Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Taisho Adventures Chapter 1 Stage 13 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you went to meet a very famous and important person in your business. This is Lord Karasuma. Lord Karasuma is the person who allowed him to lend you a name so that you could adapt to the elite that surrounded you these previous days. Everything that has happened in the meantime has been monitored by important people led by Lord Karasuma. This elderly gentleman has a remarkable influence in Japan. This means that he is in very serious business, one of which is with Akira Suzuki. Suzuki-san proposed to Lord Karasum to find someone who was not seen often, to do a very important job for the future of their business. Guess which person might be in circulation. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 13.

Akira Suzuki notices you and halts his conversation with Lord Karasuma. He gives you a look and pulls the heavy wooden door shut, blocking all sound from the room. The corridor is now silent. You stain in vain to hear more and pick up the sound of whispering at the other end of the corridor. You wonder what those people are discussing. Unable to resist your curiosity, you walk towards the sound and overhear a conversation between two men. The familiar voice reminds you of Option 1 (A person who is like the sun) or Option 2 (A person who is like a nightmare).

A person who is like the sun
A person who is like a nightmare

If you select Option 1 (A person who is like the sun), you wonder why Kii-san is here. His voice is remarkably reassuring. You subconsciously relax.

The sudden thought makes you afraid and hopeful at the same time. You inch a little closer.

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If you select Option 2 (A person who is like a nightmare), you see Semi Suwa?! You didn’t expect his scary man to show up here. You are so nervous that your heart almost leaps out of your chest. Clapping a hand over your mouth, you stifle an exclamation of surprise. Once you have calmed down a little, you realize there’s something off about this.

You suppress your fear and inch closer. Kuniya Kii welcomes Semi Suwa. He says that Semi Suwa’s proposal is too radical, and he can’t agree with him. You still don’t know what is it about. But Semi Suwa says that the only way to avoid future trouble is to deal with roots now. The tiniest pebble could cause a ripple. Eliminating obstacles will ensure that his succession is smooth and unhindered.

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Semi Suwa also says that it was just a small regrettable accident. Great achievers need not worry about small things. Kii-san carries the expectations of the entire Hino family on his shoulders, and there is no room for trivial matters.

You still do not understand what are they talking about. Kuniya Kii will not allow anything that will harm the people and cause social unrest. If Semi Suwa alerts the family members, he won’t be able to deal with the consequences. Hearing this, you are shocked. Just hearing that your thoughts are in a mess and can barely think. Flustered, you trip over an ornament and make a noise.

You instinctively reach for his hand, but you think of their conversation and realize that you know nothing about him. You wonder thy did Masaya Hino lie to you about his name. Is he aware that you are not a Kazoku lady? You feel deceived, and a wave of sadness washes over you. You swat his hand away.

As soon as Semi Suwa hears your name and sees you, he pulls out a pistol and aims it at your forehead. Hino rushes to shield you. He says that Hino should move aside. Your name is Yuko Sato. He will now remove an obstacle for him. Masaya Hino looks at you in confusion as you shove him away and dash off. You must whistle immediately to let Akira Suzuki know you have to evacuate.

Right after whistling, you hear a gunshot. Turning back, you see Masaya Hino clutching Semi Suwa’s hand. There is a large hole in the ceiling. With Masaya Hino shielding you, you grit your teeth and jump out the window on the second floor. Fortunately, the undergrowth is thick, and you survive with just a few scratches. The deafening gunshots have alerted the police and residents around the mansion. You take advantage of the confusion to escape from the Karasuma residence without incident. The commotion continues late into the night. You are comforted by the fact that you heard one long blow and two short blows of the whistle when you fled. When you get back to your secret base, you change out of the disguise into something clean clothing. You have gone through a lot today. Change into a Perky and Noble outfit before getting a good rest.

Once you are all cleaned up, you enter Kuroko Sato’s room to discover that she has woken up. When she sees you, she struggles to sit up, and you rush over to her side to make her lie down. Her wound hasn’t healed yet. She needs to lie still and recuperate.

Her eyes fill with tears, and her cold hands are trembling. You feel a pang of heartache. If she had disappeared instead, you would be worried too. You clutch her hand. You will apologize to Kuroko Sato. You should have left her a note. Instead, you made her worry.

Akira Suzuki and you went to Lord Karasuma to ask him about the secret box. Now you tell her about the ultimatum you gave Akira Suzuki when she was sleeping and all about his confession. Then you tell her about what happened at the Karasuma residence today. To avoid upsetting her, you leave out the part about the shooting. After listening to you, Kuroko Sato sinks into deep thought.

Your heart aches at the thought of him lying to you for so long. Kuroko Sato does not notice your discomfort. She thinks Masaya Hino is the mastermind behind all of this.

She is just guessing. That does not prove that Masaya Hino is the mastermind. But just think about it. Why did Semi Suwa target you after stealing the fake box Akira Suzuki made? Akira Suzuki might have deliberately left clues pointing towards you inside that fake box. That would lead Masaya Hino and his men to you so that Akira Suzuki can escape. For Kuroko Sato it all makes sense. That is why Masaya Hino sent Semi Suwa to kill you. Kuroko Sato’s deduction seems flawless, but you remember the first time you saw Kii-san when he gave a pinkie swear in the garden. And the desperate way he urged you to run away today. You just can’t see him as an enemy.

It is that rare time when Kuroko Sato’s eyes widen in anger, and she snaps at you. According to her, you would rather trust a liar who will not even tell you his real name instead of believing in Kuroko Sato. She says that she is just a Kuroko Sato tailing you like a shadow, completely dispensable. Although you say that Kuroko Sato is very special to you and she has a special place in your heart, you need to explain that. What is she to you? Option 1 (You’re a family) or Option 2 (I don’t know…) Note: This decision will drastically change the story.

You’re a family
I don't know...

If you select Option 1 (You’re a family), you think back to the times you spent in the orphanage. The memories are precious and irreplaceable.

Kuroko Sato does not seem happy with your answer. She hangs her head in silence. When she looks up again, she has her usual gentle smile, but there is a tinge of bitterness to it.

You are her most important family member, and you are irreplaceable too. After your chat, you feel more relaxed and you are suddenly very sleepy.

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If you select Option 2 (I don’t know…), the word ‘’family’’ comes to mind, but it doesn’t seem to feel quite right. ‘’Family’’ just doesn’t seem to suit how you feel about her.

You know that sounds ridiculous. You two grew up together, and she is supposed to be family, but the word ‘’Family’’ doesn’t seem to suit how you feel about her. You should answer honestly, so this is the best you can manage. Kuroko Sato doesn’t rebuke you for your vague answer. She regains her usual gentle smile, and she seems really happy for some reason.

She gazes at you warmly. After your chat, you feel more relaxed and you are suddenly very sleepy.

It is that nostalgic dream again. As the dream progresses, the surrounding landscape grows clearer. The woman in the dream gives you a gentle smile, and she looks like you. She’s holding something in her hands, and when you struggle forwards to get a better look, the floor suddenly vanishes from under you. You keep falling until you wake up in shock. There’s rapping on the door.

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It sounds incredibly impatient. You are jerked out of your stupor and back to reality. It is Akira Suzuki. He will wait for you in the living room. You must discuss the latest information you have obtained. He says that Kuroko Sato is feeling better now. You should unravel the truth together.

Stage 1-13 is officially over. You managed to do what was most important. And that is to survive!!! Semi Suwa was an unexpected guest in stage 1-13. Will you be able to survive his attacks? Can you find a way to be safe? Nothing is safe today and your safety is the least safe. Follow our walkthrough and find out what awaits you in the next stage.
Thank you for reading.