Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough section for the Shadows of London story of Dress up! Time Princess.

You can unlock this story once you obtain 40 Reader’s Coupons. The story consists of 22 stages. During it, the players will take the role of Caroline Reyes, a member of a declining house, arriving in London to partake in the social season. Shortly after stepping foot in the city, the players will learn that the mysterious disease is spreading around, with plenty of rumors circulating about it. While in London, Caroline will stay at her aunt’s place. Her aunt, Madam Petit, is a popular socialite in London. She married in France, and after her husband passed away, she returned to England with a title and a large inheritance. Her goal is to educate young ladies on etiquette and household living. After being in the business for over a decade, she became quite famous.

While playing this story, players will meet and befriend many interesting characters. One of them is Edward Grey, a doctor who arrived in London to help the people in need. They will also get to know Vincent Savile, a young poet surrounded by a shroud of mystery. During her stay in London, Caroline will slowly start unraveling the mystery of the spreading disease, and she’ll also learn some things about her late parents.

This story includes many beautiful-looking clothes and accessories, and their models are faithfully represented and filled with interesting details. Needless to say, the art team did an incredible job with creating these outfits, and players will without a doubt look forward to obtaining them. If you like the story full of mystery, suspense, and interesting characters, you will find Shadows of London well-worthy of your time, so be sure to check it out.