Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for A Servant’s Resolve 1-4 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous chapter, our character went back to his hometown, where his best friend, Alexander, was waiting for him. They decided to go to a tavern, and after complaining to each other about the low wages and hard life, Alfred offered to buy them beers. Once the drink arrived, Alexander started talking about an interesting proposition. He heard a rumor that Marquis de Lafayette is recruiting men for his military expedition in the New World. Alfred had no idea why this would interest him, but Alexander quickly explained that soldiers willing to join the expedition will be paid very well. Alfred became interested after hearing this, but he also reasoned that a life of a soldier is very dangerous, and he could even get killed in the faraway land, and never return back to France. Before Alfred makes the decision about his friend’s proposal, he wanted to know more about the wages of soldiers that were signing up for the expedition, and that’s where the previous chapter ended.

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Alfred just can’t understand why would Marquis de Lafayette leave behind the comfortable life at the palace, and instead go to war in the New World. Our character remembers how he saw nobles enjoy very long feasts, and all in all, live a very comfortable life, that is unachievable for the commoners or peasants. He saw nobles do all kinds of crazy things, but he just can’t figure out the motives behind Lafayette’s decision.

Our story continues with Alexander still trying to convince Alfred to join the Lafayette’s expedition and enlist together with his best friend as a soldier. However, Alfred still has some doubts, and he won’t put his life in danger so easily, without knowing the exact amount of money that soldier could earn on a monthly basis. Alexander reminds him again that the soldier’s monthly wage is much higher than their current earnings. After hearing this, it seems that Alfred is starting to sway the other way and that he is seriously considering his friend’s proposition.

Alfred thinks that this opportunity sounds too good to be true. He and his friend start calculating their earnings and conclude that the soldier’s monthly wage is roughly equal to their current yearly wage. Naturally, Alfred is very tempted after realizing that he could earn his yearly wage in a single month, and more importantly, if he spends 2-3 years fighting as a soldier in the New World, he could earn enough money to last him his entire life, and could easily retire at the very young age. His friend, of course, thinks that Alfred will accept, but our character wants to think about this idea a bit more, since with the huge wage also comes great risk.

Alfred tries to figure out the motives behind Lafayette’s decision to leave the comfort of the palace in order to fight a war in the New World. After thinking about it, he still can’t see why Marquis de Lafayette wants to risk his life by fighting in the faraway land but concludes that Lafayette is definitely the most intriguing man he ever met. Well, a few moments later, Alfred starts thinking about the pros and cons of joining the military expedition and realizes that being a soldier is a huge risk since he could die on the battlefield before having a chance to spend even a single military wage. Finally, he comes to a decision. Realizing that the benefits outweigh the risks, Alfred informs his friend that he will sign up for the expedition, but only if Alexander signs up first.

Alexander expected that his friend will accept his proposal and, after Alfred paid for the drinks as promised, they quickly leave the tavern and head toward the recruiting station. However, when they get there they realize that there’s no one waiting to sign up. Alexander thinks that this is a good sign, but our character has a different opinion.

But before Alfred could express his concerns about signing up, Lafayette appears and says that he would like to have a word with Alfred. Both Alfred and Alexander are shocked after hearing this because our character didn’t expect that Marquise would recognize him, let alone remember his name. Lafayette suspects that our character wanted to sign up for the expedition, and once Alfred confirmed, Marquis explains that they should speak in private before he enlists.

Alfred froze in place for a moment, because he really didn’t expect Lafayette would ever speak with him privately, but his friend, Alexander, pushes him forward. After a short walk, they reach Lafayette’s office. Alfred is a bit confused and nervous, but Marquis calms him down and explains that he would just like to discuss something with him. After a few moments, Lafayette says that he would like to know what happened concerning the mirror incident after he left. Our character explains that he paid for the damages, just like the Marquis advised him to.

After hearing the answer Lafayette seemed a bit upset, but he quickly proceeded to the next question. He wants to know how Comtesse behaved after he left. Well, he already expected that Comtesse would go against his advice in resolving the incident, but he wanted confirmation from Alfred, just in case. Our character confirms that he was treated relatively well, and Marquis visibly relaxes. He has one final, most important question. He would like to know why Alfred wants to join his expedition.

Your answer won’t affect the flow of the story. With that said, I chose “For the money”, the second option, since Alfred wasn’t interested in glory, he just wanted to earn more money.

For the glory

For the money
If you chose the first option, Alfred will lie about his motivation, trying to convince Lafayette that he wants to join the war in order to earn glory and to be treated with respect once he returns to France. He intentionally doesn’t want to admit he is interested in money. Lafayette explains that the life of a soldier is very dangerous and that he is surprised to hear this from Alfred, since he has a decent job, unlike the majority of peasants, and could earn a better social status in several years. With that said, Lafayette clearly states that every soldier that signs up for his expedition should understand the risks. Alfred felt ashamed after Lafayette’s reasonable explanation and decides to tell the truth, that he is interested in money.

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Alfred honestly admits that he wants to join in order to earn more money. However, Lafayette really didn’t expect this answer, and he announces that the war is not a joke and that many soldiers will in battle. Alfred shoots back, claiming that risking his life in battle is still better than starving to death. The price of even the most necessary goods is rising, while his wage stayed the same for quite some time, and he figured, that soon enough, he won’t be able to even buy the bread every day. Lafayette wasn’t aware that the situation was this bad. However, he still thinks that working at the palace would be a better option for Alfred in the long run, since he could earn a promotion and get a higher wage in a few years.

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Alfred generally agrees with Lafayette’s reasoning but reminds him that he would be in huge trouble if he doesn’t earn a promotion very soon. Besides, after a few years in Lafayette’s army, Alfred would earn enough money to last him a lifetime. He proceeds, saying that he doesn’t really care about the war in the New World and that the financial situation is so bad that the peasants are constantly on the border of starvation. On the other hand, the huge amount of money that he could possibly earn as a soldier is a good enough motivation for him, and any other peasant. The opportunity is so good that they’re willing to risk their lives in order to achieve the goal and come back home with a huge amount of money, more than they could normally earn in a lifetime. Marquis de Lafayette now truly understands how bad the situation is for the lower classes of society.

After a few moments, Alfred asks for permission to sign up, and Lafayette grants. With a small smile, Lafayette welcomes Alfred as a new member of his military expedition.

This will mark the end of A Servant’s Resolve Stage 1-4 of Dress up Time Princess. You will receive the following rewards for completing the stage.

What will happen next? Will Alfred and Lafayette become even closer in the future? Will our character make a fortune in the New World? Find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading.

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