Hello and welcome to our Dress up! Magic Lamp stage 1-12 full walkthrough and guide. In the previous stage, Gina and Kahir wanted to prepare a surprise for the Queen in order to lift her spirit. After some debate, they decided to organize a traditional performance, which should remind the Queen of her homeland, the Western province. However, Kahir informed our character that they have a bit of a problem because the musician that knew how to play the Beni (the traditional instrument from the Western province) left the palace last year. Gina suggested that they should start looking for another musician, but Kahir replied that he knows how to play the Beni, but his skills a bit rusty since he hasn’t practiced in years. They also had to choose the appropriate song, and Kahir suggested the song called “Oasis Fairy”, which Gina gladly accepted. Also, our character offered to dance while Kahir was playing the Beni. After showing off her dancing skills, Kahir accepted her proposal. After that, the young prince instructed one of the maids to educate Gina about the customs of the Western province, so she could choose the right choreography. Some time has passed, and Gina is now ready to rehearse with Kahir. With that in mind, she left for the palace, but Kahir was at the meeting with one of the ministers so she had to wait for him. While she waited, she was suddenly approached by Chapur, who demanded from her to hand over the magic lamp. Gina tried to lie her way out of trouble by claiming that the magic lamp was destroyed when she fell in the cave and that she managed to get out of the cave through the secret exit that she found. However, the Magician didn’t believe any of it. He grabbed Gina and threatened that he will harm her unless she hands over the lamp. Luckily, Kahir (or the guards, depending on your choice) appeared at the last moment and saved her. Not wanting to confront the young prince nor the guards, Chapur was forced to leave Gina alone. With that done, Kahir promised that he will do everything in his power to stop Chapur, and he and Gina went inside to rehearse for the upcoming performance.     

The stage window will display all the relevant information. Hit Start when you are ready to begin.

By tapping on stage hint, we can see that it is recommended to have three pieces of clothing in order to complete this stage with the perfect score.

The Lush Oasis blueprint can be obtained by completing the stage 1-10 with the perfect score, so you should already have it.

Emerald Veil is also very easy to obtain, and you will gain the blueprint for this item after reaching Goodwill level 2 with Chapur.

The third item is the Immortal Vines, and you should already have the blueprint for this one since you’ll get it as a reward after completing stage 1-9 with the perfect score.


After rehearsing with Kahir, Gina left the palace and headed back to Sinbad’s house. However, she was so impressed by Kahir playing the “Oasis Fairy” that she imagined fairies dancing in the night sky, as she was walking. After some time she reached her destination, but when she went into the room she started having doubts about her dancing skill. Well, Gina knew that she is a very good dancer, but Kahir played the Beni so well, that she thought that her dancing wasn’t exactly at the same level.

Next, Gina look at her clothing and concluded that it doesn’t really fit into the “Oasis Fairy” theme. With that in mind, she summoned Light, hoping that he would help her with this problem. After he appeared, Light was a bit angry at first because Gina was “wasting” time while helping Kahir. Instead, Light thought that she should be looking for the gemstone. Our character explained that Kahir was there for her several times, so she felt obligated to help him with the performance. This didn’t put Light at ease, and he warned her to be wary of the Magician when she goes to the palace. Well, Gina had a very good explanation. She reasoned that by going to the palace she will be close to the Chapur and, since he stole the gemstone, Gina might find out where Chapur has hidden it. Light was satisfied after finding out that Gina didn’t forget about the gemstone, and that she is still trying to help him recover it.

Well, satisfied with her answer, Light asked her what’s the problem, and how he can help her. Gina honestly said that she needs new clothes for the banquette since she will be performing in the “Oasis Fairy”. Light said that he can easily solve that problem, he just needed a bit more detailed description of the show, so he can create the appropriate clothes for our character. Gina explained that Oasis fairies are the mythical creatures that protect the water in the oasis and that their dresses are usually green. Light claimed that he can easily create the clothing for Gina, now after receiving the full description. Gina is very happy to have Light by her side since this would be a very quick solution for her problem. Oh boy, Light’s magic was very weird, I hope it won’t “misfire” again.

