Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Taisho Adventures Chapter 1 Stage 2 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, we had the opportunity to meet the main character. Yuko Sato is your new name. Kuroko Sato is your friend. You are together in Sato Orphanage. It is interesting how you got all the memories you needed for a new life at the same time. Kuroko Sato is a very good friend who helped you with the theft in stage 1. These are not thefts that would mark a period in your time but you need to understand that this is your tradition. You have met new people and we are definitely getting acquainted with new situations. Stage 2 is a sequel. We are still in the phase of meeting new characters. We wish you luck. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 2.

Story continues. You chase the garbage truck to retrieve our prize. From Kitano Town where the foreigners live to Nanking Town where the Kazoku gathered, to the lively clubs… and so on. After running for so long, you are both breathless and disheveled.

Kuroko Sato says that with the money you can get from these, you can buy the orphanage. Maybe you will even have some money left to eat croquettes every day. Yuko is imagining how good it will feel to throw money at Hinata’s face.

You have been chatting under the streetlight. The sudden commotion at the orphanage nearby is alarming. The familiar noise is something that you have grown to despise. You look at one another and hurry towards the building. Sure enough, Hitana’s henchmen are here. You have to do something. Take a deep breath to yell at them, and Kuroko Sato tugs at your sleeve to dissuade you.

You know Kuroko Sato is trying to protect you, but you want to protect everyone at the orphanage. The people there are family, after all.

Mustering up your courage, you walk up to the crowd despite your trembling knees and yell at the men attacking the orphanage.

You swing the bag of treasure like a weapon and whack the unwelcome visitors with it. Hinata Thug B will yell at you to stop hitting. The fight draws the attention of passers-by, who murmur among themselves about the men’s misdeeds. The debt collectors are forced to back out of the orphanage to drive the onlookers away. Finally, only Kuroko Sato and you are standing between them and the orphanage. You continue admonishing them for their evil deeds.

Hinata Thug A says that another rat was raised by that penniless Sato. Hinata Thug A and Hinata Thug B are ‘’complimenting’’ you. They are calling you a rat. You are outraged by the insults. These people judge a person’s worth based on wealth alone.

Their dismissive words and apathy cause your anger to boil over. Gritting your teeth, you throw tonight’s prize at their feet. If they want the money, there is enough money in the bag. Money that can buy the orphanage. You tell them to take the money to his boss and tell him to hand you the deed. Of course, you stare at the thugs as they look through the items and discuss among themselves.

As for you and Kuroko Sato, this is clearly more than enough to pay off the debt. What they said was so absurd that Kuroko Sato and you protested in unison. Hinata Thug A says that you two are so ignorant. You also have to consider the handling fees. For your sake, you cannot tell them that you stole this item in the bag.

Your face goes cold. Hinata Thug A suggests that if you want to get rid of these ill-gotten goods, you’d better do it quickly. No one else in the whole of Kobe would be willing to accept them. At this moment, you feel so powerless. Your strength has drained out of you. They have made it clear that they will make it impossible for you to get rid of your loot if you refuse their offer. At best, you will not get any money and will not pay off the debt. At worst, you will go to jail for these trinkets.

Hinata Thugs took them. Kuroko Sato pats you on the shoulder as you watch the thugs leave.

You have to take shower and change out of these clothes. Change back to your usual clothes at the orphanage! Yes, the one that is Simple and Noble.

After washing up, you sit in your room alone and reflect on what just happened. You are frustrated, and it is not just because of the thugs. They are just doing their job after all, and you do owe them money. You are annoyed because you have no weapons, money, power, or connections. Now you hate yourself. You are so angry about being so powerless. You resent yourself for being unable to retaliate when people ridicule you. You feel like you have nothing. And you can only let others do as they please.

Just seeing Kuroko Sato makes you feel so much better. You pull yourself together and manage a smile. You do not want Kuroko Sato to worry about you. But Kuroko Sato does not buy it. She takes her plate and squeezes next to you, forcing you to shift on one side.

You sit in silence while you munch on the stale and salty red bean pastry. You will face a dilemma. You have two options. Option 1 (Disguise your mood) or Option 2 (Remain silent).

Taisho Adventures Walkthrough | Chapter 1 Stage 2

Disguise your mood
Remain Silent

If you select Option 1 (Disguise your mood), you will say that this pastry is delicious. The crust is a little hard now that it is cold, but the red bean filling is still so yummy.

Stunned by her perceptiveness, you blink at her and sigh. You will say that no matter how hard you try, you can never hide anything from Kuroko Sato. She is so understanding. You would be at such a loss without her.

Kuroko Sato pouts, pretending to be displeased with you. Then she chuckles.

You think of the nasty debt collectors and sigh. They told you that your loot was not enough to buy the orphanage and that it was only enough for the interest.

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If you select Option 2 (Remain silent), Kuroko Sato will ask you what is on your mind. Do not keep it all inside you. You wanted to remain silent, but Kuroko Sato has seen right through you.

She sounds light-hearted, but her words cut straight to your heart. Her kindness makes it impossible for you to keep pretending. You pour out all of your grievances to her.

You say that you felt so small facing Hinata’s thugs. And you are so angry with yourself for being such a weakling. You try your best to help the orphanage. But no matter how hard you try; it is all in vain.

You think of the nasty debt collectors and sigh. They told you that your loot was not enough to buy the orphanage and that it was only enough for the interest.

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To put it bluntly, they just want you to continue stealing. You are basically their golden geese. Kuroko Sato’s eyes flash with concern and a hint of anxiety. She’s always thinking about your safety. You shake your head and politely reject her well-intentioned reminder.

You will say that you have been trying to deceive yourself. For the sake of the orphanage, you do not regret a thing. What happened tonight is making you wonder if what you have done has made a difference at all. No matter how you try, your fate still lies in the hands of others. Your future, after all, is in the hands of the people at the top.

If you had the power to change your situation, you wouldn’t get bullied like this.

Kuroko Sato is calmly reminding you of something Sato-sensei has said before. However, you remember far more vividly the words Kuroko Sato had said in response to that line… ‘’Yes, Yuko is one who looks up to the stars.’’ And he is right. One must hang on and be hopeful at all times. Kuroko Sato’s reassurance has a great impact on you. She helps you forget your troubles. You have a long sigh and smile at your dear friend, Kuroko Sato.

Now you have to raise enough money to buy the orphanage. You perk up and smile at Kuroko Sato. Your eyes drift over to the bedside table, where you have kept your silver bracelet. The bracelet was a birthday present from Sato-sensei three years ago. It shows its age, but you have taken good care of it, and it still shines.

If the gems have been real, why not? However, Kuroko Sato says that Sensei said no. The money would relieve some of the burdens. Sensei will probably forgive you if he finds out but no. He will be sad if you do that, says Kuroko Sato.

There is an invite lying on the floor. You guess it must have fallen out of the handbag you brought to the party. Intrigued, you pick up the paper and read it carefully. Kuroko Sato peeps over your shoulder. It is a letter from Akira Suzuki. Kuroko Sato and you do not know who is this. You are confused. Who would want to invite a pair of orphans? Puzzled, you read the letter again. Will you go? Will you find enough money for the orphanage? It all seems impossible at the moment, but step by step is the best option you can choose. Follow our Walkthrough.
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