Hello and welcome to our Dress up! Magic Lamp stage 1-11 full walkthrough and guide. In the previous stage, Gina went to Awad, because she wanted to help him create the Philosopher’s Stone, which could in theory change cheap metal into valuable gold, and much more than that. After a few unsuccessful attempts, Awad was starting to lose hope, so Gina decided to talk to Light and see if he could help them craft this mysterious stone (if you pick the first choice). However, Awad will refuse to take the fake stone, and now it’s up to Gina and him to figure out the way to make Philosopher’s Stone, and the time is running out. If you chose the second option and refuse Light’s help, you will come to the same point in the story. Now, Gina has to solve the riddle “Up is down, and down is up”. After thinking it through, Gina concludes that the answer to the riddle is water. Awad thinks that she might be right and, with the newly found vigor, he goes back to his work. It seems that he will be able to craft the Philosopher’s stone in time to present it at the banquette. In the following days, Gina is very busy with her work at the shop and can’t find the time to help out Awad. The next time she saw him was at a banquette, while he was presenting the Alchemist’s Stone. The Prime Minister is suspicious and doubts that Awad’s stone will work. However, the Queen fully trusts him and hands over her ring to Awad, instructing him to show the power of the Alchemist’s Stone on the ring. Much to amaze of everyone present, upon placing the old gold ring next to the Philosopher’s stone, the ring starts glowing brightly, just like it was brand new. Awad explains that this Philosopher’s Stone is just a prototype with limited capabilities. However, he also explains that he could create a true Philosopher’s Stone if he had proper funding. At this point Kahir intervenes, saying that he will provide the funding for Awad’s research and that Royal Alchemy Workshop will stay open. Of course, Prime Minister was very displeased with this turn of events, but there was nothing he could do about it.

NOTE: This branching of the story becomes available after you choose the second option “The Queen” in stages 1-8.

The stage window will display all the relevant information. Hit Start when you are ready to begin.

The Magic Lamp stage 1-11 is titled Oasis fairy and it has no requirements, but crafting all the suggested items (Destiny Calls, Sunlight Earrings, and Bright Moon) is highly recommended if you want to achieve the perfect score. With that said, we were missing the Sunlight Earrings (recommended item) and choose not to craft it, because we had Cherished Tanzanite (earrings with almost identical stats), so we used this item instead.

The blueprint for Destiny Calls can be acquired from Light when you meet him in Encounters.

The blueprint for Sunlight Earrings can be purchased from Parven’s Shop.

The blueprint for Bright Moon can be acquired by reaching Light Goodwill level 2.

Gina returned to the palace, but this time she had no trouble getting in, since she had Kahir’s pass, although she did draw a few curious looks. After a while, she met with Kahir in his study, and the young prince was overjoyed to see her and said he was worried about her. Our character explains that she had no trouble in the palace, but she had a hard time explaining to Sinbad why she had to leave. Kahir, feeling guilty, says that he should’ve explained to Sinbad that he needed Gina’s help, and he feels sorry for putting in an uncomfortable situation. But, our character reassures him, saying that everything is fine.

Gina reminds Kahir that he wanted to prepare a special gift for the Queen and present it to her during the banquette. Our character thinks that when it comes to banquettes it’s essential that…

There is hearty cuisine

There is a lively performance
If you chose the first choice “There is a hearty cuisine”, Gina will suggest to Kahir that they should surprise the Queen by making some delicious meals that are specific to her home (Western) province. Kahir likes the idea, but there’s a problem. He explains to our character that the palace chefs often prepare dishes common to the western provinces, but these dishes do not have the authentic flavor because they are made with local ingredients. Kahir goes on, explaining that transporting the fresh ingredients from the Western province would be almost impossible. With that, said our character thinks that they should come up with a better idea.

After thinking for a few moments, Gina suggests that they should organize the performance showcasing the culture from the Western province. She thinks that seeing something from her homeland might make the Queen happy. Kahir agrees with the idea, saying that the traditional performance from other regions became very rare in the capital during the last several years.

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If you chose the second choice “There is a lively performance” our character will talk about banquettes in Sinbad’s home, and will say that she witnessed several interesting and exotic performances while she was there. With that said, she will suggest to Kahir that they should organize a performance showcasing the culture from the Western province, and surprise her mother the Queen. Kahir likes the idea, and you will get an increase in Goodwill of this character after choosing this option. Kahir explains that the traditional performance from other regions became very rare in the capital during the last several years. He also remembered that his mother talked about dancing with her friends for hours when she was younger. So, it is settled, they are going to organize a performance for the Queen.

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Regardless of your choice, the story will continue with Kahir and Gina deciding to organize the performance for the Queen. But now, Gina would like to know what traditional performance from the Western region looks like. Kahir explains that the people of the Western province enjoy singing and dancing while listening to the musicians playing an instrument called Beni. Kahir seems joyful and mentions that he heard a musician play on this instrument, long ago, when he was a kid. But then, his mood suddenly changes, and it looks like he is thinking about something. Naturally, our character noticed this and immediately asked him what’s the problem. Kahir explains that they have a problem because he just remembered that this musician left the palace last year, and he was the only one who knew how to play the Beni.  

Gina thinks that they should be able to find another musician that can play the Beni since they still have two weeks before the banquette. With that said, our character thinks that they should immediately post notices that they are looking for a musician that can play Beni, all around town. But, Kahir stops her, saying that there is one more person in the palace that can play the Beni. Naturally, Gina is curious and wants to know who is this person that Kahir is talking about. After some pause, Kahir explains that he is the one that can play the Beni. Apparently, he loved the sound of the instrument so much that he asked the musician to teach him how to play it. After a few lessons, he learned, at least the basics. Gina is overjoyed after hearing this because she thinks that nothing could make the Queen happier than hearing her son playing on the instrument from her homeland.

But, Kahir is a bit concerned because he only had a few lessons, and that was a long time ago. He thinks that his skill at playing the Beni right now is mediocre at best. Realizing what’s troubling the young prince, Gina comes up with a solution. She suggests that he could pick a very simple song and practice playing in the following days (“Smoke on the Water” is my first association). This way, he should be ready to play it at the banquette. Besides, Gina rationalizes that the Queen would be very happy if Kahir would play the Beni for her, even if his performance turns out to be mediocre. Kahir is again lost deep in his thoughts. After a few moments, he explains to Gina that he was thinking about his childhood and how his mother always sang to him one song before he went to sleep. After that, he starts humming the song. Our character thinks that this song would be the perfect choice for the banquette.

Kahir explains that the song is about people of the Western provinces longing for the “Oasis Fairy”. Seeing that Gina never heard of Oasis Fairies, Kahir says that they are creatures from the folklore, immortal fairies that guard the Oasis. The folklore also says that the fairies are beautiful and often fly around the Oasis during the night, dressed in jade feathers. Gina is very excited after finding out what the song is about because she thinks that a song about fairies that Kahir’s mother sang for him when he was a boy would be the perfect choice for the banquette. With that said, she is very eager to hear Kahir play it on the Beni.

However, Kahir is a bit worried, because he thinks that this song might be inappropriate for the banquette that is attended by high ranking officials. But, once again, Gina reassures him, by saying that hearing something new at the banquette should be very refreshing and interesting for all guests. On the other hand, she thinks that they should also include dancers and use the Oasis Fairy as a theme for the dance. But there’s another problem. Kahir is worried that no dancer in the palace would be willing to perform with him, which is very strange since he is the prince, and almost any dancer should be honored by chance to perform in the show with him.

After thinking about it for a while, Gina offers to be Kahir’s partner in the show. Kahir seems pleased, but he wants to know just how good of a dancer Gina is. Without wasting even a second, Gina confidently performs a few dancing moves, circling the young prince, while looking him straight in the eyes. Well, it seems that Kahir is impressed with Gina’s dancing, while she is thinking about her dancing lessons. She never hoped that she will use those lessons to entertain a prince, so it seems that the lessons really paid off.     

Kahir had no idea that Gina is such a good dancer. On the other hand, our character didn’t know that Kahir could play the Beni. After pleasantly surprising each other, both of them smile. Then, they go back to the business at hand, with Gina explaining that she should probably learn a bit about the customs in Western province, in order to prepare the authentic choreography for the show. Kahir says that he can easily solve this problem by asking her mother’s personal maid to help Gina. This maid has followed the Queen from the Western Province to the Capital City, and she is very knowledgeable about the culture of the Queen’s homeland. Gina is overjoyed to hear this.

In the following days, the maid educated our character about customs and folktales of the Western provinces. With her aid, Gina was able to quickly come up with a dance, which she intends to practice with Kahir later this day. However, she also wants to surprise him by dressing in the traditional western garb. And now, it is time to Dress Up.

For this occasion, we will use the three items that we mentioned previously Destiny Calls, Cherished Tanzanite (instead of Sunlight Earrings), and Bright Moon. If you have all the items recommended by the stage hints (or suitable replacements like we did), achieving a perfect score shouldn’t be too hard.

We made it to perfect with 3,292 in total! All the rewards from the stage will be ours. Now, let’s see what Gina will do next.

Gina rushes to the palace to meet with Kahir, but she is a bit disappointed because Kahir is currently at the meeting with one of the ministers. So, our character won’t be able to see him right away, as she hoped. Bored, Gina decides to sit on the stairs and starts humming some random song. However, as she turned around, she saw Chapur, the Magician, coming towards her. Well, she really wanted to avoid a conversation with this man, but it seems that there’s no way to avoid it. Chapur starts talking and gets straight to the point. She informs Gina that she didn’t fool him and that he has recognized her the first time he saw her at the palace when she was impersonating a female officer – just as she feared. The Magician also ironically says that Gina must have many talents since she is now a dancer.

