Hello and welcome to our Dress up! Magic Lamp stage 1-16 full walkthrough and guide. In the previous stage, Gina went to see Light, before heading out in the desert in search of a great serpent. Knowing that Kahir can’ find out Light’s true identity, they decide to represent light as a musician, that can lure out the serpents by playing the lute. With that, they traveled to the Southern Desert and met with Kahir. Light explained that he can draw out the serpent from her underground hiding place, by playing the flute. While Light played the flute, Gina was dancing, acting as bait for the great serpent. However, this plan didn’t bring them many results, since even after Gina spend half a day dancing, the serpent was nowhere to be seen. On the plus side, Kahir did some scouting, while the other two were busy trying to lure out the snake with music and he discovered that looked like a huge snakeskin. After some digging, our three characters concluded that this was definitely a snakeskin, but Light explained that they won’t find the reverse scale on the dead skin, because it doesn’t fall off when the serpent changes her skin. With that said, they decided to follow the huge serpent’s tracks that lead from the snakeskin, and they stumbled into a cave. Once there, our characters decided to split up and look for the Golden Serpent. Gina was startled by a frog, slipped, and almost fell. Shortly after this incident, the ground started to shake, and Gina discovered that she was standing on the Great Serpent all along. She almost fell but was caught by Kahir/Light, depending on your choice. The Golden Serpent Queen then turned her attention to Kahir, who managed to dodge the first attack, but was blinded by a huge cloud of sand in the process. Seeing that her victim is helpless, the Golden Serpent Queen was poised to strike, but at this moment Gina reacted and pushed Kahir out of harm’s way. However, although our character saved Kahir, she was bitten by the serpent and poisoned. Kahir immediately rushed to her aid, while the serpent was preparing to strike. At this moment, Light intervened and hit the Golden Serpent Queen with a fireball spell, which terrified her. She tried to escape by turning into a smaller serpent and attempting to slip through the cracks in the stone wall, but Light used another spell to surround her with fire. Light demanded an antidote for Gina, threatening that he will burn the Serpent alive if she doesn’t oblige. The Serpent agreed at first and handed them over the antidote. However, the antidote was false, and the bottle disintegrated in Gina’s hands. At this moment, the cave entrance collapsed, so Kahir rushed to try to find the other way out, why Light stayed behind to help Gina… 

The stage window will display all the relevant information. Hit Start when you are ready to begin.

By tapping on stage hint, we can see that it is recommended to have three specific pieces of clothing in order to complete this stage with the perfect score.

Sea of Pearls is the first item, and the blueprint for this item we acquired during the previous stage.

The second item is Bejeweled Slippers, and the blueprint for this item can be acquired from Parven’s Shop.

The last item, Pearl Bracelet, you probably already have because it can be acquired during Encounters with Merchant.

Our story continues with Gina waking up on the cold stones, too weak to get up. The first thing she saw was Golden Serpent Queen, telling her not to exert herself, since she’s still weak. At first, our character didn’t see her two friends, Kahir and Light. But, after a few moments, she saw both of them lying on the ground, motionless. Gina yelled at the Golden Serpent Queen and demanded to know what happened to her friends. Golden Serpent Queen explained that Light and Kahir attacked her, but she was able to overpower them. Light was the first to fall, shortly followed by Kahir, who stood no chance against her without the help of a magic user. Gina crawls to Light, but it seems that her friend is sleeping and won’t wake up.

Seeing her friends lying motionless on the ground, Gina started to blame herself for their fate and burst into tears. At this moment, Golden Serpent Queen spoke again, saying that all men are selfish and do not deserve Gina’s tears. Through tears, our character shoots back at the Serpent, yelling that her friends are different. But, the Serpent just replied that all men are the same, just like Hamid. Gina remembered that this creature in front of her already mentioned Hamid, and she asks her about his identity. After our character inquired about Hamid, Great Golden Serpent became enraged, saying that this man charmed her with his flute. She was so enchanted by him, that she thought about turning into a mortal and spending the rest of her life with him. But, Hamid tricked her, stole her scales, and used them to heal the Princess, thereby gaining the favor of the king. After some time, the tricky Hamid married the Princess, but the Golden Serpent crashed their wedding. She wanted to kill Hamid, but he pushed his bride, the Princess, inside the Serpent’s mouth. That’s why Golden Serpent Queen believes that all men are selfish.

However, Gina wants to change her mind, and she claims that are also good men, Golden Serpent Queen was just very unfortunate to run into one of the worst of his kind. But, it seems that Gina’s attempt has failed because the Serpent replies that men have killed each other for years over gold and other riches. She witnessed multiple events of this kind, over the past few millennia. Finally, the Serpent also says, that Gina is too young to understand these things, and assures her that Kahir would abandon her, is his life was at stake. However, Gina thinks that the Serpent is wrong. With that said, Golden Serpent Queen proposes a wager.

Golden Serpent Queen wants to know if Gina truly believes what would Kahir do if he had to choose between Gina’s life and the reverse scale that can cure his father. But, Gina thinks it would be very cruel to make Kahir choose between the life of his friend and the life of his father. With that said, Golden Serpent Queen explains her intentions. As soon as Kahir does something greedy or selfish she will swallow him whole. After that, she will do the same to Light. Seeing that a bet is their only way out of this situation, Gina wants to know what will she get if Kahir acts selflessly and chooses Gina’s life over the reverse scale. Golden Serpent Queen explains that she will give an antidote to Gina and let her and both of her friends go freely. Well, our character wants to complete her mission and so she asks what will happen to the reverse scale. Golden Serpent Queen promises, that she won’t ask Kahir to return it, once she has given it to him. With that said, she blows some dust into Gina’s face and our character discovers that her voice is gone. With that, she gives instructions to Gina. In order for this bargain to work, our character has to pretend to be sleeping, so both of them can see Kahir’s true nature.

With that said, Golden Serpent Queen went over to Kahir, put something green into his mouth, and after a few moments the young prince was awake and ready for the test. His first reaction was to ask the Great Serpent what did she gave him, but after he found out that it was just a healing elixir, Kahir calmed down. Then he looked around himself and saw that Gina and Light are still sleeping. Naturally, he wanted to know why did Golden Serpent Queen saved him, but not his friends. She replies that Kahir was talking about saving his father while he was dreaming and that reminded her of something from her past. So, she decided to be merciful and help him out. After she spoke, Golden Serpent Queen took one of her scales and it magically flew toward Kahir. He hesitated at first, but a few moments later he decided to reach out and take the scale. As soon as he took the scale, the cave entrance opened, and Kahir was free to go. However, Golden Serpent Queen explained that he can go freely, sure, but his friends will remain in the cave… Now, we will see if Gina was right about him.

Well, it seems Gina was right because Kahir clearly said that he doesn’t want to leave his friends behind. But, Golden Serpent Queen explained that they are having a business transaction. Kahir will get the scale in exchange for the lives of his friends. She also says that she can’t let Light go free, because of his wielding fire magic, and that makes him very dangerous for her safety. Gina, on the other hand, doesn’t pose a threat to this very powerful creature. However, Golden Serpent Queen lies to Kahir saying that Gina will probably die soon, anyway, so he shouldn’t blame himself for her death. Instead, he should just take the golden scale and leave. But, much to the surprise of the Serpent, the young prince refused, saying that he will find doctors who can treat and cure Gina.

Unfortunately for Kahir, Golden Serpent Queen explains that the only cure for poison is the reverse scale that she gave him. Furthermore, she has only one such scale, and a new one will grow up in a hundred years. So, the young prince is faced with a very difficult choice, because if he saves Gina, his father will die. Kahir lowers his head and thinks about his decision. Gina is observing him from the ground when suddenly Light grabs her hand. He put a finger across his lips, signaling Gina to be quiet. Then, he points at the back of the Golden Serpent Queen, implying that they should sneak attack her (prepare additional D6s, DnD fans). Now Gina has to choose one of two options.

Support Light

Trust Kahir
If you choose the first option “Support Light” you will gain some Goodwill with this character. Gina thinks about her options and concludes that they have every advantage. Kahir already has the Scale, and Golden Serpent Queen won’t be able to defend against Light’s sneak attack (plus it deals x2 damage or additional D6s depending on the setting). Seeing that they have a high chance of success, Gina signals Light to prepare to strike. But just when he was ready to make his move, Kahir spoke, saying that Gina took a hit from the Serpent instead of him, so the scale should belong to her.

Back to Previous Choice
If you choose the second option “Support Kahir” you will gain lose Goodwill with Light. Gina will press Light’s hand down, and shake her head, signaling him to stand down. At his moment, Golden Serpent Queen will speak again, saying to Kahir that she doesn’t have much time and that he has to make a decision. Kahir says that Gina took a hit from the Serpent instead of him, so the scale should belong to her, just like in the first choice.

