Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Taisho Adventures Chapter 1 Stage 1 of Dress up Time Princess. This is a new book. Taisho Adventures is a book that brings you a new hero and new challenges. It is not yet known what it is about, but we are here to guide you and help you make this new adventure a better day. Your new name is Yuko. More on that below. Hit Start when you are ready to begin.

‘’Maru – Take – Ebisu – Ni – Oshi – Oike’’. ‘’Ane – San – Rokkaku – Tako – Nishiki’’. A strange nursery rhyme is lingering about your ears. This place is unfamiliar to you. You have never heard of this song before. You are wondering where you are. You look around in confusion, trying to make sense of it all. A moment later, these strange dream-like images suddenly give ‘’you’’ a strong sense of nostalgia.

It is a little bit strange. You do not know in what book you are. You are absorbed in a torrent of fascinating emotions that overwhelm you when you enter a book. A young girl appears beside you. She is staring fixedly at you.

The moment your eyes meet hers, memories of ‘’you’’ flash through your head. The girl in front of you is Kuroko Sato, and you are Yuko Sato from Sato Orphanage. Everyone at Sato orphanage always jokes about how cold and icy Kuroko is, just like the Yuki-onna from the mountains.

However, you believe she’s just as human as anyone else. She is your best friend.

Kuroko Sato says that if you want to read the books, you can do it. Before Sato-sensei left, he told Kuroko Sato that he left some poetry books for you. The Sato orphanage is the source of your shared family name, and it is also your home. The orphanage is just like any other orphanage, and it always has trouble making ends meet. But no matter how scarce money is, Sato-sensei, the head of the orphanage never lets you go hungry. The orphanage is full of books, just like a little library. Maybe that is why the orphanage is in so much debt?

If you are not feeling well, you should forget about the ‘’night-time stroll’’ tonight. You don’t know why you instinctively declined her suggestion. But you remember now… ‘’Nighttime stroll’’ is your secret code.

Kuroko Sato’s muttering has awakened a vague feeling of repulsion within you. A ‘’nighttime stroll’’ isn’t literally a stroll. It’s your code for stealing things. Your values tell you that it is wrong, but the memories in this body tell you that it’s all for the sake of your beloved orphanage. After a brief internal tussle with yourself, you sigh.

You will say that you think that this stroll will be a good opportunity for you. There will be many rich people from the imperial capital at the event.

It is getting late. Go change into something suitable for the event. You smile gratefully at her, and then dash off to get ready for tonight’s art gala.

To make a fortune off the Kazoku, change into a Charming and Gentle dress so they will let down their guard.

The plan is pretty simple. You are the young lady of the Kokura family who is attending the art auction tonight. Kuroko Sato is your maid, Kiku. Now is the time to have some fun with the Kazoku noblemen. ‘’Kokura-san’’ acts as bait, by drawing attention to her looks and her wit. Next to her, the quiet ‘’Maid Kiku’ steals the valuables. Kuroko Sato and you slowly distance yourselves from the crowd when no one is paying attention to you. You scurry to an inconspicuous corner and quietly discuss the evening’s gains. Tonight’s loot fills you with hope for the future of the orphanage. You are left with your last target. The main focus of your ‘’stroll’’ tonight. It has captured your attention since you entered the place.

You really should take the ruby necklace. Great minds think alike, and you smile at each other. Getting the necklace proved a bit tricky, but you managed to pull It off. You now have the ruby necklace. You have achieved your goal, so you shouldn’t stay any longer. Kuroko Sato and you are about to leave when an unfamiliar voice calls out to you.

Merchant Jon is an organizer of this art auction. You can call him Jon. You look suspicious at the merchant. His eyes are a dazzling blue in colour.

Merchant Jon thought that he had been a bad host since you seem so eager to leave. He will ask if you want to dispose of your ‘’trash’’. Your eyes follow his finger and land on the thing he has termed ‘’trash’’. It is your prize of the night, concealed in an ugly bag, now mistaken as trash. The merchant’s gaze is fixed on you, and you can’t wink at Kuroko Sato to signal to her. Gritting your teeth, you put on an angry face to chide Kuroko Sato.

Pretending to be angry, you sternly reprimand Kuroko Sato, and watch Jon-san’s reaction out of the corner of your eye. Kuroko Sato immediately plays along by shrinking away and trembling.

By scolding Kuroko Sato, you have created an opportunity for her to stash your prize. Kuroko Sato’s acting is flawless. You silently praise her as she disappears into the distance. The hurt expression in her eyes manages to trigger a sense of guilt in time. You want to go after her, but you can feel the weight of Jon-san’s scrutiny. You should: Option 1 (Continue playing your role) or Option 2 (Go after Kuroko).

Continue playing your role
Go after Kuroko

If you select Option 1 (Continue playing your role), Akira Suzuki Goodwill goes up. You lift your head and look at Jon-san with a smile as if nothing has happened.

Merchant Jon says that you are decisive and resolute, and your demeanor exudes the dignity of the upper class. Jon-san’s words sound like a compliment, but they are too pleasing to the ear and make you feel nervous as if you have done something wrong.

You feel incredibly apprehensive. A popular song starts playing. To distract Jon-san from the topic, you put a hand on his arm and exclaim in a cutesy voice.

You smile invitingly, and he returns the gesture. 

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If you select Option 2 (Go after Kuroko), you will ask Jon-san to excuse you. You need to go check on your maid.

He also says that the bond that stretches across the gap in social status is truly touching. Jon-san seems composed and sincere, but you can’t help feeling uneasy. His gentle words sound like a bitter pill coated in sugar. Was there something about your behavior that has aroused his suspicions? You are feeling incredibly apprehensive. A popular song starts playing. To distract Jan-san from the topic, you put a hand on his arm and exclaim in a cutesy voice.

You smile invitingly, and he returns the gesture. The auction is over. Kuroko Sato and you mingle with the dispersing crowd and slip into the backyard to retrieve your prize for the night.

You lower your voices as you fumble among the grass and shrubs. As you watch Kuroko Sato rummage through the vegetation, you think about how she’s always helping you. And yet, you’d just… You must apologize to Kuroko Sato.

She says that you do not need to apologize. She is here for you whenever you need her. You had no choice, according to Kuroko Sato. She trusts you because she knows what kind of person you are. After hearing this, you are moved by her faith in you and thank her from the bottom of your heart.

She is always silently supporting you in whatever you do. You will mention kabuki play. You can’t help imitating the tone and movements of the kabuki play. ‘’Kanjincho’’ is the Kabuki play Sato-sensei watches most often. The story tells General Yoshitsune’s journey. He fled the capital with his subordinate Benkei to escape his powerful elder brother’s jealousy.

Kuroko Sato will feel a little bit better. She says that Yoshitsune is the main character. She Is no worthy… She will be a kuroko. You sigh. She is not talking about her name. ‘’Kuroko’’ here refers to the stage helpers… People who hide the scenes and merely exist for the actors.

She is not a shadow. She is she, a unique and special person who exists in this world. She can be whatever she wants to be. And whatever she decides, you will support her. You are also certain that Jon-san is not fit for any decent role.

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You will say to Kuroko Sato that the bag is missing. You look where Kuroko Sato is pointing. A garbage truck is moving off. That is your bag dangling off the truck. If it gets incinerated, all your efforts will be in vain. Little by little and we came to the end of the first stage. The beginning is always difficult until you get used to it and get into the story. Getting to know the characters is a demanding process. We will help you succeed in these initial endeavors as soon as possible. Stage 2 is the next step. Let’s be patient. We will enjoy a new adventure together. Follow our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.