Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Taisho Adventures Chapter 1 Stage 10 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, Semi Suwa found you. He is a very dangerous man. He is a man who has his own ways of torturing people to the point that he will tell him everything. He is looking for people who engage in illegal business such as Akira Suzuki. Unfortunately for you, he found a way to find you. It is a very unfortunate circumstance because it depends on you whether you will be able to continue with your business. You met on the street and he wanted to arrest you. Kuroko Sato and you ran as far as you could. At one point you broke up and you fell. Luckily for you, Kii-san met you. He managed to lift you and offer you the option to go home with him. You had two options. Each option had its consequences. There will be in the future. We wish you good luck. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 10.

With Kii-san escorting you, you arrive safely at Suzuki-san’s residence. The door sign that originally read ‘’Suzuki’’ has been removed. Kuroko Sato and you stare at it in astonishment. Kii-san is puzzled.

You are sure that you are in the right place. Kii-san notices how determined you are, and decides not to say more. He still looks concerned though. He nods to say goodbye and leaves. Kuroko Sato and you turn to look at the front door. It is locked, and it does seem like no one is staying here.

Perhaps that fellow managed to get himself arrested, says Kuroko Sato. You should go in and check for clues. Your intrusion is met with silence. Only the chirping of cicadas can be heard. Kuroko Sato applies her nimble fingers to the lock, and the door opens with a click. The interior of the house is in chaos.

If he was taken from here, there should be more footprints. As you walk through the living room, you notice the newspaper on the table.

It is today’s newspaper, and as usual, it details various events in Kobe… Two articles have been circled hastily in red. You subconsciously read out the headlines. ‘’Malfeasance by corrupt Kazoku awaits judgment from Sochitsu Ryo’’…’’ Thieves are still on the run; secret box missing for good’’…

The auction house article seems plausible… but the one about Kazoku not. Something inside the house falls over with a crash. Startled, Kuroko Sato and you exchange looks and look in the direction of the sound. The person you’ve looking for is still in here. What to do? You have two options. Option 1 (Search together) or Option 2 (Split up and search).

Search together
Split up and search

If you select Option 1 (Search together), Kuroko Sato goodwill goes up. You think it’s safer for you two to stick together. After pondering for a moment, you propose sticking together, and Kuroko Sato nods in agreement. You want to take a closer look at the paper, but there are footsteps in the hallway.

Yuko doesn’t know. Those footsteps don’t sound like Akira Suzuki. The footsteps come to a stop just as you are about to stick your head into the hallway to check what’s going on. The owner of the footsteps peers into the room. It’s Semi Suwa.

Kuroko Sato and you back away slowly. Your intuition tells you that he is certainly up to no good. He says that it is time for you to die. His words make you feel incredibly anxious. You are sure he wants to silence you. Kuroko Sato and you run towards the back door.

On the way to the back door, you see Akira Suzuki. Kuroko Sato strides forwards and tries to grab hold of Akira Suzuki. However, blood spreads across Kuroko Sato’s shoulder, and before you can figure out what’s going on, there are more shots in quick succession. She stumbles and falls forward. Kuroko Sato’s eyes widen and go dark.

The gun in Semi Suwa’s hand is still smoking. His voice is chilling.

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If you select Option 2 (Split up and search), you will think it is faster to split up to find the source of the crash.

You put Kuroko Sato’s shoulder, and venture further inside. You walk along the engawa. In the past, you would be following Akira Suzuki, who was always in a rush, so you have never noticed the surroundings in detail. As you try to take a closer look, you hear more objects falling over, and someone is cursing in a low voice. The sound is coming from a room not far ahead.

You peek cautiously into the room. There are various items and glass fragments scattered across the floor. Akira Suzuki seems rather distressed and looks like he’s preparing to flee. He sighs with relief when sees you then he questions you as though he’s trying to distract me.

When he declined to talk about the secret box, he gave to you, you frown at him. You just want to ask him if he knows where the box was from. You are interrupted by the sound of someone running down the corridor, and the Tokko appears at the door. You stare at him in shock.

Semi Suwa steps closer to you. His gaze is fixed on you, and his eyes shine with excitement, like a hound about to pounce on its prey.

You do not understand a word he said. Someone gives you a violent shake. You come to your senses and look at Suzuki-san, who seems incredibly anxious. He reprimands you in a low voice.

The sound of wood splintering upon impact is so loud that it has obliterated Tokko’s unfinished sentence. You stare blankly at Kuroko Sato, who has smashed a wooden chair into Semi Suwa. Her eyes look savage.

Stunned, you gaze upon the prone Semi Suwa and the shattered remains of the wooden chair. You ignore Akira Suzuki’s flippant remark and watch Kuroko Sato in silence as she gasps for air.

Kuroko Sato realizes you are looking at her. She walks towards you with trembling legs. You think she wants to comfort you.

(Bang*bang*bang) Blood spreads across Kuroko Sato’s shoulder, and before you can figure out what’s going on, there are more shots in quick succession. She stumbles and falls forward. Kuroko Sato’s eyes widen and go dark.

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The gun in Semi Suwa’s hand is still smoking. His voice is chilling. You are scared, but Kuroko Sato has been hurt, and you are so furious that you charge forwards to fight your opponent. Akira Suzuki, who has draped Kuroko Sato across his back, pulls you away.

The hawking of vendors, the sound of Akira Suzuki swearing away, the noise of the city tram going past… You hear nothing except for the sound of your panicked footsteps. You do not know how long you ran, and what places you passed by. All you see is Kuroko Sato’s pale face. Kuroko Sato’s eyes squeezed shut in pain. Her usually pale face now looks even paler.

If you only hadn’t agreed to work with Akira Suzuki. If only you hadn’t insisted on finding out about the box. Unable to think coherently, you follow Akira Suzuki through many winding alleys until you manage to shake off the Tokko.

Akira Suzuki puts Kuroko Sato down. She has passed out from the pain. After telling you to sit down, he starts bustling about the place. After some rummaging, he returns with a medical kit to examine Kuroko Sato’s wounds.

He ordered you to press the gauze to her wound to stop the bleeding. You wonder if Kuroko Sato will be okay. Suzuki-san cannot tell you that because he is not sure. The problem is that there are not enough supplies for Kuroko Sato. You will have to manage with the stuff you have.

Akira Suzuki advises you not to be silly. Tokko might find you and kill you. Maybe he realizes just how determined you are. Akira Suzuki stops objecting and ponders for a moment before nodding at you. If you insist on going out and buying medical supplies, go change out of those dirty clothes first. He will write down an address and a list for you. To avoid unwanted attention when buying the medicines, change into something Charming and Gentle to mix in with the crowd.

After changing your clothes, you take the medicine list from Akira Suzuki. He keeps nagging you in the hallway. He says that the Tokko and his men might still be looking for you three, so you should stick to crowded places. That way, you will be able to shake off any pursuers. Akira Suzuki’s advice is important, but you can’t help looking worriedly at Kuroko Sato. You are afraid for her and angry at yourself.

You take the map but it is not far from here. The map is important because you have to take detour to make sure Tokko and his men can’t find this place. You nod. With the map in your hands, you set off towards your destination.

If only you had stayed in the Sato orphanage instead of obsessing about that box. When you arrive at your desired destination, you hand Akira Suzuki’s handwritten note to the black-market merchant and give him the code word for the transaction. The shopkeeper takes you the medicine from under the counter, and you pray for Kuroko Sato’s well-being. Once you have received the life-saving medicine, you cradle the paper bag in your arms and run to catch the crowded city tram.

As you fret anxiously, you overhear the conversation of the passengers beside you. They are talking about the real Karasuma family and their return to the city. Karasuma is the name of the family you have been using for your benefit. That might be a problem for you. They have just returned to the country and got caught for malfeasance.

To you, it is as if they are talking about things happening in another world. Masaya Hino is probably going to benefit from all of this. Everyone knows he is the best choice for the succession. He has a good relationship with the military and the political influence of the Miyagawa family.

The heir, Masaya Hino, and the Miyagawa family… It all sounds so complicated. If Kuroko Sato were here, she would probably think of something. It is too bad the Miyagawa family is left with just the old lady. At least you have Kuroko Sato by your side. But if Kuroko Sato does not survive this, you will end up all alone.

Tears well up in your eyes, and you fight to hold them back. You are completely distraught when the tram arrives at your stop. After getting off the tram, you check around you to make sure that no one is tailing you, and then you hurry to the hiding place.

This is how Stage 10 ends. Chapter 1 has had 10 fantastic stages so far. In this way, he shows us that many more problems await us. The very fact that you have teamed up with Akira Suzuki is an additional problem for you. The man got you into a lot of trouble because you wanted to get rich in a very fast way. To make matters worse, the Karasuma family is returning to the city. You will have a lot to endure. Will you have problems because you used this famous name of a rich family? Will you save Kuroko Sato and thus remove her from life-threatening danger? You can find out all this on our Walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.