Hello and welcome to our Dress up! Magic Lamp stage 1-14 full walkthrough and guide. In the previous stage, Gina wanted to inspect the inventory of the newly arrived ship together with Sinbad. However, before they left, one of the servants brought to Sinbad an invitation from his old friend, the King. Sinbad realized that his friend must be feeling better and decided to go and see him as soon as possible, canceling his previous arrangement with Gina. Our character thought that something is suspicious here, because the King wasn’t in the best shape, and he was unable to attend the banquette a few days ago. But, Sinbad wasn’t convinced and he decided to go to the palace anyway. Well, he didn’t return that evening, and in the morning the residents of Sinbad’s home found out from a servant that escorted him to the palace, that their master was arrested. The servant explained that Sinbad was accused of poisoning the King, imprisoned, and sentenced to death (we found out that the last part isn’t true from Kahir, because he ordered the delay of the trial until they find out the origin of the poison). Not knowing what to do, Gina decided to talk to one of her closest friends (Kahir or Light, depending on your choice). Whatever choice you took, Gina will end up traveling to the streets, where she met Kahir. After the two of them exchanged the information, they concluded that the Prime Minister must be the person responsible for poisoning the King and blaming it on Sinbad. Our character also discovered that the King is stable, but he is sleeping and can’t wake up. Kahir also told her that the palace doctors can’t identify the poison, and suspect that the King might be under the influence of a curse or witchcraft. So, he decided to sneak out of the palace and look for a famous witch doctor who lives somewhere in the western part of the city. Gina is familiar with that area, so she offered to help, and Kahir gladly accepted. 

The stage window will display all the relevant information. Hit Start when you are ready to begin.

By tapping on stage hint, we can see that it is recommended to have three specific pieces of clothing in order to complete this stage with the perfect score.

Also, this stage requires Goodwill level 3 with Chapur, which is not difficult to achieve.

Misty Melody is the first item, and the blueprint for it can be obtained by reaching the Goodwill level 2 with Scheherazade. You should already have this because Goodwill level 2 with Scheherazade is required for the previous stage. 

The second item is Devoted Path, and this item is also fairly easy to acquire since the blueprint can be obtained from Encounters with Kahir.

Lastly, the Circle of Life blueprint is awarded after completing Magic Lamp stage 1-11, so you should also have this one in the bag.

The story continues with Gina and Kahir reaching the Western part of town, which is crowded with activity since there are many merchants in this part of town. Our characters are sure that the Witch Doctor whom they are looking for is living somewhere nearby, so now they just have to ask around and find out the exact location. However, before they continued their quest, Gina wanted to know how are Witch Doctors different from palace doctors. Kahir explains that most Witch Doctors are descendants of magicians and that they use magic to cure diseases and treat injuries. Kahir honestly admits that he doesn’t know exactly how this magic works. Gina says that there’s nothing to worry about, since this Witch Doctor probably cured numerous people, otherwise he wouldn’t earn the respect of the common folk.

Their conversation is abruptly interrupted by a slaver yelling at the group of slaves nearby. Gina and Kahir saw as the slaver was hit a young boy with a whip while threatening the other slaves. He yelled at them saying that if they drop some of the cargo that they were carrying, he will kill them. Seeing a young so mercilessly beaten, Gina yells at the slaver saying that his treatment of the slaves is unacceptable. With that said, she decides that they have to intervene, but there are two choices ahead of us.

Go stop the slave owner

Ask Kahir to save the boy
If you choose the first choice “Go stop the slave owner” you will gain some Goodwill with Kahir. Gina rushes toward the slaver and orders him to stop, but he ignores her and just tells her to mind her own business. She yells at him, saying that his behavior is unacceptable, because he, a grown man, is beating a young boy. He says that he can treat his slave however she likes and threatens Gina saying that he will teach her a lesson if she doesn’t back down. At this moment Kahir intervenes and orders the slaver to stop. Well, I guess this guy will twice about challenging Kahir.

Back to Previous Choice
If you choose the second choice “Ask Kahir to save the boy” Gina will yell at Kahir, begging him to stop the slaver, because she thinks that he might beat the boy to death. However, before she could even finish the sentence, Kahir was already next to the slaver and ordered him to stop.

Back to Previous Choice

Regardless of your choice, the story continues with Kahir confronting the Slave Owner. Much to Gina’s surprise, Kahir grabbed the slaver’s wrist and threw him to the ground. Our character was very impressed by this move because she didn’t think that Kahir is a good fighter. The Slave Owner looks at Kahir dangerously, probably thinking about fighting back, but before he could do anything, the young Prince already drew his mighty scimitar and placed it under his chin. Needless to say, this was more than enough to calm down the noisy slaver.

