Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Taisho Adventures Chapter 1 Stage 4 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you met Merchant Jon. There was already a surprise. His name is Akira Suzuki. He is a con artist. You are invited to meet you and offer a business offer to work for him. It is theft but on a much higher level. You had a dilemma about whether to accept or not. In the end, you were judged by greed and your desire for money. You accepted the offer and thus committed to continuing the training. Kuroko Sato and you will have classes in public. That way you will have to adjust to life in public and accept the rules of that life. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 4.

You are on Suzuki-san’s team now. He said he need Kuroko Sato and you to help him switch the auction item. You still do not understand why though, so you ask him…

He says that you are cute and pretty. His sudden compliment makes you blush, but what he says next makes you feel like a fool.

He says that the beautiful Yuko-san is the tanuki who uses her cute appearance to make others let down their guard, and then takes advantage of them. On the contrary, he is not all likable, so you are just a good-for-nothing fox.

Your new name is Yuko Karasuma, the daughter of Minister Karasuma. You have been living abroad with your father for the past several years. You recite the introduction smoothly as you glare at him. Once done, you bow calmly.

As for Kuroko Sato, her new name is Kuroko. She is Yuko-san’s maid. The satisfied little smile on Suzuki-san’s face troubles you. But what more troubles you are the situation if you spot Karasuma family member at the party. That would be a problem. Of course, Akira Suzuki has prepared a sarcastic answer.

He says that when you were pretending to be Kokura-san, you seemed totally unafraid of being found out. But this time is not the same situation. You are pretending to be the daughter of a returning minister. It’s so specific. Someone might realize that. Akira Suzuki rolls his eyes at you. He scrutinizes you both for a moment and then sighs.

Since you are curious, he can tell you. He assures you there won’t be a problem with using that family name. A real Kazoku noble won’t have the time to think about common folks like you. Kuroko Sato asks questions about your security. Suzuki-san dismisses Kuroko’s question with a wave of his hand.

You can’t let them go on with the fight. Who knows how long they’re going to fight? You have to stop them. They both look so antagonistic that you are afraid they will not stop fighting. You need to do something. 

Kuroko Sato and you have to go ask Shiratori-san to dress up in something suitable for the party. Shiratori-san has already prepared your outfits for you, says Akira Suzuki. Suzuki-san urges you to hurry, and you turn to ask just one last question.

You might be mistaken, but there’s a tinge of surprise on his face. It vanishes almost instantly, and he gives you his usual contemptuous smile. He says that it is not a place for him to attend. Akira Suzuki says you must disguise yourself well for the Kazoku party, so you have to wear something Elegant and Formal.

Kuroko Sato and you are sitting in the rickshaw. The salty breeze from the sea provides you with a bit of relief from the summer heat. The rickshaw driver suddenly comes to a stop. He explains to you that the road ahead is closed and that you will have to wait for a while for the traffic to resume. You are a bit frustrated by this news, but you nod and agree to take a short break. You gaze off into the distance, silently going over all the things you have to take note of at the party. There is a sudden commotion in an alley nearby. In the midst of all the angry voices, you seem to catch the name ‘’Sato Orphanage’’.

You think you heard someone talking about the orphanage. You hope you are wrong. You get off the rickshaw and walk cautiously towards the source of the commotion. The sound of violence startles you, but you are even more surprised at the sight of the person being beaten up.

Special Police will beat up some thugs. They are very aggressive. Apparently, they have ruby necklaces. It is the same necklace you gave them. This is the first time you have ever seen those thugs begging for mercy. However, you do not feel any joy seeing them suffer in this vicious world. Instead, your heart is filled with fear. You hope this will be the last you see of the Tokko.

The man from Special Police doesn’t have much patience, so he advises them to tell the truth. Your instincts tell you that you should flee, but as you turn, you accidentally step in a puddle. The splash alerts the scary man. He turns around and notices you. He drops his prey, who has been half-beaten to death, and makes a beeline for you. Under the pressure, you step forward intending to escape. However, every step you take is much smaller than you hoped for.

Then you remember. You are a lady; you are not supposed to run. Your name is no Yuko Sato. You are Karasuma-san, the Kazoku heiress. You take a deep breath to steel yourself. Plucking up your courage, you straighten your back, strike a dignified pose, and rebuke the approaching Tokko.

Your imposing attitude seems to work. Tokko-sama seems a little less oppressive now. He examines you sharply. After a long pause, he speaks.

His name is Semi Suwa. You will remember it. The fact that he seems so unperturbed about giving you his name disturbs you. Perhaps he is not intimidated by you at all. To avoid any further complications, you turn to leave. He stops you.

He asks you if you have seen a fraudster impersonating a merchant? Brown hair and a pair of crafty blue eyes. Suzuki-san comes to mind instantly. He has blue eyes, unlike most people in this country. He even told them he is a merchant and a con artist.

Kuroko Sato’s voice rings out from behind you. You look at her, surprised. When did she get here? Kuroko takes your hand, and you leave the dreadful scene. Her hand is trembling in yours. Back in the rickshaw, you sneak a glance in Tokko’s direction. The fake smile plastered on his face has disappeared. In its place, a cold and oppressive stare is directed straight at you. Frightened, you turn your gaze away.

Sensing your fear, Kuroko Sato tries her best to calm you down. Her voice is trembling a little. She must be terrified as well, but she’s still trying to comfort you. You clasp her cold hands in yours.

Perhaps all your bad luck of the day has been spent on the Tokko. Things seem to go smoothly at the party. However, you are still tense and not in the mood to socialize. The debt collectors mentioned Kuroko Sato and you. If Tokko continues pursuing the case, will he find out that you were the thieves?

You are delighted to meet Saito-san. You reply a little uneasily to the merchant, and your mind slips back to your worries again. You need to calm down. The Tokko policeman is probably trying to track down Akira Suzuki. It makes sense for him to focus on Akira Suzuki. Kuroko Sato and you are just small fries. Akira Suzuki is always boasting about being a con artist. It is not surprising that the police are looking for him.

If you are willing, Merchant Saito will fulfill all requirements. Now you look incredulously at this desperate and obnoxious merchant. You try to recall if you have accidentally promised this man anything. Kuroko Sato steps between the merchant and you. She looks at him sternly.

Kuroko Sato seems calm and collected, unlike you. She leans in close and whispers.

She looks determined. You cast a grateful glance in her direction. You turn and nod at Saito-san to bid him goodbye. Then you stride towards the garden, hoping to escape this pesky man.

With these thoughts, Stage 4 ends. Your game with life under a mask is just beginning. This book promises a lot. The moment you stumble into your acting, there is Kuroko Sato to lift you and move on. Kuroko Sato is your best friend. You have a lot to do in these moments. Also, you need to be careful and watch your behavior. You never know who you might meet in your thefts. Follow our Walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.