Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for A Servant’s Resolve 1-10 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, Alfred woke up in the alley close to the prison, after being thrown out by the guards sometime during the previous night. Our character was very happy because he was released from jail, but on the other hand, he wanted to visit Lafayette since he realized that Marquis convinced the guards to release him. Unfortunately, the guards wouldn’t let Alfred inside the prison and threatened to arrest him if he continues to bother them. With that said, our character didn’t have any other choice but to return to the palace and continue working as a servant. During his daily chores, George, the supervisor, noticed that Alfred was absent, and wanted to know what’s going on with him. Our character explained his desire to join the expedition, and that he doesn’t want to be a servant anymore. He also said that he wants to live his life differently and become a noble/follow his ideals (depending on your answer). George mocked him, saying that he has some very foolish ideas, but this conversation was very helpful for our character because he finally figured out what he really wants to do. After the conversation with George, Alfred firmly decided to follow Lafayette into the New World, and he wasn’t motivated solely by money. Not anymore. From now on, Alfred decided to follow his ideals, just like Lafayette, and help the colonist in their struggle to create a society in which everyone could be free and equal. After some time, Alfred heard King Louis XVI talking to the British Ambassador about something concerning Lafayette, and decided to eavesdrop on the conversation.     

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Our character thinks about the conversation that he overheard and concludes that this was one of the major turning points in his life. He is wondering about his future, and how it might have looked like if he didn’t hear the conversation between the King and the Ambassador. Alfred concludes that his life would probably look quite differently, but it is too late to think about it now. And we are finally returning back to where we left off in the previous chapter, with Alfred eavesdropping on the conversation between the King and the Ambassador.

Alfred hears the British Ambassador complaining about Marquis de Lafayette because he intended to lead the expedition into the New World. Apparently, the British Empire has made a deal with King Louis XVI, and by this agreement, the King was obliged to prevent Lafayette from launching his expedition. British Ambassador seems upset, even though Lafayette is in prison, as the King pointed out.

At this moment, Alfred realized that the diplomatic pressure from British Empire was the reason behind Lafayette’s arrest. The British Ambassador wanted to protest, but King Louis XVI clearly stated that he honored their agreement by arresting Lafayette and that he won’t tolerate the pressure from the British anymore. However, the British Ambassador claims that Lafayette is no longer in jail. Instead, he is heading toward the port, probably with the intention to launch the expedition into the New World. Alfred is very surprised after finding out all of this. On the other hand, King Louis XVI is acting surprised as best as he can, since he already made a deal with Lafayette, and probably gave the order to the guards to release him from prison, just as they planned when they talked in the dungeons, while Alfred was sleeping.

However, it seems that the King isn’t as good of an actor as he thought, because the British Ambassador is furious and declares that the agreement between them has been breached. The Ambassador probably realized that Lafayette couldn’t get out of jail, without the King’s permission, because no one would dare to defy direct orders from the King. King Louis tries to continue the charade by suggesting to the Ambassador that they should go to the port together, and stop Lafayette’s expedition while knowing very well that they won’t be able to get there in time. But the British Ambassador can’t be deceived, and he refuses this proposition. With that said, the British Ambassador leaves, saying that he will inform his King about the events that transpired in France. Well, this is bad news for France and King Louis XVI, because France isn’t prepared for an all-out war against the British Empire, yet. That was the main reason why the King couldn’t support Lafayette and the colonist openly. Alfred realized that he doesn’t have much time if he wants to join the expedition, and starts running toward the docks, hoping that he will get there in time.

While running through the palace, Alfred almost crashed into George. The supervisor was very upset with his behavior because if our character bumped into a noble, he would be severely punished. But, Alfred has no time to explain, so he pushes George aside, explaining that he is in a big hurry, and has to get to the port as quickly as possible. At this point, George has had enough. He can no longer tolerate Alfred’s absence from work and disobedience, and he starts shouting after him. But, our character has already decided to quit his job as the palace servants, and the only thing that he wants right now is to reach Lafayette in time and warn him that the British are aware of his expedition and plan to stop it. Once that’s done, Alfred wants to join the expedition and leave France for good, so he doesn’t care at all about losing his job as a palace servant.