Kahir spoke first and told the slaver that the palace has issued a new decree by which prohibits keeping children as slaves. The slave owner is visibly shaken and can’t even speak because he didn’t expect that someone would stand up to him. Shocked, he just keeps staring at Kahir’s scimitar, afraid of what the young prince might do. Kahir, just remembered that the slave owner mentioned that the boxes that the slaves are carrying come from the palace. He asked the slaver about it, but before the shocked man could answer, Kahir approached one of the boxes and cut it open revealing its content. Gina is amazed, because the ordinary looking box is filled with crown jewels, and she immediately accused the slaver of stealing them.

Afraid of his life, the slaver immediately starts talking and reveals that he was just following the orders of the Prime Minister. Apparently, his task was to deliver the boxes filled with jewelry to the Governor of the Eastern Provinces. He also adds that he had no idea what was in the boxes, and this kind of makes sense because if he knew what was inside, he would probably take the boxes for himself, and enjoy the rest of his life as a rich man in some faraway land. Kahir seems very interested in the slave owner’s story.

The slave owner explains that the Prime Minister often sends gold and jewelry to the Governor of the Eastern Provinces. As far as he’s aware, this wasn’t a secret. However, Kahir quickly shoots back, saying that the Prime Minister can’t hand out rewards to public officials without King’s approval. Terrified for his life and his future, the slave owner answers that he has no idea how the highest circles of society work. With that said, he begs Kahir to sheathe the mighty scimitar promising that he will set the slave boy free, in return. Kahir, saying that he has no time to waste so he accepts the proposal. However, the young prince warns the slave owner that he will severely punish him if he sees him abusing the slaves ever again. With that, Kahir lets the slaver go, while Gina rushes to the boy to help him up and treat his wounds, if possible.

Our character noticed that the boy has many injuries on his arms, and asked him to come with them to the Witch Doctor that they were looking for. The young boy immediately asked if they are looking for the granny Fatimah. Gina is confused, but the young boy explains that granny Fatimah is the most famous Witch Doctor in this part of town and that she helped many people. The boy also adds that granny Fatimah often gives him and the other children fruit. Gina is glad to hear this because, as it turns out, the famous Witch Doctor is a kind, old granny. Our character thinks that this might soften up a bit Kahir’s attitude toward magic, and magic users who were often portrayed at the palace as vile, and selfish beings. The young prince decides that they should go to the granny immediately because they are short on time.

The little boy leads Kahir and Gina to granny Fatimah’s cottage, which is filled with the smell of various herbs. As they enter the cottage, the boy calls out granny’s name and after a few moments, she emerges from one of the rooms. Upon looking at the boy, Fatimah immediately noticed that he was again beaten by the master (so this wasn’t the first time), and she sits down to treat his wounds. But, the boy says that he’s feeling fine, and explains to the old lady that his injuries would be much worse if Gina and Kahir haven’t intervened and saved him from the ruthless slave owner. The old lady gives them a kind look, pleased to see that there are still some good people brave enough to stand up to the slave owners. The kind look on Fatimah’s face and her generosity towards the less fortunate surprised our character. She quietly whispers to Kahir’s ear that in her imagination, the Witch Doctor looked very different, definitely not like the old lady that was standing before them. Kahir agreed, saying that he didn’t expect that the Witch Doctor would like this, either.

With their introduction done, Fatimah took a closer look at the boy’s wounds and saw that there are some fresh whip marks. With the outstretched hand, she pointed to a jar on a nearby shelf, which magically started floating toward her. After seeing this, Gina immediately asked Kahir if he saw the floating jar too. But, the young prince is so amazed after witnessing magic at work for the first time in his life, that he can’t even utter a single word. He just stood there, speechless, with the jaw open wide, observing in disbelief. He was even more amazed after he saw that the boy’s wounds were instantly healed when Fatimah treated them with some kind of magic dust. Finally, after the initial shock, Kahir asked if this was the healing magic that he just witnessed.

Fatimah just replied that Kahir must be a young prince. On his back foot, once more, Kahir asked how could the granny possibly know this. But the answer is much more down to earth, than what he might presume, and there’s no scrying magic involved. Fatimah simply explains that all common people turn to the Witch Doctors when they are injured or sick, unlike the royals who are treated by the palace doctors. After witnessing such an amazing display of magic, Kahir admits that he made a big mistake in his life because he ignored the magic. But, that’s how he was raised at the palace.

However, Fatimah says that Kahir’s parents made a rational decision when they decided to keep him away from magic. She explains that although magic can be used to help people and cure their wounds and illness, the magic users can be easily corrupted by it. With a sad look, granny says that she saw this happen numerous times, in her 100 years on this planet. Gina adds that magic if used for good, can be very more than useful, and could be used to heal people from their wounds/disease. But, then she remembered Chapur and started wondering why does he practice magic. Our character is, of course, quite sure that the Magician is probably doing it for his own, selfish reasons.