Just as we expected, instead of creating a beautiful green dress, Light summoned a frog, right on top of Gina’s head. Surprised, our character started screaming and flailing her arms wildly, trying to get the frog off her head. Luckily, Light quickly snapped his finger and the frog disappeared. Frustrated, Gina screamed at him, saying that everyone at the banquette would laugh at her if she performed while holding a frog on her head. At first, Light admitted that his magic might be malfunctioning. However, he quickly explained that it wasn’t a total failure, since frogs are green, and they live close to the water. So, by his logic, Oasis Fairies are actually frogs, and he did manage to fulfill Gina’s wish. Naturally, our character doesn’t agree with this flawed logic.

However, Light felt a bit offended and wanted to try to summon a dress for our character, once more. But, Gina didn’t want to rely on Light’s magic, and she decided that it would be better to find another way to acquire the dress. Offended, and with the hint of jealousy in his voice, Light claimed that she only wants to dress up in order to impress the prince. Gina tried to explain that she has no feelings for Kahir and that they are just friends, but before she could finish the sentence, Light went back into his lamp. Realizing that she will have to figure out a solution for this problem on her own, Gina leaves in search of the appropriate dress.

After spending some time running around the town and searching for a nice material for the dress, Gina finally finds material that she can work with, and the price is also affordable. Happy that she managed to find what she was looking for, Gina heads back home. She spent the following days working at the warehouse and used the nighttime to craft the dress that she wanted. Working during the day and sewing at night was very difficult but, after a few days, our character managed to finish the dress. She was very impressed with the results because she didn’t know that she had any talent for making and designing clothes. Needless to say, she thinks that the dress will be perfect for her role in the “Oasis Fairy” performance. And with, it is time to Dress Up!

For this occasion, we will use the three items that we mentioned previously Lush Oasis, Emerald Veil, and the Immortal Vines. If you have all the items recommended by the stage hints (or suitable replacements), achieving a perfect score shouldn’t be too hard.

We made it to perfect with 4,868 in total! All the rewards from the stage will be ours. Now, let’s see what Gina will do next.

After dressing up, Gina decided that it was time to leave for the palace. However, before she went, she looked at the Magic Lamp that was sitting at the table and realized that she hasn’t spoken to Light in several days. And now, we have to choose ahead of us.

Apologize to Light

Hurry to the Palace
If you pick the first choice “Apologize to Light” Gina will rub the Magic Lamp and summon the Light (also, you gain some Goodwill with Light). Realizing that she might have been too harsh and offended Light previously, Gina apologizes and asks for his forgiveness. Light accepts the apology and, happy with her new dress, Gina asks Light what he thinks about it. Light clearly thinks that the dress is beautiful, but he immediately noticed the tired look on Gina’s face, which is understandable because she was working on her dress several nights in a row, instead of sleeping. With that, Light offers his help and touches Gina’s forehead, who immediately felt rejuvenated. She gave him a confused look, but Light explains that his magic worked properly this time around. Gina thanks him, and leaves for the banquette, while Light gets back into the Magic Lamp.

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If you pick the second choice “Hurry to the Palace” you won’t get more Goodwill with Light. Instead, Gina will decide that the best course of action would be to leave immediately because she’s worried that she might come late to the banquette. However, she didn’t completely forget about Light, and she makes a promise to herself that she will tell him all about the banquette and how she made the dress once she comes back. She also wants to make a special treat for Light.

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Our story continues with Gina arriving at the banquette. Kahir was thoughtful and already reserved a seat for her, and she decides to taste some of the delicacies and eavesdrop on gossiping Ministers.  By listening to their conversation, Gina finds out that the Governor of the Western Provinces won’t be able to make it to the banquette because, apparently, there was a huge storm in his region. However, the Ministers believe that the Prime Minister was somehow responsible for this. They also mention how Kahir supported the continuation of work of the Royal Alchemy Workshop, and that it won’t be closed, contrary to the Prime Minister’s wishes. The two men would probably continue their gossip, but at this moment the Queen appears.

