Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Taisho Adventures Chapter 1 Stage 15 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you had an in-depth conversation with Kuroko Sato and Akira Suzuki. Akira Suzuki tried to persuade you to take the next step in your deceptions. That is to investigate your origins. The fact is that your past is not completely clear and your dreams tell you something. You have a great desire to find out who your mother is. There is a chance that you are a missing child from the Miyagawa family. If not, you can turn it to your advantage. Towards the end, Akira Suzuki said that there is another reason why all this works. He did not want to be clearer on that issue. A storm is looming. Brace yourself. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 15.

While Akira Suzuki is busy planning for the trip, Kuroko Sato and you focus on packing. You can’t help noticing that Kuroko Sato has been very unhappy and worried ever since you decided to travel to the imperial capital to find out about your past. Despite being broody all day, she tries to appear stoic. By bedtime, she is still upset, so you decide to Option 1 (Speak to her directly about it) or Option 2 (Leave her alone).

Speak to her directly about it
Leave her alone

If you select Option 1 (Speak to her directly about it), Kuroko Sato’s goodwill goes up. You can’t stand this heavy atmosphere any longer. You walk over to Kuroko Sato and sit down next to her, gently resting your head on her shoulder.

Kuroko Sato says that it is too dangerous. If you try to return to the orphanage to everyone, Semi Suwa could run into you. And then, it would be very dangerous. Kuroko Sato has been so broody all day. You ask her if she doesn’t want you to go to the imperial capital.

If you are really the young daughter of the Miyagawa family, Kuroko Sato thinks you will obtain bliss.

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If you select Option 2 (Leave her alone), you will say to Kuroko Sato that you’re almost done with packing. She is still injured, so she should rest early. She should not tire herself out.

Kuroko Sato does not answer you. She hangs her head thoughtfully. You sigh. If she is willing to talk to you, you are always here to listen. You are about to leave the room when Kuroko Sato says something: If you are really the young daughter of the Miyagawa family, Kuroko Sato thinks you will obtain bliss.

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You are heading to the imperial capital to find out about your past because you don’t want to sit around and wait. But it is unrealistic that you are the Miyagawa family’s lost heir. On the other hand, if you are really a Miyagawa, you don’t know what kind of danger you will face in the future. Perhaps you’d be under great pressure too. However, there’s an important reason for you to face this.

You can’t let Kuroko Sato spend the rest of her life on the run. If the matter isn’t resolved, it’s hard for you to keep yourselves safe.

At first, you felt like you are drifting in unknown waters alone, without knowing where you will drift to. Now Kuroko knows that you can be worried and scared too. However, she is like a ray of sunlight shining across the seas and giving you hope. She erases fear from your mind. You know what to do because of Kuroko Sato. She holds your hand gently. You can sense the warmth of her palm.

With Kuroko Sato by your side, you feel safe and sound. That gives you the courage to face whatever lies ahead. A sudden knock on the door startles you. You look up to see Akira Suzuki leaning against the door frame, watching you.

Obviously, Akira Suzuki was eavesdropping on you two. He says that he doesn’t have a penchant for eavesdropping. If you don’t want others to hear your conversation, keep the door closed. Sensing that they’re about to start another fight, you hurriedly change the subject.

Speaking of that, you have already made up your mind. Even if you are not a child of the Miyagawa family, you will continue to search for your origin and your biological parents. For you, the past is very important to you. Kuroko Sato defends you in this case. For Kuroko Sato and you, family is important. For Akira Suzuki might not be because he is not an orphan like you two. He doesn’t know what it’s like to not know his real family. Kuroko Sato doesn’t like Suzuki-san’s sarcastic remarks.

Akira Suzuki defends himself. He says that orphans have an orphanage to live in, and don’t have to lead a wandering life. He is different in so many ways. His eyes are different from everyone else’s. Blue eyes and mixed blood get you ridiculed everywhere. Faced with Akira Suzuki’s angry retorts and self-mockery, you feel guilty that you have never considered Suzuki-san’s pain.

Kuroko Sato apologizes as well. After taking a deep breath, Akira Suzuki calms down again. You will ask Suzuki-san to tell you more about his past. He says that curiosity kills the cat, but you never listen. Since it is not a huge secret, he doesn’t mind telling you about it.

He ran away when he found out your mother was pregnant. She was criticized for being with children as an unmarried woman. However, she foolishly insisted on giving birth to him. She was constantly bullied and verbally abused, but she never thought of abandoning Akira Suzuki. As Suzuki-san says, his mother was a silly woman who was both gentle and brave. She never hurt anyone, and it was clear she was just a victim.

Bedtime storytelling is over. Akira Suzuki wishes you an early night. You are deeply affected by Akira Suzuki’s story about his mother. Perhaps he became a skilled con artist to get his revenge against a society that values class and ancestry. And this is why every person should not be judged by his covers. This important stage is all about Akira Suzuki. He deserves one stage for himself. Now, at the end of stage 15, you can just relax and continue following our walkthrough for more of Taisho Adventures.
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