Hello and welcome to our Dress up! Magic Lamp stage 1-15 full walkthrough and guide. In the previous stage, Gina and Kahir reached the Western part of town, and just as they were preparing to ask someone about the location of the Witch Doctor, they saw the Slave Owner who was beating his very young slave. Enraged after seeing this Gina decided to intervene and ordered him to stop. Depending on your choice, she either tried to stop the slaver herself or asked Kahir to help. Either way, Kahir intervened, threw slaver to the ground, draw his scimitar, and placed it under the slaver’s chin. Terrified, the slave owner promised that he will release the boy, and also mentioned that his slaves are transporting the palace “goods” by the order of the Prime Ministers. Intrigued after hearing this, Kahir opened one of the boxes and he saw that it is filled with gold and jewelry. The slave owner informed him that the Prime Minister was sending valuable gifts to the Governor of the Eastern Province for quite a while, and this was one of those shipments. Kahir was mad because the Prime Minister wasn’t allowed to spend royal treasury without the King’s approval. Anyway, Kahir decided to let the slaver go because he was in the hurry to find the Witch Doctor. Well, as it turned out, Kahir and Gina were very lucky, because the young that the slaver released knew the Witch Doctor. He explained that the Witch Doctor is granny Fatimah, and he led them to her cottage. Here, Gina and Kahir first saw how Fatimah used her magic to make a jar levitate, and then healed the young boy’s wounds using some magic dust. Seeing that the Witch Doctor is actually a very kind person, and not what they expected, Gina and Kahir told them about the King and how he was poisoned. Fatimah agreed to help them, and they went to the palace. After examining the King, Fatimah concluded that he was cursed by one of his close relatives, and the only way to cure him is to kill the person that cursed him. Realizing that the Prime Minister must be the one behind the curse, Kahir wanted to go to his quarters and slay him, but Gina said that the Prime Minister has probably set the trap for him, so charging it would be a bad idea. Well, Fatimah spoke again and informed them that there is another way to remove the curse. Apparently, this other way included finding the ancient, extremely powerful snake, and taking one of her reverse scales, because this scale could heal any illness and remove any curse. Kahir swore that he will find this ancient creature and even face it in battle if he has to. He will do everything in his power to save his father. Gina decided to accompany him on this quest, and the two of them started the preparations for this perilous expedition.     

The stage window will display all the relevant information. Hit Start when you are ready to begin.

By tapping on the stage hint, we can see that it is recommended to have Lush Oasis set (Lush Oasis dress is required) in order to complete this stage with the perfect score.

By this time, you should have most items from this set and only two of them are probably missing.

Palm Shade is the first item, and we acquired the blueprint for this item when we completed the previous stage (1-14) with the perfect score. 

The second item is Lovesick Lament, and the blueprint for this item can be acquired by completing the stage 1-12 with the perfect score.

NOTE: Even with the all recommended items, you probably won’t be able to get the perfect score at this stage. The easiest way to get the perfect score is acquiring the Cryolite Bracer artifact (and upgrading it), which has “Cooling” and “Simple” tags, just as this stage requires. This Artifact can be acquired by reaching Light Goodwill level 5. Besides that, it is also a good idea to use some items with “Special” tag.

Magic Lamp 1-15

Our story continues with Gina talking to Light and informing him about the recent events. Needless to say, Light is very surprised after hearing her, almost suicidal plan, to go on a hunt for a Golden Snake. But, Gina explains that only the reverse scale of the Golden Snake can save the King. Also, if the King doesn’t wake up soon, Sinbad will be trialed and executed. With all these troubles pressing down on her, Gina begs Light to help her. Light teases her a bit, saying that she needs someone more capable than the prince on this mission and that’s why she is asking for his help. However, Gina points out that they have a problem, and says to Light that she can’t summon him in front of Kahir. Just as every time so far, Light has an easy solution for this problem and that’s magic. He says that he could disguise himself as a human, and meet with her and Kahir.

Gina agrees with the plan but wants to know how should she introduce Light to Kahir. Light explains that she should just say that he is a musician. Well, our character is confused, because she can’t understand why would be a musician useful in a quest to find and possibly fight the ancient serpent. However, Light explains that desert serpents live deep below the ground and that they are, basically, attracted to music. So, he should be able to lure it out. Gina concludes that Light has come up with a very good plan and agrees to it.

Light goes on, explaining that the serpent’s vision is probably bad after living so long in the darkness, so he will lure it out by playing the flute. With that said, Light thinks that Gina should dress like a dancer and, well dance, while he plays the flute. Of course, sharp-minded Gina realized that Light intends to use her as bait, and she doesn’t seem comfortable with this idea. But he reassures her, by saying that he can keep her safe, and instructs her to hurry up because they can’t waste any more time. And now, it is time to Dress Up!

For this occasion, we will use the Lush Oasis set, as recommended by the stage hint.

However, in order to achieve the PERFECT score, we will also need a CRYOLITE BRACER relic which can be acquired by reaching Light Goodwill level 5.

We made it to perfect with 7,113 in total! All the rewards from the stage will be ours. Now, let’s see what Gina will do next.

Magic Lamp 1-15

Our story continues in the desert, with Gina introducing Light to Kahir. As agreed, she said that he is a musician and he will accompany them on this journey. Gina explains to Kahir that Light can lure out the serpent by playing his flute. Well, Kahir is grateful for his help, and wants to introduce himself… But Light cuts him short, saying that he knows who Kahir because someone (Gina) has mentioned his named hundreds of times. This drew a smile on Kahir’s face, despite their very serious situation.

Gina laughed at this statement and pinched Light because he said something that was supposed to be a secret. So, our character was the first one to remind everyone of the task at hand, saying that they should approach it seriously and with caution. With that, the three of them went to the Southern Desert. Realizing that they will dehydrate if they stay in the desert too long, Light decides to start playing the flute, in an attempt to lure out the serpent. However, he is still in a light-hearted mood and pats Gina on the head with his flute. Gina was about to yell at him, but Kahir interjected by asking what kind of flute that is. Light answered that the flute is called “Punji” and he is certain that its music will draw out Golden Serpent, although it might sound a bit strange to them. Light starts playing the flute, and he was right when he told that flute sounds a bit strange, because Gina thinks that Light doesn’t know how to play this instrument because it’s making a lot of very weird noises.

Light reassures her by saying that the flute is making perfect sounds that will lure the serpent, and instructs Gina to start dancing. Gina decided to trust him on this one, and she starts dancing. And continues to dance. Finally, after dancing for almost half a day, sunburned and dehydrated Gina informs Light that she can’t go on and that she thinks that their plan won’t work. Seeing that they aren’t getting anywhere with this plan, Kahir speaks, saying that he read somewhere that snakes have terrible hearing, but they are very sensitive to changes in temperature. But, Light took this as an insult and he immediately lashes out at Kahir, saying that no scholar ever saw a Golden Serpent. He also points out that they are far away from the palace, so Kahir should put his trust in someone experienced with the desert environment and its inhabitants. Gina noticed that Light seems particularly edgy today, more so than usual. Well, now it seems that Kahir feels angry after being insulted, so it’s up to Gina to work out the conflict. She explains to the young prince that her friend Light can be a bit rude sometimes, but he means well. It seems this did the trick and ended the conflict.

Kahir calmed down and informed Gina and Light that he has done some scouting while she was dancing, and he found something interesting. The three of them went to see what he has found, and, after some digging to free the object, conclude that it is a large part of a discarded snakeskin. Light points out that this part of snakeskin is very large, much larger than that of the average snake. Gina thinks that this skin might belong to the Golden Serpent once, and she hopes that they might get lucky and find the reversed scale if they dig up some more of this old snakeskin. However, Light shattered her hope when he explained that reversed scales are imbued with magic, and they won’t come off when the serpent changes her skin. With that said, Light informs them that they will have to find the Golden Serpent in order to acquire the reverse scale. There is no other way.

Well, with her previous idea, Gina didn’t have much success. But now, she thinks that they could probably find the serpent by following the trail of discarded skin. It seems that Kahir agrees with this idea, and he also points out that now is the season during which snakes shed their skin. So, this was actually a good idea. Kahir also teases Light, by saying that this might be the “desert experience in tracking” that he was referring to. But, oddly enough, Light doesn’t respond to this minor insult.

After a short search, Gina and her friends find the snake tracks, which are so huge that they have can easily follow them. After some time, they arrive in a very large cave. Kahir noticed that it’s very humid in the cave, so he presumes that there’s probably a stream nearby, and the serpent might be resting near it. With that said, Gina suggests that they should split up and look for the serpent. With Gina’s plan was accepted, Kahir unsheathes his scimitar and starts walking down the right side of the cave, while Gina and Light go left. However, as she was walking, a frog jumped at Gina’s leg. Startled, our character slipped on some moss and bumped into Light. Looking at the patch of moss and a frog, Gina says that water must be nearby, but it seems that Light is lost deep in his thoughts, and doesn’t hear her. So, Gina asked him if everything is all right.

Light says that he thinks he has been in this place before and Gina wants to know if he remembered something about this cave. Light isn’t sure, because he doesn’t recall seeing this place, he just has a feeling that he was here before, at some point in time. Our character rationalizes that this place probably looks familiar to him because he spent so much time in the cave of Forty Thieves, and this cave is similar to that place. With that said, they decide to push on, and soon they discover another path behind a rock formation. But, Light thinks that it’s too dangerous to go forward, and decides to pull out the Punji and try to lure the snake out. But, as soon as he did that, the ground starts to shake, and they can hear Kahir’s voice calling out to them.

All of them realized that the cave is collapsing, but Light quickly yells out that this is no natural earthquake, instead, he thinks that the serpent caused the ground to shake. Suddenly, the ground below Gina’s feet starts moving, and she is hoisted up into the air. Rocks between her feet start to fall away revealing Golden Scales beneath her feet. Terrified and shocked, Gina realized that she was standing on this enormous serpent the entire time. At this moment, they hear an angry female voice, threatening them, and asking why did they invade her territory. Gina, still on top of the moving serpent, is moving farther away from Kahir and Light and thinks that she won’t be able to hold her balance much longer. Both Kahir and Light yell out to Gina, each of them instructing her to jump toward him. Terrified Gina decides to…

Jump to Kahir

Jump to Light
If you choose the first choice “Jump to Kahir” you will gain some Goodwill with this character. Gina will jump toward Kahir who will catch her and pull her out of danger with his strong arms. Concerned, he will ask our character if she’s hurt, and Gina will reply that she’s fine, thanking him for helping her.

Back to Previous Choice
If you choose the second choice “Jump to Light” you will gain some Goodwill with this character. However, Light won’t be able to catch Gina. Instead, she will slam into him and both of them will fall down to the rocky ground. Light starts to protest and says to Gina that she seems heavier than usual, concluding that she must have been eating during the past couple of days.

Back to Previous Choice

Regardless of your choice, the story continues with our characters looking up and seeing a huge Golden Serpent in front of them. So, they finally found what they were looking for. A few moments later, the Serpent speaks, saying that she has the flute music because it reminds her of Hamid (apparently, Light started playing flute again). Gina is wondering who this Hamid might be because it’s clearly someone that the Serpent hates. But, Kahir has more pressing issues at hand. He explains to the Golden Serpent that they mean her no harm. They just want her reverse scale because that’s the only way for him to cure his father. Desperate, he begs the Serpent to help him, promising that he will give her in return whatever she asks of him. But, it seems that the Serpent doesn’t believe him. In an angry voice, she replies that all humans come asking for her scales while offering the same excuse. With that, the Golden Serpent prepares to fight our characters, saying that if they want her scales they will have to first defeat her in battle.

With that said, the great Golden Serpent attacks Kahir, who manages to dodge to the side and out of harm’s way. But, the Serpent raised a huge cloud of sand, and although Kahir managed to avoid her attack he is now blinded. Realizing her victim is helpless, the Great Serpent opens her jaws, preparing to swallow Kahir. Realizing that her friend is in grave danger, Gina instinctively rushed toward him and pushed him out of the way. However, the Serpent bit her instead, and now there’s a huge gashing wound across Gina’s back. Wounded, our character loses her footing and falls into Kahir’s arms, who immediately realized that she was poisoned. But, the Golden Serpent doesn’t give them even a single moment of respite and prepares to strike again, with jaws open wide.

At this moment, Light shouts out to Gina, saying that she should be more careful, and he jumps in between them and the serpent. With an outstretched hand, Light says that he remembered Kahir’s words that Serpents are vulnerable to fire. With that in mind, he decided to test this theory and casts a fireball at the serpent. Well, the Golden Serpent definitely didn’t expect that one of our characters is capable of wielding powerful magic. As she is engulfed in flames, the Great Serpent turns into a much smaller version of itself and tries to run away through one of the cracks in the natural stone wall. Kahir immediately realized that the serpent was trying to get away, and he shouts out to Light to stop it because Gina will die from poison if the serpent escapes. Light casts another one of his spells, surrounding the serpent in flames and preventing her escape. Realizing that it can’t escape, the serpent turns into her humanoid form. She admits that she didn’t expect to encounter the magic-user.

Golden Serpent Queen asked Light to introduce himself, but he has no time to waste on introduction. Instead, he threatens the Serpent, saying that he will roast her alive and feed Gina with her flesh unless she cures the poison inside our character’s body. To illustrate his point, Light summons a ball of flame above one of his palms. Realizing that she has no other option, the Golden Serpent Queen tossed him the antidote, and Light quickly rushes to Gina’s side to cure her. Gina was amazed by Light’s magic, and she no longer thinks that his magic is unreliable, because this time it worked perfectly. Light responds that he was just acting on instinct, which leads Gina to conclude that he could maybe restore his skill by practicing fire magic. At this point in time, the venom in Gina’s body is starting to affect her, and she suddenly feels very weak. Seeing that his friend is in a serious situation, Light orders her to take the antidote immediately.

But as soon as Light handed over the vial with the antidote to Gina, it exploded in her palm releasing a cloud of purple smoke which caused Gina to cough violently. Light was shocked after seeing this, but the Golden Serpent Queen just laughed, saying that she would never give the antidote to one of her enemies. Well, she might have tricked them, but I don’t how the serpent intends to stop Light from burning her alive…

At this moment, Kahir realized that the entrance to the cave is collapsing, and he quickly comes up with a plan. The young prince says that he will look for a way out, while Light helps Gina. The Golden Serpent Queen keeps laughing, saying that there’s no way for them to help Gina, and claiming that she will die, whatever they do. The pain in Gina’s body intensifies, and she’s starting to slowly lose consciousness…

This will mark the end of Magic Lamp Stage 1-15 of Dress up Time Princess. You will receive the following rewards for completing the stage with the perfect score.

Magic Lamp 1-15

Well, this stage really ends on the cliffhanger. Will Light manage to heal Gina and will Kahir find the way out of the cave? Hmm, will Light burn the Golden Serpent Queen alive just like he promised? Find out in the next stage.

Thank you for reading.