Following Kahir, side by side is a beautiful woman. Gina is impressed and realizes that Kahir must have got his good look from his mother. It seems Gina wasn’t exactly truthful when she told Light that she has no feelings for Kahir. Shortly after that, the Queen addresses the guests, saying that the King is not feeling well, so he won’t be able to show up at the banquette. She also mentions that the Governor of Western Province was held back by the huge dust storm (as we already know), and he also won’t be able to attend the banquette. The Queen was probably sad because her husband and the representative from her home region won’t be able to show up, but Kahir already knows how to improve her mood. He informs her that he has prepared something from the Western Provinces for her, and winks at Gina. 

With that, Gina and Kahir go up to the stage, preparing for the performance. The giant Beni is brought, and Kahir quickly starts playing. After the performance started, Kahir realized that he shouldn’t have doubted his skill and the success of the show. Several ministers start whispering to each other, surprised by Kahir’s skill in playing Beni, and also there was more than one comment praising Gina’s dancing skill, as well as her beauty. There was a brief moment of absolute silence when the performance ended, but as soon as Kahir stood up to address the crowd, very loud applause erupted. Kahir was also impressed with Gina and thought that she looks and dance just like an Oasis Fairy, which caused Gina to blush. Of course, our character also praised Kahir’s skill and said that he was playing the instrument like a true master.

After the show, the Queen approached them, saying that she really enjoyed the show, and thanking her son for this beautiful gift. However, Kahir honestly admits that the entire show was Gina’s idea. After hearing this, the Queen turns to take a better look at our character. The Queen said that she was a bit surprised at first because she didn’t expect that could her son could come up with such a romantic idea. Now, she understands that Gina was behind it. With that said, she wants to know if Gina is one of the palace dancers. Our character quickly explains that she’s actually working for Sinbad. The Queen explains that Sinbad and the King are very close friends and that she is more than welcome. However, the Queen wants to know how did Gina come up with the idea to turn the “Oasis Fairy” into a dance show. Gina explains that she was moved by the legend of the “Oasis Fairy” when Kahir told her about it, and that’s what inspired her to come up with the dance. At this moment, our character realized that she didn’t call Kahir “Your Highness” which would be in accordance with the courtly manners. Luckily, the Queen didn’t care much about the formalities.

The Queen was lost deep in her thought for a moment and then said that the legend of the “Oasis Fairy” is more than just a nursery rhyme. The Queen explains that, according to the legend, an adventurer stumbled upon an oasis, and there he saw a fairy that was bathing in the small lake. The adventurer, mesmerized by the fairy’s beauty, decided to steal her dress. Without her dress, the fairy couldn’t fly back home to the divine realm, so she was forced to stay at the oasis. Eventually, the two of them fell in love and went back to the city. There, the fairy became his wife. And now, we have two choices.



If you choose the first choice “romantic” Gina will say that the story is very romantic and has a happy ending. The Queen will point out that all the young girls love romantic stories. However, it seems that the sudden sadness overcame the Queen. Could it be because she was so far from her home and her friends in the Western Province, just like the fairy was forever separated from her home?

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If you chose the second choice “sad” you will gain some goodwill with Scheherazade, and Gina will comment how this story might sound romantic at first, but the fairy must have been very upset once she discovered that her dress was stolen. The Queen would like to hear more about Gina’s thoughts about this legend, and our character explains that the adventurer should have been truthful to the fairy, instead of stealing her dress and leaving her with no other option except to come with him. The Queen is amused and asks Gina if she still thinks that even after she found out that the fairy fell in love with the adventurer later down the road, and even gave up her immortality to be with him. Gina confirms that her opinion on the matter remains the same. Our character explains that although the Fairy fell in love with the adventurer, she could never go back to her homeland and see her friends, and that’s something that can’t be just replaced with love. The Queen concludes that Gina must be different than most other girls. With that, it seems that the Queen’s face has brightened a bit.

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After the banquette, the Queen gives Gina a jewelry box, wanting to show her gratitude for the performance. Kahir escorts our character back to the main gate, but he seems a bit sad because Gina has to leave.

This will mark the end of Magic Lamp Stage 1-12 of Dress up Time Princess. You will receive the following rewards for completing the stage.

What will happen next? Will Gina be able to find the gemstone she and Light are looking for? Find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading.