Hello and welcome to our Dress up! Magic Lamp stage 1-13 full walkthrough and guide. In the previous stage, Gina was trying to find an appropriate dress for the banquette and asked Light for help, who said he could easily create the dress that Gina wanted. However, after Light finished spellcasting, Gina found out that she has a frog on top of her head instead of the dress that she wanted. Well, Light claimed that her spell wasn’t a total failure because Gina described Oasis Fairies as a creature in green dresses that live in the oasis and, by Light’s logic, frogs fulfill these criteria because of their green and leave close to the water. Not wanting to argue with Light, but realizing that she will have to find a solution for this problem, Gina decided to leave. Her plan was to find suitable material and make the dress herself. After some time, she found and bought the material for the dress, and during the following several nights she was sewing trying to make the perfect dress that she envisioned. Well, she was ultimately successful and was very satisfied with the dress she created. With that said, she decided to go to the banquette, where she heard several interesting rumors from the ministers. The banquette began with the Queen announcing that her husband and the Governor of the Western Provinces won’t be attending. Kahir then announced that he has a special surprise for his mother, and with that, Gina and Kahir went backstage to prepare for the show. When they were ready, they went to the stage and started their performance that got very positive reactions from the audience and huge applause, once the show was over. After their performance, the couple talked to Kahir’s mother, The Queen, who was very pleasantly surprised by the performance that they prepared for her, but she quickly realized that it was Gina’s idea, and not Kahir’s. Gina and the Queen spent some time talking to each other and discussing the legend of the Oasis Fairy. Finally, it was time for Gina to head back home, but before she went, the Queen gave her the jewelry box, and Kahir offered to escort her to the main gate.   

The stage window will display all the relevant information. Hit Start when you are ready to begin.

By tapping on the stage hint, we can see that it is recommended to have two pieces of clothing in order to complete this stage with the perfect score.

Also, this stage requires Goodwill level 2 with Scheherazade, which is fairly easy to obtain.

Bell Braces is the first item, and the blueprint for it can only be obtained from Parven’s shop, so this might be a bit of a problem.

The second item is the Lunar Scimitar, but this item is fairly easy to acquire and you probably already have one, since it can be obtained from Encounters with nobles.

NOTE: The previous branching of the story ends at the start of this stage.

The story continues with Gina coming back to Sinbad’s home. She is very satisfied with her own and Kahir’s performance at the banquette but, on the other hand, she is a bit disappointed because she did find any new leads about the gemstone. However, Gina just remembered that one of the Sinbad’s ships is coming back to the port during the day. She also remembered that the silver country was brought back by Sinbad, and he discovered it on one of his travels to the foreign lands. So, Gina thinks that checking out this ship must be worthwhile since it could possibly provide some clues about the location of the gemstone, or gemstone itself if she gets very lucky. With that said, Gina thinks that she should visit Sinbad and inspect this ship together with him. However, before she leaves, she has to Dress Up first.

For this occasion, we will use the two items that we mentioned previously Bell Braces and the Lunar Scimitar. If you have all the items recommended by the stage hints (or suitable replacements), achieving a perfect score shouldn’t be too hard.

We made it to perfect with 2,520 in total! All the rewards from the stage will be ours. Now, let’s see what Gina will do next.

All dressed up, Gina finds Sinbad and asks if she can go with him and inspect the cargo of the ship that just arrived. However, just as when they were about to leave, one of the servants approached Sinbad and handed him the letter from the King. Reading the letter Sinbad seemed very happy and explained to Gina that the King, his old friend, is inviting him to a dinner at the palace. Of course, Sinbad was so happy after finding out that his old friend was better (the King was not feeling well during the banquette), that he immediately decided to prepare for the visit. With that said, he informed Gina that he won’t be inspecting the inventory today. Our character is disappointed a bit because she really hoped that she could find some clues about gemstone during the inspection of the inventory. However, she is also a bit suspicious, because the King wasn’t present at the banquette the day before, and she doesn’t believe that he could have recovered so quickly. Gina wants to warn Sinbad about her suspicions on the one hand, but on the other hand, she doesn’t want him to know that she was present at the palace banquette. Now we have two choices ahead of us.

Tactfully remind Sinbad

Don't say anything
If you chose the first choice “Tactfully remind Sinbad”, Gina will warn him that something doesn’t feel fishy (you will also gain some Goodwill with Sinbad). Sinbad doesn’t understand at first what exactly is the problem. But, Gina explains that she was at the palace on the day of the banquette, when the guard told her that the King is sick. Because of that, the Prime Minister was meeting with the envoys. The King wouldn’t let his Prime Minister perform this task instead of him unless he was very sick, and Gina thinks that it would be highly unlikely for King to recover in such a short time. With that said, she thinks that the letter might be a forgery.

However, Sinbad doesn’t seem convinced. He thinks that, although the King hasn’t personally written the letter, one of his special servants delivered it. With that said, Sinbad thinks that no one would dare to impersonate the King and forge the letter, because something like that could have serious consequences. He further rationalizes that the banquette can go on for some time and can be quite tiring. On the other hand, after being sick and tied to the bed for some time, it is completely reasonable that the King wants to spend some time talking to his old friend, Sinbad. Well, after hearing Sinbad’s explanation, Gina started to think that she might be wrong on this one.

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If you chose the second choice “Don’t say anything” Gina will decide to remain silent, partly because she doesn’t want to explain why she was in the palace (also, you won’t get any Goodwill with Sinbad). Gina will think along the same lines as Sinbad did during the first choice, that no one would dare to impersonate the King by forging a letter.

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After that, the story continues, regardless of your precious choice. Sinbad is in high spirits, and he orders the servants to bring him the precious wine from the East because he wants to give it to the King as a present. With that, he left to the palace, but he also ordered his servants to prepare the dinner, because he wants to have another meal when he gets back. Nothing strange about it, considering that he isn’t really a slim person. When Gina returned home from the market she found out that Sinbad still hasn’t come back, and it is well past dinner time. At this moment, no one was too worried, because they figured that Sinbad probably decided to stay at the palace a bit longer because he didn’t see his old friend in a while. However, as the hours passed, everyone grew more and more concerned. The following morning when Gina walks up, she found out that Sinbad still didn’t return.

Just as she was thinking about what could have happened to her employer, the servant that accompanied Sinbad to the palace rushes in with the terrible news. Sinbad was arrested and thrown into prison. Gina is shocked after hearing this and wants to know what happened because Sinbad was invited by the King to stay at the palace. Servant explains that he doesn’t know the details. He waited for Sinbad in front of the palace, but his master didn’t show up before nightfall. He didn’t know what to do, but then he was informed that Sinbad was arrested because the King drank some of his wine and fell into a coma. The servant goes on, saying that Sinbad was immediately arrested and sentenced to death. Naturally, our character doesn’t believe that Sinbad would poison his old friend and thinks that this was all a setup, just like she suspected from the start.

After the initial outburst of rage, Gina somewhat calmed down and asked the servant what’s the King’s condition, but he replied that he doesn’t know anything about that. The servant goes on, saying that after the guard heard that he is working for Sinbad, he wanted to arrest him and the poor servant was barely able to escape. After the other inhabitants of Sinbad’s home found out about this, the whole house erupted in panic. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Gina decided that she has to immediately find to way to help Sinbad. Now, she has two choices. She can either ask Light or Kahir to help her.


If you chose the first choice “Light” you will gain some goodwill with this character. Gina will rush to her room and quickly rub the Magic Lamp, summoning Light. After she explained to Light what transpired, he will ask if she wants him to use magic to free Sinbad. Gina will confirm, claiming that someone must have framed Sinbad and that he could be executed if they don’t hurry up and save him. Light has a bit more calm and rational view of this situation. He says that he could easily get Sinbad out of prison by using his magic (I kind of doubt that considering how many times so far his magic failed to produce the desired result), but he also says that Sinbad couldn’t just come back home and continue his life normally after being accused of poisoning the king. Moreover, since Sinbad didn’t confess the crime, and there is no evidence against him, he could prove that he is innocent. However, if he breaks out of jail, everyone will believe that he was guilty of the crime. Well, Light really thought this through. He also points out that the person who framed Sinbad probably planed the entire operation very carefully. Faced with Light’s rational thinking, Gina decides that breaking Sinbad out of jail might not be the best course of action.

Now, Gina starts thinking in the other direction. She thinks that finding out who had the motive to poison the King should be the top priority because that way they would also reveal the person that framed Sinbad. Light agrees with Gina’s decision but informs her that he is unable to help her with this matter. With that said, he thinks that she should probably go and look for Kahir, because he could use her help at the time such as this, and also, the two of them have better chances to find out who was behind all this if they work together. The young Prince is probably determined to find out who tried to poison his father. Gina agrees and decides that right now her first priority should be to find a way into the palace and meet with Kahir. With that said, she left, heading through the crowded streets toward the palace, without any solid idea about how she could get in. While traveling to the palace, she listens to the conversation of the people around her, but nobody mentions anything about the King. So, Gina concluded that the King is probably still alive, which is great news, in the day filled with bad ones. With that, she decides to hurry up and get to the palace as soon as possible but, at this moment, a familiar voice calls out to her.

