wouldn’t want to see his son going down the same path as he did. For a moment, it seemed as if Gina managed to convince Giyath that she is telling the truth. But then, he shakes off this feeling and angrily says that he won’t be persuaded by some insignificant girl.

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If you choose the second option “I just happened to find it” you will lose some Goodwill with Chapur (Giyath). Gina will say that she accidentally stumbled upon the black glass bead. She’ll mention that she is aware that the glass bead used to be clear, but then it turned black, just like Giyath’s heart. She will also explain that Giyath’s father went insane with grief when his son fell into eternal slumber and that he did terrifying things in an effort to wake up his son. Finally, Gina says that Giyath is paranoid and delusional because he doesn’t want to accept the truth. But, Giyath shuts her up, because he doesn’t believe even a single word coming from her mouth.

But, Gina shoots back by saying that Giyath’s time as a prince is long gone. Now, unable to accept it, he is trying to change history, while ignoring all the risks that changing the past involves. But, Giyath doesn’t want to listen to her. He won’t be persuaded by some insignificant girl.

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NOTE: The story continues here, regardless of your previous choice.

Giyath is determined to ruin the Faith family. He doesn’t intend to let them enjoy the fortune that they inherited after overthrowing his father, the King. With that said, he raises his wand and starts uttering the magic words. Suddenly, the magic circle appears on the ground, the same as the one that Gina and Light saw when they faced the old King in the past. But, Light was prepared for this, and he does not intend to make the same mistake twice. He sends the magic lamp high up into the sky. The Genie explains that the magic lamp is now far away from the magic circle, and without it, Giyath won’t be able to open the space-time portal. On the downside, with a magic lamp far away, Light also won’t be able to use its power. Gina is concerned because, without the magic lamp, their odds to defeat Giyath will shrink significantly.

But, Light seems confident. He says that Arslan Fatih is the best fire magician in his entire family. Giyath accepts the challenge and shoots a bolt of magical energy towards Gina. But, Light steps in front of her and blocks this attack with the fireball. Giyath expected a different result. Visibly frightened, he drops his wand. Light calls for him to surrender, rationalizing that without the powerful artifact such as the magic lamp Giyath won’t be able to open the space-time portal, and reverse the time. And Light doesn’t intend to recall the magic lamp to his side. But, Giyath doesn’t intend to surrender. He picks up the magic wand from the ground and flees into one of the ruins.

Light calls to Giyath once more, offering him a fair trial if he surrenders. Hearing no response, Light starts walking after Giyath, intent to end this struggle once and for all. But, as soon as he stepped into the ruins, the ground began to shake. He has fallen into a trap. Giyath chuckles, saying that even after 70 years, Arslan is still as naïve and arrogant as before. With that, Giyath starts casting chanting another spell.

Suddenly, clouds of this black smoke rolled out of the ruins and black snakes sprang up from the sand all around them. Light rushes to push Gina away from danger, but one of the snakes wraps around her. And now, Giyath reveals his true plan. These ruins are actually his former Hunting Lodge, and the ruins themselves are actually the time-space portal. Giyath intends to use this portal to bring back his subjects from the past. At this moment, Light realized that Giyath was faking that he is afraid in order to lure Light into the ruins. With a chuckle, the Magician confirms, and he also reveals that there’s another way to activate the space-time portal besides using the powerful artifact. Apparently, the space-time portal can be also opened by sacrificing a powerful magician, and Giyath intends to use Light to achieve this goal. And now, it’s time for Giyath to finalize his master plan.

Thick black smoke starts spreading through the ruins and forming the magic circle. At the center of the circle is Light. He is unable to move, his hands and feet restrained by dark magic. Victoriously, Giyath approaches his victim. Giyath explains that some grave robbers who were using dark magic, accidentally awoke him, fifteen years ago (so that’s how he managed to wake up from the slumber). Soon, he discovered that his Kingdom is long gone and that his former vassals, the Fatih family, are now in power. They betrayed his father and organized a rebellion, all in order to gain power and take the throne for themselves. However, Giyath will now remedy all of that, by using the time-space portal.

Light warns him that dark magic is very dangerous, but Giyath doesn’t want to listen to him. He announces that he is going to restore his old kingdom to its former glory. It is his duty as a prince and the only reason for his existence. Gina begs him to stop, saying that he is making a huge mistake. And now she has two choices.

You've been running away from reality

You can't change history
NOTE: The first option “You’ve been running away from reality” unlocks the next stage, 2-9.

If you choose the first option “You’ve been running away from reality” Gina will blame Giyath for disregarding his duties and practicing the dark magic. She explains that all of this mess started because of it (she’s right). Giyath is shocked after hearing this, but Gina goes on. She explains to Giyath that he can’t change reality, and accept he is only that should be held responsible for what happened to his Kingdom. After dealing with the dark magic he fell into eternal slumber, which drove his father mad with grief, and forced him to make some terrible decision. Gina points out that even if Giyath manages to reverse the time, this tragedy will just repeat itself over and over again. Giyath is enraged and yells at Gina saying that she won’t be able to track him. But, it looks like deep down Giyath is starting to realize that she is telling the truth, but he is still unable to accept it.

At this moment Light throws a fireball at the distracted Giyath, while warning Gina to duck. A fireball hits Giyath, and the black smoke that formed the magic circle began to dissipate. Giyath admits that Arslan (Light) managed to catch him off guard and that he is a worthy opponent. However, Giyath doesn’t seem afraid of his rival and points out that Light still underestimates his magic capabilities. With that, Giyath points the wand at himself, explaining that he is no less powerful magician than Light. He is still determined to activate the space-time portal. But, since his previous plan to sacrifice Light to achieve this goal has failed, Giyath now plans to sacrifice himself and open the portal. He begins chanting the magical words and the thick black smoke starts to rise all around him. Light yells at him, telling him that the spell will tear his soul apart. But, Giyath already knows this, and he continues to chant.  

Terrified, Gina realized that Giyath will reverse the time by sacrificing himself. Light yells that there’s only one way to stop him. With that, he looked up at the magic lamp and smiled at Gina. She yells at him, reminding him that he promised that he won’t do it again. Light calmly answers that he didn’t lie. This time, he won’t let anyone die, and Gina won’t fall into the time loop. With that, he creates the magical barrier around Gina, but she begs him not to break the taboo again.

While crying and screaming, Gina tries to break through the magical barrier, but it’s hopeless. On the other hand, it seems that Light is at peace. He thanks Gina for her friendship and the time that he spent together with her as Light, the Genie. Light explains that Kahir agreed to look after her if anything happened to him (so that’s what Light and Kahir were whispering about after the encounter with the Golden Serpent Queen). He isn’t thrilled about it, but at least he knows that Gina will be safe with Kahir at her side. With that, Light starts casting a spell. He, Arslan Fatih, the guardian of the lamp, swears to suffer any consequence and pay any price. In return, he asks the magic lamp to wipe the darkness from Giyath’s heart, and erase his memory thereby extinguishing his desire for revenge. Even now, Light is willing to sacrifice himself in order to bring peace to his former friend. Gina screams in denial, but it’s too late.

When Gina opened her eyes, she was amongst the ruins, and Light and Giyath were gone. Kahir was standing by her side, and a squad of soldiers accompanied him. Gina immediately asked him about Light and Giyath. But, Kahir says that they could find any traces of Light or Giyath. However, they did find the magic lamp and Kahir gives it to Gina. One look at the lamp was enough for Gina to realize the terrible truth. The magic lamp didn’t look magical at all, and there wasn’t even a trace of magical energy on the gemstone. Regardless, she immediately started to rub the lamp while calling for Light to come out. She tried very hard and rubbed the lamp with all her might, but nothing happened. Frustrated, she dug her hands into the sand and felt that there something beneath it. She swept the sand away and found the glass bead, but it was no longer dark. So, it looks like the spell worked and Light managed to cleanse his former friend, Giyath, but sacrificed himself in return… Overwhelmed with grief, Gina bursts into tears…

NOTE: If you chose the “You’ve been running away from reality” option this stage will end here, and you will unlock stage 2-9.

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NOTE: The second option “You can’t change history” leads to a bad ending.

If you choose the second option “You can’t change history” Giyath will shout at Gina, telling her to shut up, and saying that he will now rewrite the history. With that, Giyath started to chant a spell, and everything was suddenly surrounded by thick black smoke. Light was still in pain, clutching his head on the ground. Giyath says that he wanted to spare Gina, but she meddled in his plans too much, so he changed his decision. Now, he will sacrifice both of them. Light screams at him to stop, but it’s too late. With the roar of magic, Giyath completes his spell. As Gina is standing inside the magic circle, the magic lamp rolls over to her feet. That’s the last thing she remembers.

NOTE: If you chose “You can’t change history” the stage will end here and you will obtain the ending “Eternal Night”.

Well, that brings us to the end of this stage. But, what will happen next? Will Gina be able to revive Light? And what happened to Giyath? Did he go back to his own time? Find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading.   

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