A few moments later, Alfred leaves the palace of Versailles and continues running through the street. Strangely enough, he can hear the ocean waves slapping against the ships – Paris is not close to the ocean. Regardless, Alfred continues running, hoping to reach Lafayette before it’s too late. And he finally sees him aboard a ship that is bustling with activity, with many soldiers and sailors trying to get on board. Alfred yells as loud as he can, begging Marquis to wait for him. Well, looks like it worked and Lafayette heard him.

Marquis recognized Alfred and noticed that his former “cellmate” is very excited. Alfred, skipping the formalities, immediately informed Lafayette about the conversation he overheard in the garden. Finally, our character told him that both the royal guard and the ambassador’s men are coming with the intention to stop Lafayette to sail out. With that in mind, Alfred advises Lafayette to leave immediately, if he doesn’t want to have this expedition permanently canceled.

Lafayette looks surprised, but not too much, which leads Alfred to believe that he expected this turn of events. Naturally, Marquis is very grateful to Alfred for warning him about the imminent danger, but he wants to know why Alfred rushed to warn him.

Your answer won’t affect the flow of the story. With that said, I chose “For myself”, the first option.

For myself

For a common cause
If you chose the first option, Alfred will say that he warned Lafayette because he wants to join the expedition, and follow him into the New World. But Lafayette, remembering their previous conversation, wants to know if our character is still only motivated by money. But, much to his surprise, Alfred explains that the money is only one of several reasons why he wants to join the expedition and that they have the same goals. Now, our character is also motivated by the desire to create a society where everyone equal and settle there. After that, Lafayette realized that Alfred is motivated by ideals, as well as money, and the desire to see the New World. With that in mind, Lafayette welcomed him as another valuable member of the expedition.

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If you chose the second option, Alfred will explain how he couldn’t stop thinking about their conversation in the prison. He admits that he couldn’t truly understand everyone that Marquis said, but ever since that day his life was changed. The only thing that he wants to do now is to follow those ideals, and help the colonist in their righteous struggle. Lafayette wasn’t aware that he left such a strong impression on the young servant, and realizing that Alfred will be one of his most motivated soldiers, he welcomes him as the newest member of the expedition.

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Our story continues in the New World, with Alfred laying on the ground and barely able to keep his eyes open, after being shot by the strayed bullet. The pain caused him to lose consciousness, but now he slowly opens his eyes and sees Lafayette standing over him.

Lafayette immediately realized that Alfred is gravely wounded, and tells him that he should remain calm and try not to speak. But, our character doesn’t want to heed this advice. He tried to ask something, but he began coughing before he could finish the sentence. Lafayette, visibly concerned, got very close to Alfred, and told him to speak slowly, and save his energy. But, once more, Alfred began to cough and couldn’t speak, since he felt a very sharp pain in his chest. Finally, on the third attempt, he managed to ask the question. Alfred wants to know did they win the battle.

Lafayette said that they won, but he was barely able to utter the words. Alfred doesn’t understand why Lafayette isn’t celebrating the victory. But he still doesn’t realize that many of Lafayette’s soldiers lost their lives on the battlefield, and Marquis is afraid that his loyal servant could join this group. A few moments later, Alfred tries to smile because he found out that they won, but his lips wouldn’t move. He realized that he’s living the last moments of his life, but he was peaceful at this moment because he gave his life for the right cause… And that’s the end of this stage and the end of “A Servant’s Resolve” storybook.

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Well, in this storybook we discovered how Alfred’s life completely changed after meeting Marquis de Lafayette. If it wasn’t for their first encounter, when Alfred broke the mirror and Lafayette saved him from beating, our character probably wouldn’t consider abandoning his job and joining the expedition. From this moment on, we can see how Alfred’s desires and view of the world slowly changed. At first, he was interested in earning more money and that was his main motive to consider joining the military expedition. However, after he talked with Lafayette in the prison, Alfred started to follow his ideals. He wanted to help the colonists to break free from the British Empire, and create a free society. In the end, Alfred paid for this decision with his life, but he felt satisfied because he died while fighting for his ideals.

Thank you for reading.

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