Realizing that she is in trouble, Gina turns around to leave, but Chapur grabs her arm and pins her against the wall. The Magician won’t play around, he immediately orders Gina to hand him over the magic lamp. Obviously, he realized that Gina couldn’t escape from the cave without the magic lamp. Now, our character will have to choose how to deal with this situation.

Scream loudly and get the guards to notice

Pretend to be polite and evade him
If you pick the first choice “Scream loudly and get the guards to notice” Gina will start yelling at Magician, accusing him of inappropriate behavior (also, your Goodwill with Kahir will increase). This is all of course an act because she just wants to alert some of the nearby palace guards. Chapur wasn’t expecting this reaction, and he backs a step away from Gina, cursing her name because he realized what she is trying to accomplish by making so much noise. Sure enough, several guards came to investigate after hearing the commotion. However, Chapur quickly regained his composure and quickly came up with a convincing story for the guards. The Magician explains that he was looking for Astrology Chamber and got lost since he doesn’t know the palace very well. With that said, he was only trying to ask Gina for directions. Well, Gina decides to play along, claiming that she didn’t know that Chapur is an astrologer and that he just wanted to ask her about directions. However, she throws a few subtle insults his way, saying that by his physical look she mistook him for an assassin or some other mischievous person. The guards, of course, recognized Chapur and offered to escort him to the Astrology Chamber. Well, the Magician couldn’t really decline their offer and left.

After seeing Chapur being escorted by the guards, Gina was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. As she watches the Magician leaving, she waved at him. Chapur was probably furious after seeing this gesture, but he couldn’t do anything besides angrily looking at our character as the distance between them increased. At this moment Kahir appears. Apparently, he saw her talking to Chapur, and wants to know if everything is ok. Gina explains that Chapur was a bit rude to her, but that’s nothing to worry about. Upon hearing this, Kahir starts to suspect that Gina and Magician knew each other, and he asks her about that.

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If you pick the second choice “Scream loudly and get the guards to notice” Gina will say that she recognized Chapur and just wants to get away from him since he tried to kill her (also, strangely enough, your Goodwill with Chapur will increase). She will try to fool the Magician by saying that she found a secret exit and managed to escape from the cave and that the magic lamp was destroyed when she fell. Of course, she is lying because she wants to convince Chapur that the magic lamp is gone, so he would leave her alone. That’s why she tried to convince him that she managed to find a way out without assistance from the magic lamp. But, Chapur can’t be fooled so easily, and he doesn’t believe that the magic lamp was destroyed. At first, he taunts Gina, by saying that she is a very bad liar. After that, he openly threatens her, saying that he will do to her some very nasty things unless she hands over the lamp.  

However, at this moment, a familiar voice calls to Chapur. It’s Kahir, and he straight away tells him that he will escort him to the Astrology chamber. With this simple sentence, Kahir handled the situation brilliantly. On one hand, he didn’t openly threaten the Magician but, on the other hand, Chapur clearly understood the true meaning behind these words. Well, Gina is very happy to see Kahir, because she wasn’t sure if she could get out of trouble this time, without his help. Chapur might be a very evil person, but he is also an intelligent and cautious villain. He knows that he can’t stand up to Prince Kahir, especially not in his own palace with a lot of guards patrolling nearby. With that said, he tries to talk his way out of this situation by claiming that he mistook Gina for one of his old friends. After that, he just departed, saying that he knows the way to the Astrology Chamber, so there’s no reason for Kahir to escort him. However, before leaving, he looked at Gina one more time with a grim expression on his face.

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Regardless of your previous choice, the story will continue with Kahir asking Gina if she knows the Magician. He also says that he felt that something was off when he saw Gina and Chapur in the library. Our character says that she met Chapur at one of Sinbad’s banquettes, and explains that he is a very dangerous and evil man. With that said, she begs Kahir to stop him, and try to prevent him from becoming the palace Astrologer. However, she doesn’t mention anything about the cave, to how Chapur tried to kill her. Could it be that Gina still doesn’t completely trust Kahir? Be that as it may, it seems that the young prince has already taken some steps to stop the Magician since he thought that there was something suspicious about Chapur from the moment he saw him. Unfortunately, the agents that Kahir sent to find out more about Chapur’s past came back empty-handed. With that said, Kahir suspects that Chapur is a fake name that the Magician used to infiltrate the palace. To make matters worse, Chapur became a very close friend of Kahir’s uncle, which further complicates the situation. But, the young prince promises Gina that he will keep a close eye on the Magician.

Kahir warns Gina to be careful, and avoid any situation in which she could end up alone with Chapur because it’s clear that he wants to harm her. Gina promised that she will be careful, but she’s done talking about the Magician. She quickly changes the subject saying that two of them should rehearse because she just can’t wait to hear Kahir play the Beni. The prince explains that he already sent one of the servants to prepare the instrument, so everything should be ready for their rehearsal.

This will mark the end of Magic Lamp Stage 1-11 of Dress up Time Princess. You will receive the following rewards for completing the stage.

What will happen next? Will Kahir manage to stop Chapur? Will Gina and Kahir manage to perform a good show for the Queen? Find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading.