Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Taisho Adventures Chapter 1 Stage 3 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, Kuroko Sato and you managed to save a bag with valuables. The problem arose when that bag was taken away from you with a few excuses. Below the stage, you are faced with a great moral dilemma. Whether you continue to steal or focus on finding money to make an orphanage purchase. Your best friend has full confidence in you, even when you don’t trust yourself. To complicate matters, you received an invitation to one special event. Suppose you want to attend this event but only in the presence of your best friend, Kuroko Sato. Prepare for new challenges. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 3.

On that eventful night, Kuroko Sato and you discover a mysterious invitation letter. After contemplating the matter overnight, you decide to go to Shiratori’s Etiquette School to find out more. You should change your clothes and find out who Akira Suzuki is. To find out who sent the mysterious invitation, disguise yourself by wearing something Charming and Gentle.

You head towards the address marked on the invitation. It is somewhere in the Kitano-Cho area. The Foreign Residence located on a hillside overlooks the whole of Kobe. According to Sato-sensei, it was built by foreigners in the early days. The conservative Edo Shogunate signed the Ansei Treaties with the United States, Great Britain, Russia Netherlands, and France. The treaty called for the opening of five ports, and one of them was Kobe. 

This is the address. This looks like a store selling foreign clothing. Kuroko Sato and you enter the store. This is Fumiyo Shiratori. She is welcoming you at the entrance. There is a wide range of items in the store, including exquisite catalogs printed in foreign languages, fabric from faraway places that you have never seen before, and trendy clothes that are simply gorgeous. They are all so novel to you and distract you from what the woman is saying. A light cough from the refined and austere lady brings you back to the conversation, and you hastily hand her the invitation.

You did not understand what Fumiyo Shiratori mean. Confused, Kuroko Sato and you look at one another. You do not know what to say. Shiratori-san leads you to a room at the back of the store. Western cuisine is laid out on the dining table. Kuroko Sato is usually rather expressionless, but her eyes light up at the sight. Western dishes such as curry rice and croquettes have become increasingly common among the general public in recent years, but they are still a luxury to common people. The food before you, however, is far fancier and more authentic.

You have no idea what the stern woman is up to, but you nod meekly. Under Shiratori-san’s piercing gaze, you sit obediently on the wing chairs.

You have never seen such food before. The cost of it all would probably pay for the orphanage’s expenses for days. You start leaning back in your chair and Shiratori-san rebukes you harshly.

Fumiyo Shiratori says that Kuroko Sato should stop fidgeting like a monkey. She should keep her elbows off the table. This lady will also teach you how to use the outermost knife and fork first. And you should NOT scrape the porcelain plate with the knife. Don’t let your arm touch the person next to you. It is rude. Put down that bread, and don’t pass food with your bare hands. You have a bad feeling about her nagging. Perhaps you shouldn’t have come. You are too ashamed to meet Kuroko Sato’s gaze.

‘’Table manners’’ are simply too intimidating. The rules are so complicated that they make you lose your appetite no matter how mouth-watering the food is. After what seems like an eternity, Shiratori-san finally announces that your lesson has come to an end. You watch her leave the room. Kuroko Sato looks utterly drained. After the saying goes, a retreat is the best strategy out of 36 strategies, and you should flee to get out of this etiquette madness. Before you can discuss this with Kuroko Sato, you hear voices approaching. It sounds like Shiratori-san is talking to a man.

After a few badmouthing sentences, you brace yourself and glared at the door. It is Merchant Jon. He surprises you with his appearance. Shiratori-san says that Jon-san has to speak with the two of you. After Shiratori-san leaves, the man pulls out a chair and sits facing you.

Since he is so considerate, he will give you some basic information first to clear the air. His name is not Merchant Jon or Jon-san. His real name is Akira Suzuki, and he is a con artist. Business is just his side hustle. He would like to thank you for attending his auction last night.

That sounds like a compliment again, but he probably means otherwise. Kuroko Sato has her own opinion. The art of deception allows him to control what’s true and what’s false. You did well during the lesson just now, says Akira Suzuki. What do you think of the etiquette class he arranged for you? Option 1 (Beneficial) or Option 2 (Too exhausting).

Too exhausting

If you select Option 1 (Beneficial), Akira Suzuki Goodwill goes up. You are exhausted, but you pull yourself together to answer him, determined not to show any weakness.

Akira Suzuki stifles a laugh. You are now convinced that he is not just a liar, but a rather nasty one as well. He asked Shiratori-san to teach you some basic etiquette, something a Kazoku lady would know like the back of her hand. Your cheeks heat up at his implicit accusation. Then a question flashes through your mind.

Why does he know your names? Probably overheard yesterday when you were busy sneaking around the backyard looking for your ‘’prize’’.

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If you select Option 2 (Too exhausting), Akira Suzuki does not go up. You will say that etiquette class was exhausting, tedious, and boring. As soon as the words are out of your mouth, you realize that you are speaking out of a character. But it is too late.

Kuroko Sato says that it is good, to be honest. But he knows your names. Why does he know your names? Probably overheard yesterday when you were busy sneaking around the backyard looking for your ‘’prize’’.

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Suzuki-san’s smile sends chills down your spine. You look away guilty. You will try to avoid further conversation. That means that Akira Suzuki likes to talk to smart people. Akira Suzuki invited you to participate in his next ‘’project’’.

Akira Suzuki says that there will be an auction in the city soon, and he intends to switch the auction items. Stealing is an art, and art does not require a reason. So, you do not need a reason to steal.

Akira Suzuki’s answer is annoyingly vague. You frown at him. Now it is time for bargaining. What’s in for you if you help him? Akira Suzuki has prepared a better answer. He will not take a single coin. The genuine item will be at your disposal. He will even pay you a large sum as a reward when the job is done.

For Kuroko Sato that sounds too good to be true. Kuroko Sato and you are stunned. You look at the smug Akira Suzuki. Is he joking? You mull over what Akira Suzuki said. Kuroko Sato tugs uneasily at your sleeve, trying to dissuade you. The offer is way too tempting. It may be the fastest way to save the orphanage and feed the children at the same time. It is risky. But the future is uncertain anyway.

You are in. You turn a deaf ear to Kuroko’s objection and grasp Akira Suzuki’s extended hand. A satisfied and approving smile spreads across the face of the inscrutable con artist.

Kuroko Sato will keep eye on Akira Suzuki. She does not trust him. You are all on the same team now, and you worry about them fighting one another. You want to say something to ease the atmosphere, but Suzuki-san has already moved on to the next topic.

Only the nobility is allowed to attend the auction. And you don’t look like them. The way you kept looking around you last night gave you away, says Akira Suzuki. He also says that you were clapping your hands to your chest and looking rather pathetic. It shows how uneasy you were. You live in small spaces, so you’re always worried about knocking things over. You have cultivated the habit of shrinking into yourself. And then there’s your lack of knowledge about etiquette. An ordinary person might not notice it. However, you would look like clowns in the eyes of the Kazoku nobles.

You can’t refute his logic. Kuroko Sato snorts derisively. You will have to undergo the training.

‘’Life is short, let’s fall in love, maiden; take my hand and board the boat.’’ These are the words that ended stage 3. Akira Suzuki is humming happily like a crafty fox has pulled off a scheme. You feel a twinge of doubt and mutter to yourself. Is this, really, the right decision? Will you be persistent in choosing new ventures? Is Akira Suzuki a person you trust or will you feel the negative consequences of your choice? Find out on our Walkthrough.
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