Back to Previous Choice

The story will continue the same way, regardless of your previous choice. Golden Serpent will conclude that Kahir has decided to forfeit his father’s life. This will cause a very angry reaction from the young prince. He explains that the blood of the relative is required to break the curse. So, he offers his life to Golden Serpent Queen in exchange for the life of his father. But, the Golden Serpent Queen thinks that Kahir is trying to trick her. She claims that Kahir said that he will give the scale to Gina, but he still hasn’t done that. So, there’s no way for the Serpent to know what will Kahir do with the scale once he leaves the cave. With that said, Kahir approaches the Golden Serpent Queen and says that he is giving her the scale so she can use it to heal Gina.

Golden Serpent Queen stares at Kahir in disbelief for a few moments. Then she explains that she never expected to see a human being that would sacrifice itself to help somebody else. With that, she informs Kahir that he has passed the test and that Gina has won the bet. After saying that, Golden Serpent Queen dispels the spell that was keeping Gina silent and heals the wounds on her back and suddenly, Gina feels rejuvenated. Golden Serpent Queen informs her that everything will be fine, since she already gave her the antidote, and the wounds on her back are only superficial. Gina can’t believe that they are free, but Golden Serpent Queen just orders them to go before she changed her mind. Kahir and Gina carry Light out, followed by the gaze of the Gold Serpent Queen who seems to be fixated on Light. At this moment she was probably wondering if letting Light go was a good idea since he presents such a serious threat to her with his fire magic. As soon as the trio left the cave, the entrance collapsed, and, with the reverse scale in their hands, they headed back home.

On their way back, Gina explained to Kahir the nature of her bet with Golden Serpent Queen. Finally, she concluded, that there is goodness in the creature they met. As soon as they reached the palace, Kahir took the reverse scale to Fatimah so she can prepare the cure for the king. Gina, on the other hand, stayed with Light, who remained unconscious for hours. Finally, just when Light woke up, Fatimah and Kahir returned with the good news. Fatimah explains that she prepared the cure for the king, and gave it to him, so he should regain his consciousness shortly. Kahir is very grateful to Fatimah for saving his father. However, the old lady says that she was only doing her duty as the doctor. The real heroes are the three friends that went into the Golden Serpent’s cave and came back with the reverse scale.

Kahir thanks his friends for their help, but Light says that he just wants to know how the prince intends to repay him for his services. Naturally, Gina immediately yelled at him. But, Light approached Kahir and whispered something in his ear. The prince was nodding, obviously agreeing with his proposal. Gina is wondering what they might be talking about, but Light says that his conversation with the prince will remain secret. Well, our character thinks that something is fishy here, because Kahir and Light weren’t really close friends, at least not until now.

Kahir is concerned about Gina’s wound, but she assures him that she feels fine. Regardless, granny Fatimah takes her way to dress the wound. After that, Gina can change her bloodstained clothes. And now, it is time to Dress Up!

For this occasion, we will use the three items that we mentioned previously Sea of Pearls, Bejeweled Slippers, and Pearl Bracelet.

If you have all the items recommended by the stage hints (or suitable replacements), achieving a perfect score shouldn’t be too hard.

We made it to perfect with 4,271 in total! All the rewards from the stage will be ours. Now, let’s see what Gina will do next.

After Gina changed her old clothes, a servant came in and instructs Fatimah to go to the King’s quarters. Gina wants to join her, but Lights stopped her. He explains that only the King, the Queen, Kahir, and Fatimah are allowed into the King’s chambers. Kahir sent a messenger and instructed Gina and Light to wait for him at Sinbad’s house. Gina is concerned that reverse scale didn’t work and that the King is still cursed, but Light calms her down. He explains that the King is fine and well, and he remembers everything that happened on the day when Sinbad joined him for lunch. Light goes on, saying that King wanted to see the servant that gave Sinbad the letter of invitation. However, the servant was found dead, shortly after the King recovered. After examining the body, Fatimah concluded that he was poisoned. After thinking about it for a bit, Gina concluded that the Prime Minister probably ordered someone to poison the servant, in order to cover up his tracks.

 Light confirms her suspicion, saying that the King, the Queen, and Kahir, all feel the same way. However, they have no evidence that could implicate the Prime Minister, so they will have to say that servant committed suicide. With that said, Light thinks that he and Gina should leave the palace because Chapur might be involved in this plot. Just thinking about Chapur is enough to send shivers across Gina’s spine. Our character thinks that she has to find the Magic Lamp’s gemstone soon. Otherwise, she’s afraid that something terrible might happen.

This will mark the end of Magic Lamp Stage 1-16 of Dress up Time Princess and the end of the first chapter. You will receive the following rewards for completing the stage with the perfect score.

What will happen next? Will the Prime Minister answer for his crime? Also, will Gina manage to finally find the Magic Lamp’s gemstone? Find out in the next chapter.

Thank you for reading.