Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for A Servant’s Resolve 1-9 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, Alfred fell asleep, but we witnessed the conversation between King Louis XVI and Marquis Lafayette. Marquis didn’t expect to see the King in the dungeons and quickly pointed out that the terrible living conditions in the jail can be a useful experience since he will enjoy his life even more once he gets out of the jail. He then reveals that Alfred gave him this advice, and at this moment the King notices our sleeping character in the cell next to Lafayette’s. Alfred couldn’t hear this conversation, but we saw that the King actually supports Lafayette’s decision to lead the military expedition into the New World and help the colonist. King Louis explains that he arrested Lafayette because he was under the pressure from British ambassador. He reveals his plan to free Lafayette and let him lead the expedition, as soon as the British ambassador leaves France. This way, the King intends to trick the British by sending aid to colonists, while avoiding the open conflict with the British Empire. It would look like Lafayette broke out of prison, and sailed to the New World without support from the King. King Louis XVI explains that secrecy is necessary since France isn’t prepared for the open conflict with the British Empire, but he promises to give the colonists and Lafayette his full support as soon as France completely mobilizes. In the last part of the conversation, King orders the guards to throw Alfred out of the prison, because he was snoring so loudly, and it would be impossible for Lafayette to sleep in the cell next to him. Alfred was still asleep when the guards took him away.     

The stage window will display all the relevant information. Hit Start when you are ready to begin.

The next morning, Alfred wakes up in the alley next to the prison. Our character is very confused and disoriented, the last thing he can remember is falling asleep in the prison cell. So, how did he end up in the alley next to the prison? His whole body hurts after spending the night on the street. After a few moments, he clears his head and concludes that Lafayette must have explained to the guards that Alfred was innocent and they decided to let him go. Our character concludes that he must have been very tired since he didn’t wake up even when the guards lift him up and threw him out on the street. In retrospect, he thinks that it would be better if they let him sleep in the cell until the morning, but still, he is feeling very fortunate because he doesn’t have to spend another day in that awful place.

Alfred is still in pain, but he concludes that he must thank Marquis de Lafayette for convincing the guards to release him. With that in mind, he starts walking toward the prison, but he is stopped at the entrance by one of the prison guards.

Alfred explains that he is a palace servant and that he was arrested yesterday together with Marquis de Lafayette. With that said, he would like to visit his friend, since he was the first one to be released from prison. The guard is very suspicious and doesn’t believe in Alfred’s story, because nobles (especially high-ranking ones) do not associate with peasants. Alfred tries to convince the guard that he is telling the truth, claiming that Marquis can confirm his story. But, the guard denies him entrance to the prison and threatens to arrest Alfred if he doesn’t leave, and continues insisting on entering the prison.

Alfred realized that he won’t be able to visit Lafayette, Alfred decided to head back to the palace of Versailles, and continue working as a servant. His supervisor, George, noticed that Alfred was a bit distracted and demands to know what is going on with him. Alfred tries to dodge the question, by saying that everything is fine, but he is actually thinking about his last conversation with Marquis de Lafayette.

Alfred remembers Lafayette finally revealing that his main motivation to lead the expedition to the New World are ideals. He explains that he has no material motives, instead, he wants to help the colonist in their struggle against the British Empire. He also explains that colonists are driven by the most noble goals. They wish to create a society in which everyone would be treated equally. Alfred, who lived his entire life in a society in which nobles and were treated much differently, can’t even imagine that something like this could be achieved, anywhere in the world. Besides that, he doesn’t understand why should they (Alfred and Lafayette) care about something that is going on in a faraway land. But, Lafayette explains that colonists are fighting for the just cause, and if they succeed, the ideas of freedom and equality might spread to the other countries of the world. However, Lafayette explains that without foreign help the colonist will likely lose a war against the British Empire, and that’s why he decided to organize the expedition and try to help them out. With all that said, Lafayette explains that now it should be clear that he isn’t trying to pursue revenge against the British for his father’s death. Instead, he is just following his ideals and wants to help out colonists in any way he can, since they are fighting for the just cause.

