Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for A Servant’s Resolve 1-3 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous chapter, our character was saved from beating by Marquis de Lafayette. At first, Alfred thought that all nobles are the same and that they don’t care about the people below them, but Lafayette proved him otherwise. Alfred was impressed by Lafayette’s actions and his ideas about the way the nobles should behave in practice, but Comtesse de Noailles utterly confused. So far, she never heard of the noble that would treat commoners with respect, and she never considered that the noble title also comes with some responsibilities, not just benefits, unlike Lafayette. Well, Alfred was very fortunate that Lafayette was nearby because he saved him from the beating after Alfred explained that he stumbled and broke the mirror because he was sick from the stench that he experienced earlier. The matter was settled with Alfred just having to compensate the court for the mirror. However, Comtesse wasn’t happy with this solution, and she promised to take revenge on Alfred in the future.     

The stage window will display all the relevant information. Hit Start when you are ready to begin.

Our story continues with Alfred going back to his home on Sunday, as he usually does, at least once per month. Alfred says, that his hometown is poor, and his parents are farmers. Both of them have to work a lot but earn very little. He concludes that his life at the palace is much more comfortable, and decides to stay there, even though nobles can sometimes be rude to him. Upon entering the family home, he sees that his best friend Alexander is already there, waiting for him to show up.

Alexander is working on the ship as an apprentice, and he isn’t overly satisfied with his position. Alfred explains that even though he works at the palace, he isn’t in a much better position, since he is one of the lowest ranking servants. With that said, the two men complain two each other about their low wages, which are barely adequate for the most basic cost of living.

They continue talking about their financial problems, claiming that the prices of pretty much everything keeps rising, but their wages do not. After a few moments, the friends decide to ignore the unpleasant topic for now and focus on celebrating their reunion. Alfred offers to buy the first round of drinks, and Alexander gladly accepts, saying that he has some big news.

The two friends go into the local tavern and notice that not much has changed about it over the years. They sit at one of the tables and order two glasses of beer. After the waiter brought their drinks, Alexander announces that he heard some very important news from one of the naval officers, but intentionally doesn’t want to reveal what he actually heard, right away. Alfred is very curious and he is anxiously waiting to hear the big news.

Alexander finally announces the big news, explaining that the war is brewing in a “New World”. Alfred is confused after hearing this, but his friend, using the beer to draw on the table, explained that the new world is the continent that was discovered some time ago across the Atlantic ocean. Well, now Alfred is even more confused because he doesn’t really care about something that is happening on the other side of the world. However, once his friend announced that Marquis de Lafayette intends to join this war, Alfred becomes interested.

Alfred remembers his encounter with the Marquis who stands up to the Comtesse in order to save Alfred from unjust punishment. Our character also remembered Lafayette criticizing the Comtesse, and claiming how nobles should uphold the virtuous behavior, instead of beating the servants, and using their titles to acquire more wealth. Needless to say, he made quite an impression on Alfred.

Alexander noticed that Alfred was absent and lost in his thoughts. After a few moments, Alexander asks him if he thinks that this was an exciting story because it includes a war in a faraway land. But Alfred doesn’t really care about that, and he is more interested in his financial situation. However, he was very interested once he heard that Marquis de Lafayette will lead the expedition. Alexander thinks that joining Lafayette’s expedition is a good idea and that they should sign up together.

But, Alfred isn’t interested in joining the war. Right now, he is only concerned about continuing his work at the palace and trying to earn a promotion. Alexander tries to convince him by saying that they could fight shoulder to shoulder on the battlefield and earn glory as the soldier of France, but Alfred doesn’t want to put his life in danger because of some ideals or glory. Alexander decided to try a different approach, once he realized that his friend isn’t interested in glory, he mentions that the soldier’s on this expedition would be paid very high wages. Of course, this immediately caught our character’s interest. He wants to hear more about the wage of the soldier on Lafayette’s expedition but at this point the stage 1-3 ends.

This will mark the end of A Servant’s Resolve Stage 1-3 of Dress up Time Princess. You will receive the following rewards for completing the stage.

What will happen next? Will Alfred sign up for Lafayette’s expedition? Find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading. 

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