Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Taisho Adventures Chapter 1 Stage 12 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you had a conversation with Akira Suzuki. Many things could be solved there. Everything that happened in the previous days came to a charge. Your conversation with Akira Suzuki could have had a sudden ending as you were able to choose an option that would allow you to officially end your collaboration with this con artist. You could only choose that if you didn’t take his word for it. On the other hand, your cooperation continues if you trust him but be careful. That way this game goes on and you get to the point that you have to find a person who can answer all your questions for you. Stage 12 is based on that principle, finding that mysterious person who knows everything you need. Good luck! Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 12.

Stage 12 begins with you remembering what happened in the previous stage, Stage 11. You remembered how you faced Akira Suzuki’s seemingly sincere confession, you consider everything for a few moments and realize that it would indeed be better for you to work with him for now. If you don’t deal with Semi Suwa somehow, you would have to spend your lives in hiding, and you might even endanger the Sato orphanage. What’s more, you can’t just abandon the orphanage, and you can’t subject Kuroko Sato to that kind of life.

He can’t keep any more secrets from you. He must tell you and Kuroko Sato every part of the plan he made. Every single detail. Secondly, he can’t use you two as bait for his personal gain, unless he has your explicit consent. Your cooperation will end once he breaks any of these conditions.

Remind him that he is the one who has destroyed the trust between you two. You are merely being cautious.

Akira Suzuki says that you just have to rebuild your bond from the ground up so that you can have faith in him again… These thoughts are running through your head while you gaze at the unconscious Kuroko Sato. You agreed with Akira Suzuki, the famous con artist. You hold her hand tightly. Her forehead is glistening with cold sweat. You smooth her hair away from her face. Her face is still deathly pale, but her breathing is steadier than before. You feel a bit more reassured.

It never occurred to you that you are the one depending on her instead. From now on, you will promise that you will protect Kuroko Sato.

Akira Suzuki tells you that you need to pull yourself together now. Suzuki-san and you have a business to discuss. According to sources of Suzuki-san, officials from the Sochitsu Ryo will arrive at the Karasuma residence.

Akira Suzuki does not like the old man, but he doesn’t think he has done anything wrong. And he doubts he’s corrupt. These days, Karasuma’s residence is heavily guarded, and no outsiders are allowed to enter.

According to Akira Suzuki, you are going to do the complete opposite. You will go on the day when security is at its tightest, that is, the day when the officials arrive. You are staggered by Akira Suzuki’s proposal. You look at his smug expression and wait for him to continue. This is the time to showcase your talent. Akira Suzuki is suggesting that you impersonate an official from Sochitsu Ryo, and ask them to let you in. You have to play the role of a police officer accompanying an official from the Sochitsu Ryo. In this case, Akira Suzuki is going to be an official from the Sochitsu Ryo. Suzuki-san smiles confidently. You are suddenly curious about something. What are you so curious about? Option 1 (Suzuki-san’s eyes) or Option 2 (How he’s related to Lord Karasuma).

Suzuki-san’s eyes
How's he related to Lord Karasuma

If you select Option 1 (Suzuki-san’s eyes), you will him about his eyes. They could probably give him away when he pretends to be an official. However, Akira Suzuki has already prepared his answer. He says that the truly remarkable art of deception has the ability to turn white into black.

It is almost time. Go try on the clothes. If they don’t fit, he will ask Shiratori-chan to alter them for you. To visit the Karasuma residence, wear something Noble to help your disguise as a police officer. Do not forget to Stay Warm.

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If you select Option 2 (How he’s related to Lord Karasuma), Akira Suzuki goodwill goes up. You will ask Akira Suzuki how is he connected to Lord Karasuma.

Lord Karasuma’s family is a part of the Miyagawa family tree. They have served the Miyagawa family for a long time. He was just a nobody who was captured by the Miyagawa family and had to work for them for a while. He didn’t want to continue working for them after that.

It is almost time. Go try on the clothes. If they don’t fit, he will ask Shiratori-chan to alter them for you. To visit the Karasuma residence, wear something Noble to help your disguise as a police officer. Do not forget to Stay Warm.

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Before you even get anywhere near the Karasuma residence, you can spot guards stationed in the distance. Akira Suzuki comes to a sudden stop. This whistle is for you. If there is an emergency, you will use a code. Two short blows and one long blow will mean that you have been discovered, so you have to run. You will escape separately, and regroup at the place you have agreed on. Try it now.

Two short blows and one long blow means you have to run away. One long blow and two short blows will mean you have escaped safely. Akira Suzuki sights and walks resolutely towards the gate. At the gate, the guard will stop you.

Two guards at the doorstop you. Akira Suzuki puts on an exasperated expression. You hurriedly hand an identification card over to the guard. The guard looks at Suzuki-san in confusion, and then at the card in his hand. He narrows his eyes and scrutinizes Akira Suzuki.

Akira Suzuki bangs his cane on the ground intimidatingly and grumbles impatiently. His acting skills are so good that for a moment, you really thought a high official had appeared before you. Akira Suzuki says that the guard will be punished if he once more tries to waste his time.

You follow the main guard and walk past the other guards. He leads you to a closed wooden door. The guard says that Lord Karasuma is inside a room. You push open the door of the room, and see a solemn-looking old man sitting inside.

The old man glances at Akira Suzuki and responds coldly to the greeting. Akira Suzuki shrugs helplessly at you as if to say he had expected this. He introduces you to Lord Karasuma. He says unexpected things.

He also said that you ventured here today because you have some questions for him. Lord Karasuma does not utter a single word. Faced with such indifference, Akira Suzuki spreads his hands to indicate that there’s nothing he can do. He pushes you forwards and winks. Clearly, he wants you to start questioning.

You bow nervously to him. Lord Karasuma is so serious and imposing that your nerves are stretched taut. However, you know that you must get through this, so you ask him about the secret box. You take the secret box out of your pocket and place it in front of him. His eyes light up, and his cold face gains a bit of warmth.

Honke is the main household of a family where the heir resides. The heir is often the eldest son. He stands to inherit the household’s land and wealth. Lord Karasuma said Honke. Maybe he means the Miyagawa family.

Lord Karasuma says that this box once belonged to the wife of the second son in the Honke. It was custom-made in a secret store before she got married. No one knows what’s inside and what its purpose was. Alas, the Miyagawa family was once prominent, but ever since the disappearance of the young lady, you have seen so many shi-e. (Shi-e is a common belief in medieval Japan… The fear of death led to the belief that death is infectious… If one comes into contact with a corpse, they will also be infected with death.)

Lord Karasuma also says that this secret box contains clues that would lead you to the young lady. The old man pauses and sighs.  He says that the young lady is no longer with you. Right now, it feels as if this elderly Kazoku is just an old man who has been overwhelmed by sorrow, and has lost all hope.

You don’t have to apologize, says Lord Karasuma. Seeing this box again has made him feel a little better. At this point, you want to ask more, but Akira Suzuki interrupts your conversation.

You look at him in protest about this order. But he merely shakes his head at you. He says that he needs some privacy because he has to ask some personal questions. He wants you to go out. He will let you know if there’s anything relevant to you. He remembers your agreement. After Akira Suzuki’s assurance and apologetic smile, you reluctantly head outside to keep watch. However, you keep the door ajar so that you can eavesdrop on their conversation.

Lord Karasuma says that it is to do with the inheritance. The people hiding in the shadows have gone out of their way to frame him.  If it goes on, the family will be in an even more precarious state.

Lord Karasuma adds that the family currently has no successor, so they are forced to select Masaya Hino from a family branch to continue the Miyagawa family line. There is some opposition from the other branches, but there isn’t much time left before the official announcement of the heir. It would be unrealistic to hope that the young lady will appear when you don’t even know if she’s dead or alive. They are at their wits’ end. They can only sit and wait. The only thing that can break this deadlock now would be if some unexpected and insignificant person were to appear.

Akira Suzuki raises his eyebrows. A thoughtful look spreads across his face. He seems to have come up with an idea. He approaches Lord Karasuma and whispers something in his ear. Suzuki-san must have come up with a sly plot of some kind.

This dilemma ends Stage 1-12. A very interesting story that leads us to new challenges, is slowly reaching its peak. Will you find out who this new person is? Is that you? Will you be able to save yourself from the impending danger? You can follow all this on our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.