Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Taisho Adventures Chapter 1 Stage 14 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you were very lucky. A higher power saved you from losing your life. You came to Karasuma’s residence together with Akira Suzuki. There you met Lord Karasuma. In addition, you managed to find yourself in a very awkward situation. Kii-san revealed his real name. His name is Masaya Hino. It was a heavy blow for you because you thought he was being honest with you. Look who’s talking. To make matters worse, his faithful collaborator is Semi Suwa, Tokko. That was the biggest problem because Semi Suwa wanted to kill you on the spot. You escaped death because Masaya Hino (Kii-san) moved his hand from Semi Suwa who aimed at you precisely. He hit the ceiling at the end and left a hole. During that time, you jumped out the window and informed all the people in charge of security at the Karasuma residence. You are now on the list of most wanted people at Semi Suwa. So many confusing thoughts run through your head. It will all be resolved soon. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 14.

When you hear that Akira Suzuki has obtained more information, you are eager to find out what it is. You are on full alert now, and ready to rush into the living room. Then you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. You are dressed in a sleeping gown. Your eyes are sleepy, and your hair is all messed up. You need to fresh up and get changed before you go. Akira Suzuki has something to tell you. You should change into something Elegant and Gentle before meeting him.

When you enter the living room, you notice that the table is covered with stacks of paper. She looks up to you with a smile. Everything seems normal. Akira Suzuki is in the room. He says that he is very grateful for giving him a second chance. From now on, he will tell you everything he knows in as great detail as he can. About the fake box, he did put something inside – a picture of you as a child, and a replica of a bracelet.

Akira Suzuki passed you an invitation without you noticing. It’s hardly surprising that he took your bracelet as well. And making a replica of something is an easy task for him. Using Kuroko Sato and you as a shield is in the past now for Akira Suzuki.

He did that because he wants to be mistaken for the young lad Miyagawa family lost. You are shaken by his words and stare at him in shock. But he says that he is perfectly sane. The Miyagawa family has had a spate of bad luck over the past few years. Once the heirs are known, they either fall ill or meet with an accident and pass away. Akira Suzuki says that the only hope is the young lady who inexplicably disappeared years ago. When he first laid his eyes on you, he noticed that you resemble Lady Miyagawa when she was young. So, he started formulating a plan to get you to work with him. Originally, he had only planned for two scenarios; If the Miyagawa family bids on the secret box and is misled by the false clues, he would be able to present you as their heir. However, if someone else purchases the box, you can reveal the real box and ask for a more handsome sum from the Miyagawa family.

Akira Suzuki didn’t expect Semi Suwa to steal the fake box, and you certainly did not expect him to hunt you down. He has disrupted all of his plans. He suspects that the Hino family is behind in secret. He receives benefits in exchange for strengthening their position in society. The old lady is the only member left, and the Miyagawa family has no one to carry on the line. To survive, such families need to adopt an heir. To ensure the continuation of the bloodline, the family will select a suitable person from a family to inherit the name.

The Miyagawa family has selected the second son of the Hino family, Masaya Hino, as their successor. After Semi Suwa stole the fake box, he began haunting you. They must have been worried about changes in the right succession. That is why they want to kill you. And that is why Akira Suzuki suspects the Hino family is behind this.

If Masaya Hino is really responsible for this, you feel that: Option 1 (No, he’s probably not) or Option 2 (He probably is).

No, he's not
He probably is

If you select Option 1 (No, he’s probably not), you will think logically. Masaya Hino is the one who benefits the most and therefore would have the strongest motive. But it is possible that he doesn’t even know about it, and that someone else in his family is the mastermind. You frown subconsciously as you recall the conversation between Semi Suwa and Masaya Hino at the Karasuma residence. While you are still pondering the matter, Akira Suzuki’s voice reaches your ears.

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If you select Option 2 (He probably is), Akira Suzuki’s theory coincides unexpectedly with Kuroko Sato’s speculations. Perhaps he really is the mastermind.  The timing of his appearances has been way too coincidental. You frown subconsciously as you recall the conversation between Semi Suwa and Masaya Hino at the Karasuma residence. While you are still pondering the matter, Akira Suzuki’s voice reaches your ears.

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You are wondering if the person who gave the order to kill is Masaya Hino. If it is not him, it is questionable his appearing whenever you run into Semi Suwa. But if it’s him, you are not sure why he helped you escape from the Karasuma residence.

Akira Suzuki says that the banquet where they will announce the heir is taking place soon, and he doesn’t think he will give up this great opportunity. Akira Suzuki narrows his eyes and looks at you slyly.  

He says that considering your resemblance to the late Lady Miyagawa, the plan is foolproof. He just needs to arrange things. You don’t wish to deceive the old lady. She has lost all her relatives and she has suffered enough. You do not want to use deception to achieve the status that doesn’t belong to you.

This time, you saw a woman in your dream who looks a lot like you. You think she might be your mother, and you want to find your real family. You do not want to be a cuckoo’s hatchling in someone else’s nest.

Akira Suzuki does not know why this woman in your dream looks like you but maybe there is a possibility that you might be the young Miyagawa lady who vanished during childhood.

Anything is possible, according to Akira Suzuki. Do you have the courage to go to the imperial capital and find out if you are Yuko Sato or Yuko Miyagawa? Option 1 (Be courageous) or Option 2 (I don’t know).

Be courageous
I don't know

If you select Option 1 (Be courageous), Akira Suzuki goodwill goes up. Maybe you are eager to find your family. Perhaps that is why Akira Suzuki’s offer sounds so appealing to you. Maybe you should pluck up your courage and make a trip to the imperial capital.

You are worried it won’t work out, and you will be on your own again. But as Akira Suzuki says, you don’t know until you try. You are you, whether you are Yuko Sato or Yuko Miyagawa.

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If you select Option 2 (I don’t know), Kuroko Sato goodwill goes up. You have never thought about your birth. It would be a huge change. It is no doubt whether you can accept such a huge change in your life.

Akira Suzuki says that it is a chance to gamble. It’s better than missing out on a chance. You are worried it won’t work out, and you will be on your own again. But as Akira Suzuki says, you don’t know until you try. You are you, whether you are Yuko Sato or Yuko Miyagawa.

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Kuroko Sato supports Akira Suzuki’s view. And she thinks that there’s a good chance you’re the young lady Miyagawa. Even if you remain Yuko Sato in the end, you won’t be alone. You still have Kuroko Sato. Now, let’s go to the imperial capital together.

Kuroko Sato lowers her gaze, and you detect unease and worry in her eyes. You realize now that despite encouraging you to find out about your past. She is afraid that she will be alone if you turn out to be Yuko Miyagawa.

You told her not to worry. No matter what happens, she will always be your Kuroko Sato. You will never abandon her. Kuroko Sato quickly leaves the room because she has to pack her things. You look at Akira Suzuki, who seems deep in thoughts. You can’t help worrying. Akira Suzuki is an outsider after all. The Miyagawa heir and the Kazoku have nothing to do with him.

Akira Suzuki is silent. He seems to contemplate your words for a long while before he finally speaks again. He apologizes to you for getting you involved. He hopes that you understand his principles despite not completely trusting him.

It is not that you don’t trust him. You are just curious. According to Suzuki-san, you don’t need to apologize to him. To be honest with you, he does have a reason to take you to the capital. And the reason is to take his revenge. He had the perfect plan, and it was ruined. He almost got killed too. Now he can’t possibly put up with that.

And even if you are not Yuko Miyagawa, you can still tell the Miyagawa family what happened to you. That would expose Masaya Hino’s conspiracy to the world, and reveal the truth about that man. This is what happens when someone offends Suzuki-san. You shake your head at him and laugh helplessly.

It was naïve of you to think he might be doing this out of guilt. As you get up to go help Kuroko Sato pack, you hear him muttering. He has another selfish motive, apart from taking revenge. You couldn’t hear him clearly, so you turn to ask.

Akira Suzuki says that you misheard. But of course, you heard. He said clearly that he has another motive. Not answering this question makes it more awkward for you. This means that he is not fully honest with you. With this conversation, stages 1-14 end here. This is why you can’t trust any con artist at all. They are not fully honest with anyone. Follow our walkthrough and find out what happens next.
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