Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Taisho Adventures Chapter 1 Stage 16 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you had the opportunity to get to know Akira Suzuki better. Stage 15 was entirely dedicated to this con artist. His childhood and origins influenced your opinion of him. When you look at a person who is disliked by you, you cannot immediately conclude that person. That person has his own story and there is a reason why not someone in the place where he is now. Tolerance is the key to a quality person and the main characteristic. This will help us in the coming stages. Stage 16 is the last in Chapter 1. This means that there is a cross-section of the situation. Either the one-story game ends or a new plot is created to continue. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 16.

Kuroko Sato’s attitude towards Akira Suzuki has improved significantly after hearing about his past. Your plans for the trip to the capital are in full swing. It is time to get up. Akira Suzuki said you have to go to the train station today. Get ready to head to the train station. Keep in mind what happened before, and wear a boyish outfit that’s Noble and Warm to blend in.

Sitting outside the teahouse in the park near the station, you are confused by the leisurely atmosphere. The teahouse is a resting area that first appeared in medieval Japan and is now a common establishment. It provides guests a place to rest and enjoy tea.

There are so many people here. But blending with the crowd is the safest thing to do, says Akira Suzuki. He also says that you are more likely to attract attention if you act all flustered like this. Right here, you are looking for a powerful person to protect you. That shop over there in the corner nearly closed down once, but the young Lady Miyagawa lent them a helping hand during tough times. Out of gratitude, the shopkeeper has been serving the Miyagawa family as their informant ever since.

This place is the Tokaido Line terminal. It is Japan’s oldest railway route. Lots of traffic means lots of information. People entering and leaving a shop does not attract much attention. Lord Karasuma gave this information to Akira Suzuki when he visited him. He plans to give them the secret box and tell them that Yuko Sato is the heir and that she’s being hunted. This matter is extremely important to the Miyagawa family. The shopkeeper will definitely pass on the information to them. Once they receive the news, they will send someone to protect you, and someone will receive you in Tokyo.

One of the most important things is patience. You need to be careful, observe your surroundings, and make sure it’s safe before you make your move. You look around and notice a man walking towards the store. At first, you don’t detect anything out of the ordinary. Then a postman on his bicycle crashes into the man. The man is knocked to the ground. He drops his suitcase, and a familiar item tumbles into view… The secret box. Your eyes widen in surprise, and you tug at Akira Suzuki to get him to look at the man.

Unless there are three boxes in this world, that should be the fake one Semi Suwa stole, says Akira Suzuki. Suzuki-san and Kuroko Sato speak up simultaneously. You decide to pay attention to Option 1 (Suzuki-san’s thoughts) or Option 2 (Kuroko’s thoughts).

Suzuki-san’s thoughts
Kuroko's thoughts

If you select Option 1 (Suzuki-san’s thoughts), Akira Suzuki goodwill goes up. He says that Semi Suwa may be planning to do the same thing. Maybe he is trying to give the Miyagawa family a clue. When you hear Akira Suzuki’s theory, you think that it is. Option 1 (Possible) or Option 2 (Impossible).


If you select Option 1.2 (Possible), you will ask Akira Suzuki why is this possible. He says that he is guessing that he switched the clues in the secret box so that they point to some other impostor, and he’s going to send that to the Miyagawa family. Once the Miyagawa family acknowledges the impostor as the heir, the impostor will be silenced.

You can’t believe that Semi Suwa came up with that plan. It is a perfect evil plan.

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If you select Option 2.2 (Impossible), you will say that Semi Suwa would love to see the end of the entire Miyagawa family. It is questionable if Semi Suwa wants to give them any clues.

It is almost time for the banquet where they will announce Masaya Hino as heir. However, he still can’t find you, so he’s trying to make sure nothing else happens. He wants to use the power of the Miyagawa family to flush you out. As soon as you show up, he will jump at the opportunity to get rid of you.  

You can’t believe that Semi Suwa came up with that plan. It is the perfect evil plan.

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He is the empire’s future star, and it is not beyond him to come up with a seamless plan. The question that Kuroko Sato asks is about proceeding with the original plan. Judging by the current situation, you think Option 1 (We should proceed) or Option 2 (Something’s not quite right).

We should proceed
Something's not quite right
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If you select Option 1.3 (We should proceed), Akira Suzuki says that the stakes are too high for you to act rashly.

The man put the box back into his suitcase and enters the store. Shortly after, he walks out of the store empty-handed. He does not hang about and leaves quickly.

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If you select Option 2.3 (Something’s not quite right), Akira Suzuki suggested that you should wait here for a while and see what happens. The man put the box back into his suitcase and enters the store. Shortly after, he walks out of the store empty-handed. He does not hang about and leaves quickly.

The identity of that man is too suspicious. You can’t afford to make a judgment when you don’t know the facts. Go back for now. You must think about this carefully.

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If you select Option 2 (Kuroko’s thoughts), Kuroko Sato’s goodwill goes up. Kuroko Sato says that the theft of the secret box was a big deal in the papers. Perhaps someone found out that Semi Suwa has the secret box. Then they stole the box to bring it to the Miyagawa family in exchange for cash.

He has handed over the secret box. The identity of that man is too suspicious. You can’t afford to make a judgment when you don’t know the facts. Go back for now. You must think about this carefully. Instead of returning to your secret base, Akira Suzuki takes you to Shiratori-san’s residence. The atmosphere is tense as you sit in silence in the living room.

Fumiyo Shiratori says that you should stay cooped up in the living room. She has prepared some refreshments on the patio. With some sun and fresh air, your heads will feel a little clearer.

Akira Suzuki says that this is the right place to be. Fumiyo Shiratori has a knack for saying things that get him through a mental block. To keep your morale from dipping any lower, you take Fumiyo Shiratori’s advice and head to the courtyard. In the courtyard, the sunlight filtering through the leaves seems to give you hope.

Kuroko Sato asks if you can eat without worrying about etiquette, and gorge yourselves. All of you burst out laughing. The atmosphere relaxes and you can proceed with the plan. The plan is that you hand the box over as planned, and observe how the intelligence reacts.

You will just have to take a gamble. The enemy is trying to replace the truth with a falsehood, and you need to set things right. Your thing about Akira Suzuki’s plan for a while… You say that the box is your bargaining chip now.

For Kuroko Sato is not a safe thing to do things he is not sure of. It is not a good style to put himself in danger. But Akira Suzuki says that he needs to make sure that the intelligence station hasn’t been compromised. That is the first thing to do. Just to think about this, two secret boxes appearing at the same time. The intelligence station would not dare take matters into their own hands. To prevent any blunders, they will pass both boxes to the Miyagawa family, and protect you. However, if Semi Suwa’s spy has infiltrated the intelligence station, they will be shocked when they see the real box.

Yuko Sato is the most important link here. He is referring to you. As long as you don’t show yourself, you won’t be in danger for the time being. As long as you stay hidden, the secret box is useless.

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Akira Suzuki falls silent. He fiddles with the fan in his hand, and the upturned corner of his lips seems to indicate that he’s busy planning something. This concludes Chapter 1 Stage 16. This is the official end of this entire first Chapter. We stayed on the cliffhanger. This is the best possible news because an amazing story awaits us in Chapter 2. Will you succeed in your endeavors? Will Akira Suzuki implement the plan in a quality way? One thing is for sure, Chapter 2 is a sequel to this amazing story.
Thank you for reading.