Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery - Walkthrough

Year 3, Chapter 9 Walkthrough is out!

Hello everyone, we’re pleased to inform you that we added Chapter Nine of Year Three to our Walkthrough section for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery! In this chapter, you will meet with Tulip to discuss the plan and make some final preparations. You will be able to choose one friend to distract Madam Pince in order for you to get into the restricted section unnoticed.

After practicing spells for a bit, you will proceed with the plan, but one unexpected thing will happen. Merula will appear just before you are ready to explore the restricted section. Once again, you’ll be forced to duel her.

Once you take care of her, you’ll finally be able to search through the restricted section of the library, and with some luck, you will find exactly what you’ve been looking for – an entrance to the Cursed Vault.

Inside, however, you might find a bit more than you bargained for. Be ready to face your greatest fears as they will come to haunt you once you set foot inside the vault.

What will happen there? Will you manage to overcome your fears? Will you be able to break the curse that was unleashed on Hogwarts? Find out in our detailed walkthrough for the Chapter Nine of Year Three. You can read it  HERE