Alfred realized that he felt differently after this conversation, and his view of the world was changed forever. It almost felt like a fire was burning inside his chest, and this fire represented the desire to help out the people of the New World, and aid them in their fight against the oppressors. Alfred realized that he would like to be a part of the society in which everyone is equal, and to him, it sounds like of the most noble ideas that he ever heard. After still didn’t figure out his feelings, and he felt frustrated because he was stuck in France, working at the palace as a servant for nobles, instead of traveling to the New World and fighting for his newly found ideals. However, his supervisor noticed that Alfred was lost in his thoughts, and wanted to confront him about slacking at work recently. 

Our character explains that he wasn’t intentionally trying to avoid his duties at the palace, but George noticed that something was different about him. Alfred simply explains that he became bored with his life, and no longer wanted to be a servant at the palace. Now, he wanted something more. George was surprised after hearing this, since servants at the palace were in a better position than the other peasants, and decided to ask Alfred a very simple and straightforward question.

Your answer won’t affect the flow of the story. With that said, I chose “Pursuing My Ideals”, the second option, since that’s what Alfred was thinking about after his conversation with Lafayette.

The Life of a Noble

Pursuing My Ideals
If you choose the first option, George will mock Alfred, claiming that servants like them will never be able to achieve the same status and wealth as the nobles. Simply put, the nobles are born into a life of privilege and wealth. On the other hand, Alfred claims that they could achieve the same status if they manage to earn a huge amount of money and become as wealthy as the nobles. In Alfred’s opinion, they should try to get promotions and thus earn more money, which is the first step toward his goal of becoming a noble. George, thinking more clearly, points out that the nobles spend an enormous amount of money and that even with a promotion the two of them won’t be able to earn even a portion of their wealth. Besides, George correctly points out that Alfred should continue working at the palace, and in ten years he would get the promotion that he desires. However, Alfred is too impatient to wait that long.

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If you choose the second option (which is more logical), Alfred will explain that he wants to pursue his ideals. The idea of freedom and equality is burning bright in his mind after the talk with Lafayette, and he can no longer continue living as before after realizing that these ideas could actually become a reality in the New World. As expected, George mocks him, saying that Alfred probably heard the word “ideals” a few days ago and that he doesn’t really know its exact meaning. Besides that, to George, who worked his entire life at the palace, it looked like Alfred lost his mind for wanting to abandon the safe and secure job at the palace in order to pursue some ideals. As expected, George didn’t understand Alfred and his desire to pursue the ideals. To be fair, to our character all this talk about the ideals wouldn’t sound rational a few days ago. However, as we already concluded, after talking to Lafayette Alfred’s view of the world has completely changed.

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Alfred goes on, explaining that he isn’t satisfied with his life anymore, and at that moment, he finally realized that he really wants to follow Marquis de Lafayette to the New World. Our character wants to help Lafayette and by doing so he also wants to help the colonist to create the perfect society that they envisioned – and possibly stay there. At this moment, Alfred realized that money isn’t his primary motivation for this journey, he became more like Lafayette and is now motivated by the ideals. Unknowingly, George helped our character in discovering his true desire and motivation.

Alfred now firmly decided to join Lafayette’s expedition, as soon as he’s released from prison. Sometime later, while walking through the palace garden, our character overheard a conversation between the King and British Ambassador. Alfred heard that British Ambassador requested something concerning Lafayette, but King Louis XVI refused. Our character realized that this has something to do with Lafayette, and decided to hide and eavesdrop on the conversation between the King and British Ambassador, hoping to find out anything about Lafayette. He still has no idea what happened to the Marquis or how long will he stay in prison, because Alfred was sleeping when the King visited Lafayette and explained to him the plan.

This will mark the end of A Servant’s Resolve Stage 1-9 of Dress up Time Princess. You will receive the following rewards for completing the stage.

What will happen next? Will Alfred discover the “secret” plan, and will he manage to join Lafayette’s military expedition before the ships sail out? And what were the British Ambassador and the King discussing? Find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading.  

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