After the granny finished treating the boy’s wounds, Kahir gets straight to business. He tells Fatimah that his father is ill and palace doctors have no idea how to treat him. With that said, he begs her to help him. The young boy that Kahir just saved from beating also begs Fatimah to help out his savior. It seems that granny will agree. After Kahir said that his father is at the palace, Fatimah informed them that when dealing with magical diseases and curses time is of the essence. With that said she suggests that they should head to the palace right away. With this problem solved, Kahir is now worried that they might run into trouble if they encounter some of the Prime Ministers’ men in the palace. But Gina quickly came up with the plan. She is going to pretend that she is a place doctor, and lead the granny inside the palace. Meanwhile, the Kahir will go ahead of them and take care of any potential threats that they might encounter. With the plan now in place, it is time to Dress Up.

For this occasion, we will use the three items that we mentioned previously Misty Melody, Devoted Path, and Circle of Life. If you have all the items recommended by the stage hints (or suitable replacements), achieving a perfect score shouldn’t be too hard.

We made it to perfect with 2,806 in total! All the rewards from the stage will be ours. Now, let’s see what Gina will do next.

Gina’s plan worked perfectly and they managed to lead Fatimah into the King’s chamber without any issues. When they got there, our character decided to wait in the study while Fatimah examines the King. After some time, Gina sees Kahir and Fatimah walking into the study, so she decides to ask about the King’s condition. Judging from Kahir’s face, Gina thinks that the news is pretty bad. Fatimah explains that the King has been afflicted with the powerful curse. This type, of course, is very specific, and it can only be enacted by using the blood of the close relative. Upon hearing this, Kahir immediately realized who was behind this, because he and his uncle, the Prime Minister, are the only two blood relatives of the King in the palace. Fatimah explains that this curse is slowly destroying King’s consciousness, and if they don’t stop it soon, the King could die or never wake up. Naturally, Gina wants to know if there’s a way to break this curse.

Fatimah explains that the only way to break the blood curse is blood. More specifically, the only way to break the curse is to kill the one who cast it. Enraged, Kahir draws his mighty scimitar, announcing that the blood will be paid with blood, intending to kill his uncle, but Gina tries to call him down. Kahir explains that’s the only way because his uncle was blinded by power, and he probably intends to take over the throne after the King dies. The young prince remembers all the deeds that his uncle has done so far, all with the goal to take power. The abolition of alchemy, the recruitment of astrologers, dismissal of the Commander of the Royal Guard, and conspiring with the Eastern Provinces. The Prime Minister did all these things and planned for years, so he can take over the Kingdom when the time is right. And it seems that the hour draws near. But, Kahir seems determined to stop him.

But, Gina thinking logically, concludes that since the Prime Minister has planned this for such a long time, he probably expects that Kahir might come rushing to him with the blade drawn. In that case, he has probably set up a trap for the young prince, so it’s probably wiser to take a more cautious approach. Our character also explains that the King doesn’t have much time left, so they should try to find some other way to break the curse before it’s too late. At this moment, Fatimah spoke again, saying that there is indeed another way, but she thinks that it’s almost impossible. Well, Kahir, still enraged, immediately demands to know what’s the other option. He swears that he will do anything in his power to cure his father, regardless of the odds stacked against him.

 Fatimah explains that according to the ancient legend, a Golden Millennial Serpent lives in the Southern Desert, and according to this legend, the reverse scales of this serpent can be used to create elixirs that can heal any illness and remove any curse. Gina thinks that this is very good news because they just have to find the serpent and take its scales. However, Fatimah explains that even finding the serpent is an almost impossible task, since she never met someone that saw her. Besides that, the Golden Millennial Serpent is a very powerful creature that lived on this planet for several millennia. It also wields very powerful magic, so slaying it might be extremely difficult, to put it mildly. But, Kahir is fearless, and swears that he will find the serpent and take her scales because that’s the only way to cure his father (Well, technically it isn’t, but you get the gist)! As a side note, I think that Kahir would be better off just charging in and slaying his uncle rather than trying to find and fight this immensely powerful creature.   

Gina immediately announces that she will accompany Kahir on this quest, but he refuses, saying that he doesn’t want to put her in danger. However, Gina has already made up her mind and she warns Kahir not to treat her as a “delicate doll”. She goes on, saying that Kahir will need someone that he trusts to accompany him on this journey. Seeing that he can’t refuse her offer, Kahir agrees, promising that he will protect Gina however, he can

This will mark the end of Magic Lamp Stage 1-14 of Dress up Time Princess. You will receive the following rewards for completing the stage with the perfect score.

What will happen next? Will Gina and Kahir manage to find the Golden Millennial Serpent and convince her to give up her “reverse scale”? If she doesn’t agree, they might be forced to fight this immensely powerful creature, but can they win? Find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading.