Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery - Walkthrough

Year 3, Chapter 10 Walkthrough is out!

Hello everyone, Chapter Ten of Year Three of our Magical Journey Walkthrough for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is out! In this chapter, you’ll attend Flying Class and learn your last lesson for this year. This is a nice opportunity to increase your maximum energy, which can always be helpful in your future adventures.

You’ll then meet all your friends at the Three Broomsticks to celebrate your victory over the Cursed Vault. You’ll be able to discuss the things that happened, and you’ll go over the clues you uncovered during this curse-breaking adventure.

Once the celebration is over, Professor Dumbledore will appear and ask you to come to his office for a talk. During his absence, he apparently found a famous curse-breaker who could hopefully solve this mystery.

However, the Headmaster is definitely not pleased that you went against his orders and broke the school rules yet again. What does he have in store for you this time? Is there going to be some sort of punishment awaiting you? Find out in our detailed walkthrough for Chapter Ten of Year Three. You can read it  HERE