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If you chose the second choice “Kahir” you will gain some goodwill with this character. Gina thinks that finding Kahir and getting into the palace should be her first priority and the best way to help Sinbad. However, then she realized that Kahir must be feeling terrible because his father was poisoned and one of the closest family friends arrested. Finally, she came to the same conclusion as in the first choice. That she has to find out who had the motive to poison the King. With that said, she decides to get to the palace as soon as possible and find a way to get in and meet with Kahir. Just like in the first choice, she concludes that the King is still alive by listening to the conversations on the street when a familiar voice calls out to her.

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Regardless of your previous choice, the story continues with Kahir calling out to Gina and asking her why is she in such a hurry. Our character explains that she was fortunate to run into him in the street because she was just heading to the palace and trying to find him. Kahir reminds her that they should keep their voice down, and leads her into the corner of the street. After that, he explains that he believes that Sinbad is innocent and that someone wants to set him up for the crime. He goes on saying, that although Sinbad has been arrested, no harm will come to him in the prison. Kahir made sure of that. He also ordered to suspend the trial until the origin of the poison is discovered. Gina now wants to know if the King was poisoned by Sinbad’s wine and Kahir confirms, saying that the wine was examined and the conclusion was that it is poisoned. However, the young prince also explains that the wine was brought in by the servants, so there’s no way that Sinbad could have known that someone poisoned the wine. Thinking logically, Kahir concludes that someone else poisoned the wine and used Sinbad as the scapegoat. He also mentions, that Sinbad requested to see the King, which surprised Gina since she thought it was the other way around. I just don’t get one thing. Sinbad doesn’t seem like a guy that would let the King drink alone. So, if both of them drank wine, how is it possible that the poison didn’t affect Sinbad?

Gina explains that she is very surprised because Sinbad received an invitation from the King, which was brought by the special servant. Kahir thinks that the King certainly didn’t invite Sinbad, since he just started to recover from illness and wasn’t in very good shape. He also says that the King wasn’t receiving any visitors, but he made an exception for his old, good friend, Sinbad. Gina, realizing what’s going on here, shouts at Kahir that this was an assassination attempt, that was well prepared and executed.

She explains that the people who poisoned the King intended to also set up Sinbad for the crime, all along. Thinking over everything that Gina said, Kahir remains silent for a few moments. Then he speaks, claiming that only one person would and was capable of poisoning his father, while also framing Sinbad. Kahir reminds Gina that Sinbad has provided shelter for many home refuges, something that one person in power was very strongly opposed to. Gina came to the same conclusion, and she also believes that the Prime Minister is behind this. However, she just couldn’t take this notion for granted at first, because it was very hard for her to believe that the Prime Minister could poison his own brother, the King. Well, he would also get rid of the King and maybe he could take over the throne. So, poisoning the King and accusing Sinbad of the crime (who was the Prime Ministers’ adversary) makes sense. He could take out two birds with one stone. Kahir says to Gina that power can sometimes completely corrupt the people, so much so that they become able to commit the most hideous crimes.

After hearing all this, Gina changes the subject and asks Kahir about King’s condition. He explains that this poison is very strange because all King’s vital functions are in order. He just seems to be sleeping and dreaming a dream from which he can’t wake up. With no palace doctor being able to diagnose what’s wrong with the King, it was presumed that he might be under the influence of some curse or witchcraft. So, Kahir decided to look for a Witch Doctor and see if he could help. Kahir explains that he left the palace in secret, so his uncle couldn’t send his agents to follow him. The young prince intends to find a Witch Doctor, and he heard that the most famous one lives in the western area of the city. So, he decided to look for him in secret, and personally invite him to the palace and see if maybe, the Witch Doctor could help his father.  Gina says that she is familiar with that part of town because she worked at one of the stalls there for Sinbad. Naturally, she offers to help Kahir, saying that he will have a much higher chance to find the Witch Doctor with her by his side.

This will mark the end of Magic Lamp Stage 1-13 of Dress up Time Princess. You will receive the following rewards for completing the stage.

What will happen next? Will Gina and Kahir find the Witch Doctor? More importantly, will the Witch Doctor be able to help the King? Find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading.