Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough section for the Helen of Sparta story of Dress up! Time Princess.

This is the story you can unlock upon obtaining 40 Reader’s Coupons. It consists of one chapter, and it has 20 stages in total. During this story, the players will take the role of Helen of Sparta, the most beautiful woman in the world, whose beauty was one of the reasons that started the Troyan War. As the players get accustomed to the Ancient Greek setting, they will get the opportunity to interact with many iconic characters from Greek mythology, such as Queen Leda, Achilles, Cassandra, Apollo, Artemis, and many others. 

While playing, the players will learn the prophecy from the priestess Cassandra. This prophecy will state that Helen’s immense beauty will become the catalyst for the great catastrophe with horrible consequences. The players will then be tasked with doing everything in their power to prevent the catastrophe from happening, and along the way, they will be faced with many difficult decisions. Our Walkthrough will aim to extensively cover the whole story, along with all of the branching paths and clothing requirements. 

Speaking of clothing, Helen of Sparta features some of the most beautiful clothes and accessories available in the game. Many of the outfits are designed with great attention to detail, and the developers surely did an amazing job of making sure that the clothes are faithfully representing the ones people were wearing in Ancient Greece. For those alone, Helen of Sparta is definitely worth playing, and if you are interested to find out what the story is all about, be sure to jump in our Walkthrough and see for yourself.