Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for A Servant’s Resolve 1-7 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, Alfred saw Lafayette leaving angrily leaving the King’s study, and decided to follow him. After a while, he managed to catch up to the Marquis only to discover that he is in a very bad mood. Our character tried to talk to Lafayette and find out more about his reasons to lead the expedition to the New World and about the argument with the King. However, Lafayette told Alfred that he should reconsider the decision to join the expedition because the life of a soldier is filled with dangers and hardships. Marquis completely refused to talk about his previous argument with the King and told Alfred to mind his own business. Alfred was a bit surprised by the way Lafayette talked to him but understood that he probably chose the wrong time to talk with the Marquis, and decided to leave. But before he could leave place guards showed up and arrested Lafayette by the orders from the King. They figured Alfred was probably Lafayette’s servant and decided to also arrest him. Poor Alfred tried to explain that he is just a palace servant, but to no avail. He ended up in the prison cell, together with Lafayette. 

The stage window will display all the relevant information. Hit Start when you are ready to begin.

Alfred starts thinking about how unlucky he must have been to end up in jail. He clearly remembers seeing people after serving the jail sentence. All of them got out completely changed, permanently damaged by the torture and inhumane living conditions. Alfred also promised himself that he will never commit even the most minor crime, because he didn’t want to end up like those men. And yet, here he is, inside the prison cell, although he didn’t break the law.

The guards roughly throw Alfred on the cold, stone floor of the prison cell, and lock him up. As he starts getting back to his senses, he sees Lafayette in the cell next to his. Lafayette apologizes since Alfred was arrested because of him. Our character can’t believe that the noble, a Marquis no less, has been arrested. He asks Lafayette if he knows the reason why they have been imprisoned. He would also like to know did Lafayette commit any crimes, because that would be the most logical explanation. But, the Marquis explains that he doesn’t have to have a reason to imprison someone, his word is the law that everyone must obey. Lafayette has clearly accepted the fact that he is going to spend some time in jail, regardless of the fact that he didn’t commit any crimes, and tries to lay back and rest for a moment.

Alfred, realizing that Marquis de Lafayette is completely devastated, decides to try to cheer him up a bit. He jokingly asks if Lafayette was ever imprisoned in the past. But Lafayette just says “What do you think?”. Alfred has a very strange way of cheering somebody up, by saying that no one would dare to touch the noble, even if he’s in the prison cell. With that said, he concludes that life in prison must be a completely new experience for a noble Lafayette. Marquis is a bit confused and thinks that Alfred might be insulting him at first, now that they’re both locked in the cell, and in, kind of the same position. However, Alfred quickly explains that after experiencing terrible food, and very bad living conditions in the jail, Lafayette will surely appreciate more the wine, delicious food, soft bed, and all other nice things that nobles take for granted.

Lafayette didn’t really understand what Alfred wanted to say, and he stares at him, thinking that our character has gone crazy. However, Alfred quickly explains that he only wanted to cheer him up. Lafayette is grateful for the attempt and says that Alfred has nothing to worry about, since he really isn’t his personal servant, and once the guards discover this fact, they will probably set him free.

Alfred wants to ask Lafayette another question, but Marquis is surprised by our character’s curiosity, considering everything that happened today. Well, Alfred reasons that now they do not have anything else to do, so they might as well spend some time talking to each other. Since the Marquis remained silent, Alfred decided to ask him the question that has been bothering him from the moment he heard about Lafayette’s expedition. Why does Marquis want to go to the war in the New World? Alfred already explained his motivation, money. Now, he thinks it should be fair if Lafayette explained his motives because money clearly isn’t one of them.

Lafayette starts his explanation by saying that he must first state a few facts about his past, most notably his father. His father died at the battle of Minden while fighting against the British. Lafayette continues, explaining that they will be fighting against the British in the New World, but his family is fearful that he might lose his life on the battlefield, just like his father. Well, Alfred now figures that Lafayette is probably motivated by revenge, and that’s the reason why he wants to lead the military expedition into the New World. However, Lafayette explains that he isn’t motivated by revenge but by ideals.

Lafayette goes on, explaining that the colonist in the New World wants to create a state in which everyone will be treated equally, but the British are in firm control of their colony and suppress any resistance with the military. Alfred can’t believe that a society in which everyone is treated equally could even exist. To him, it sounds like a line from a fairy tale. Even if that’s the case, he doesn’t understand why should they be concerned about something that is happening in a faraway land.

Lafayette explains that he can’t just ignore the people that are fighting for justice and freedom against their oppressors, even if these events are taking place very far away from his own country. Someone like him, a Marquis, with family wealth behind him, could certainly back up the colonists that are fighting for the righteous cause, and his actions could probably make a meaningful impact. Finally, Lafayette explains that these ideals are the reason why he wants to lead the military expedition to the New World.

Until now, Alfred just thought about working and earning enough to survive from day to day, so he can go back to his hometown on Sundays. But, after hearing this, he is completely confused. Society in which everyone is equal is just something that he can’t comprehend, since his entire life he saw nobles around the palace living a privileged life.

Lafayette honestly admits that he doesn’t know why he told Alfred all this, which leads our character to believe that Marquis still just sees him as a lowly servant. Alfred suddenly feels the same passion as Lafayette, after finding out about this mysterious land where everyone could be treated equally, but he remains silent. After a long moment of silence, Lafayette finally speaks, saying that Alfred should abandon the expedition to the New World. Naturally, our character is very surprised to hear this, considering the conversation they just had.

Lafayette explains himself, saying that Alfred should go to war if he is only interested in money, because he will be putting his life at great risk, and might never make it back to France. He also said that he will explain to the King that Alfred has nothing to do with him, promising Alfred that he will be released by the morning. With that said, Lafayette walked away to lay down and rest, ending the conversation.

Well, their conversation completely changed Alfred’s view of the world, and there are many things that he would like to talk about with Marquis. However, he is also very tired and quickly falls asleep. The last thing he remembers is hearing the sound of the cell door being opened.

This will mark the end of A Servant’s Resolve Stage 1-7 of Dress up Time Princess. You will receive the following rewards for completing the stage.

What will happen next? Will King Louis XVI grant Alfred freedom? Will Lafayette stay in jail? Is expedition to the New World going to be canceled? Find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading. 

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