Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for A Servant’s Resolve 1-8 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, Alfred and Lafayette were thrown into jail and had an interesting conversation. At first, Alfred tries to cheer up Lafayette, saying that he will be more appreciative of soft and delicious food, after experiencing life in prison. With Marquis in a better mood, Alfred finally asked the question that has been bugging him from the day they met. What are Lafayette’s motives to join the war? Lafayette explained that his father died in battle while fighting against the British, but revenge wasn’t the motive. He continued, saying that colonists in the New World are also fighting against the British because they want to create a society in which everyone could be equal, and these ideals are the main reason for Lafayette’s decision. Alfred was inspired by Lafayette’s words, but then the Marquis advised him to abandon the expedition if his only motivation is the desire to earn money. With that, the conversation ended, and Alfred fell asleep.

The stage window will display all the relevant information. Hit Start when you are ready to begin.

Our story continues with Alfred falling asleep, even though he had a lot to think about. Our character explains that sleeping is the only thing that he was very good at, since he could fall asleep everywhere and even the noise of cannon being fired couldn’t wake him up if he was really tired. With that in mind, it’s no wonder he didn’t wake up when the heavy cell door opened.

Someone enters Lafayette’s cell, and after a few moments, he was able to recognize this person standing in the dim light. Much to his surprise, he saw King Louis XVI. The King explained that he never visited the dungeons before, and now he realized that the living conditions there are even worse than he thought. Lafayette jokingly says that after experiencing life in jail, he will enjoy more in the delicious food, and comfortable living quarters, once he gets out. The King seemed confused, but Marquis explains that Alfred (who is snoring in the nearby cell) gave him this advice. King Louis XVI thinks about it for a few moments and concludes that Alfred must be an interesting person since he managed to find a bright side in their grim situation.

Lafayette concludes that the King surely didn’t come to the jail in order to mock him, and wants to know what’s the reason behind this visit. The King explains that he did order Lafayette’s arrest, but the Marquis already knew that, and simply concludes that there must be a good reason behind this decision.

King Louis explains that Alfred purchased many ships, weapons, and enlisted a lot of men for his expedition. All this activity didn’t go unnoticed by the British, who sent a diplomat with instructions to pressure the King into stopping Lafayette. Marquis isn’t overly happy with the explanation, but at least now he knows the reason why he has been arrested.

However, King Louis explains that he has other intentions. He continues, saying that he actually ordered his guards to arrest Lafayette in order to deceive the British diplomat. He also explains that he actually supports Lafayette’s decision to join the war in the New World and aid the colonists in their struggle against the British Empire. Lafayette feels relieved and is very grateful to the King for sharing his true intentions.

But, King Louis XVI explains that he is grateful to Lafayette because he pointed out that the British Empire would be weakened if France supported the colonies. Before Lafayette’s plan to launch a military expedition, the King didn’t even consider this idea. After hearing all of this, Lafayette would like to know will King and France directly intervene in the war in the New World.

King Louis explains that British Empire is the enemy of France and that the colonies in the New World can count on his full support. Lafayette is very grateful, but the King reminds his Marquis to be prepared, and ready to lead his expedition as soon as the opportunity reveals itself. Lafayette confirms that he will be ready, while the King explains that it will take some time to prepare and mobilize the rest of France for war.

However, the British diplomat is still in France and his agents are everywhere, so Lafayette will have to stay in prison for a few days until the diplomat leaves. That’s the only way if they want to trick the British, and for their plan to succeed. If King released Lafayette right now, the British agents would immediately inform the diplomat, and King Louis doesn’t want to be directly involved in a war, at least until he’s fully prepared.

Lafayette understands the plan and is determined to see it through. However, at this moment, he realized that Alfred might have been right in his earlier assessment. Lafayette thinks that he will really appreciate the things that he took for granted before, like soft bad, and a good meal. The King is now truly interested in Alfred and his view of life, but as an answer to the King’s curiosity, Alfred starts snoring very loudly.

The King is confused by the noise (Alfred’s snoring) and at first, he thinks that there is a boar locked up in one of the cells. But, Lafayette explains that the noise is coming from the cell next to his and that it’s actually just Alfred snoring. Lafayette explains that Alfred is just a servant that was arrested by mistake, just because he was talking to the Marquis when the palace guards showed up. With that said, Lafayette wanted to ask the guards to release Alfred in the morning, since he was just an innocent bystander.

King was very annoyed by the loud snoring and realized that Lafayette won’t be able to sleep with this man producing such “boorish” sounds in the nearby cell. With that in mind, he orders the guards to release Alfred, and throw him out of the prison, immediately.

The guards open the cell door and carry Alfred out of the cell, but he is still sound asleep and continues to snore. Lafayette and King Louis are joking, saying that he will probably continue to sleep, even when the guards throw him out of the prison…

This will mark the end of A Servant’s Resolve Stage 1-8 of Dress up Time Princess. You will receive the following rewards for completing the stage.

What will happen next? Will Alfred wake up once the guards throw him out of jail? Will Lafayette’s expedition sail out in the following days? More importantly, will Alfred stick to his decision to join the expedition, or will he abandon this idea, as Lafayette advised him? Find out in the next stage.

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