Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for A Servant’s Resolve 1-2 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous chapter our character, Alfred, had a task to move the mirror to the Viscount’s room to the Comtesse de Noailles quarters, together with one other servant. However, the Viscount’s room was next to the leaking toilet and Alfred felt very sick because of the foul smell. Once they reached Comtesse de Noailles manor, he was overwhelmed by nausea, stumbled, and broke the mirror. After seeing this, Comtesse became furious and ordered her two large servants to beat up Alfred. Just as they were about to hit him, some stranger showed up and ordered them to stop.

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Alfred remembered how nobles in the Palace of Versailles don’t treat servants as human beings, and often severely punish them even for a minor mistake. But the stranger, that ordered to brutes to stop, was one of the nobles, and Alfred thinks that this man is an exception to the rule. He believes that this stranger is a true noble.

Our story continues with the stranger approaching Alfred and the brutes. They can now clearly see that he is one of the nobles. When the brutes realized that the stranger is another noble, they were relieved, suspecting that a noble want defends the lowly servant. They just shrugged their shoulders and punched Alfred in the stomach. After he screamed in pain, the mysterious noble ordered them to stop, once more, saying that violence is prohibited inside the Place of Versailles.

Alfred is feeling confident, after seeing the tall and proud noble standing up for him. But the Comtesse has other ideas, and she orders the brutes to continue with the beating. The mysterious noble faces her gaze and politely asks her to order the brutes to stop beating Alfred. Poor Alfred thinks that he must be hallucinating for a moment since he never before saw a noble defending the servant. He concludes that the man in front of him is definitely different from the other nobles. Comtesse, on the other hand, angrily responds that she doesn’t want to issue the order since Alfred broke the mirror and deserves to be punished.

The stranger is surprised after finding out that all of this happened because of the mirror. However, Comtesse is still furious and tries to justify her actions, claiming that mirrors are very important and that she will be ridiculed because a lowly servant broke one of her mirrors. She has firmly decided to punish Alfred. At this point, the stranger interferes, saying that Alfred must be held responsible for his mistake, and asks Alfred for an explanation.

Your answer won’t affect the flow of the story. With that said, I chose “Explain your situation”, the first option.


Explain your situation

Beg for forgiveness

Alfred explains that the mirror was next to the Viscount’s room, located near the leaking toilets, and the foul stench made him sick, which caused him to stumble and break the mirror. He also explains that it was an accident and that he was feeling so bad that he almost threw up on the way here. The stranger isn’t satisfied after hearing Alfred’s excuses, saying that he shouldn’t try to get away from the responsibility, even in such a trivial matter as a broken mirror. Alfred apologizes, once more, and suddenly changes his opinion, now thinking that all nobles are the same after all, including the mysterious noble standing before him.

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If you choose the second option, Alfred will beg for mercy, and the stranger will quickly interfere saying that he won’t tolerate any violence. With that said, he reminds Alfred that he made a mistake and has to pay for it. Alfred begs him, thinking that he will lose his job, but Lafayette simply explains that he will have to make amends according to the rules of the court. After hearing this, Alfred starts suspecting that the mysterious noble is the same as the rest of them, but he will soon realize that he was wrong…

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After a few moments, the mysterious noble spoke again, claiming that Alfred should compensate the court for the damage he caused and that the Comtesse has no right to beat him. Comtesse is both confused and angry at the same time, and she claims that she has to punish Alfred in order to preserve her dignity as a noble. But the mysterious noble angrily replies that Comtesse is punishing Alfred because of her own vanity. The stranger was calm so far, but now it looks like his patience has come to an end, and he doesn’t seem pleased at all with the behavior of the Comtesse. After this, Alfred realized that he might be wrong about the stranger and that he really is different than the other nobles.

Comtesse is very confused, and can’t believe that another noble would stand up to her because of the lowly servant. The stranger explains that all nobles should act according to their status and be an example for other people to follow and look up to. He goes on, saying that the actions were taken by the Comtesse, definitely weren’t in line with these ideals. Alfred is overjoyed after hearing the noble bravely standing up for him, and telling the truth. On the other hand, after hearing this Comtesse is genuinely confused, since almost all nobles just used the higher status to acquire more wealth, and to torment the servants, whenever they pleased. Although they should be held to a higher moral standard, in practice, most nobles just ignored this part of the responsibility that comes with the title. 

The stranger explains that the household only needs a single mirror, but Comtesse can’t believe that another noble could say such a thing. The stranger tries to explain again that the nobles should have more responsibility and set an example for commoners. He openly insults the Comtesse by saying that only idle nobles could concern themselves with collecting a large number of mirrors, much more than they actually need. Comtesse’s mouth is wide open and she can’t believe the outrageous claims of the stranger in front of her. In her own mind, he, as one of the nobles, shouldn’t reveal their inappropriate behavior and ignoring of all duty and responsibility that comes with the title. After all, it has been common practice for years among the nobles to just use the title for their own personal gain, without upholding the higher moral standards, and just using the power granted by the title to do whatever they like.

After stating the facts about the inappropriate life of nobles so bluntly and openly (in front of the servants), the stranger turns around to leave, saying that Comtesse should release Alfred without punishment. Comtesse is still in shock with her mouth wide open, but she finally recognized the man in front of her as Marquis de Lafayette (we already know this since we are familiar with this character from the Queen Marie storybook). Alfred is now even more surprised after finding out that high ranking nobleman stood up for him. Lafayette just elegantly bows and leaves.

The brutes and Comtesse are still confused, so Alfred used the moment saying that he has to go and compensate the court. Comtesse screams at him to leave immediately, obviously even angrier after Lafayette’s words. She would gladly have Alfred beaten, but she doesn’t have the courage to go against the advice of the Marquis, fearing what he might do afterward. Alfred is eager to leave the crazy noblewoman far behind him, and he is just happy that this incident is finally over.

Comtesse throws a few more threats, and Alfred again politely announces that he will leave, now that the matter has been settled. However, Comtesse understood that Alfred is turning his back on her, and took it as a personal insult. She even threatened to kill him, but Alfred reminding her that no violence is allowed inside the Palace of Versailles and that the palace isn’t her personal possession. Comtesse throws a few more threats, saying that Marquis de Lafayette won’t be there to save him next time and that he won’t even remember Alfred, in a few weeks. But, Alfred can finally leave, and he hurriedly walks away from the crazy noblewoman.

When he was far away from the Comtesse, Alfred thought about the entire event and concluded that Marquis de Lafayette is definitely different from the other nobles. He was very impressed after seeing this man standing up for him and acting like a true noble should. At this time, Alfred continues walking and whistling along the way, unaware that Marquis Lafayette is one of the most important people in France.

This will mark the end of A Servant’s Resolve Stage 1-2 of Dress up Time Princess. You will receive the following rewards for completing the stage.

What will happen next? Will Comtesse try to exact her revenge on Alfred? Will Alfred and Marquis de Lafayette meet again in the future? Find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading. 

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