Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Taisho Adventures Chapter 1 Stage 5 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you had to use your acting skills for the first time to get into your role. Thugs that took your valuables were found by a dangerous police officer. They were harassed on the street and could recognize you. Luckily for you, you had peace of mind. Kuroko Sato, your best friend, stood in your defense and in that way raised the level of acting. Now comes the much more serious part. This stage is called “A Mysterious Man”. That tells you enough. We wish you good luck and success! Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 5.

With Kuroko Sato’s help, you are finally rid of the man who has been bugging you. You find a secluded corner in the Western-style garden and leave a marker nearby for Kuroko Sato. Then you sit down. Your mind keeps flashing back to the Tokko named Semi Suwa and his piercing, cold gaze.

You would go to jail if that happens. Something may happen to the orphanage then. You need to figure out a way for Kuroko Sato and you to escape unscathed. You start devising a plan for you two to get away. The faint laughter in the distance in a world away from the worries that are haunting you at the moment.

They just need to open their mouths, and all their problems are solved. You sigh heavily and lie back on the soft lawn. The blue sky above you is so steady and unperturbed. You reach up towards the sky, trying to grasp the air…

Everything will be fine once you leave with Kuroko Sato… This party is so boring for you. Feeling down, you roll about on the lawn, completely disregarding your image. Suddenly, an unfamiliar person answers.

You sit up in a panic, and hurriedly adjust your clothing to try to regain some of your dignity. This young man was talking to you. He thought he heard someone complaining about the party. Perhaps he has misheard. You try your best to maintain the demeanor of a Kazoku lady in an attempt to salvage what little composure you have left. The man had seemed surprised at first, and then he had tried to sound agreeable. Now, he is fighting to keep a straight face but to no avail. He lets out a chortle, and you know that you can no longer redeem your image.

This man says that he will not breathe a word about what he just heard. He can’t expect you to trust him that easily. He looks so confused that you can’t help laughing at him. You pat the grass next to you.

Once he realizes what you mean, he smiles and sits down readily. You nod. He seems so relieved that you feel like teasing him. He has to personally promise you that your family name will never be uncovered for other people. Smiling, you extend your little finger. He smiles back to you tenderly and extends his little finger as well.

You can’t help feeling a little curious. You wonder how he knows your name. But he says that you are the center of attention at the party. The child of a returning minister, beautiful and well-spoken. Anyone would notice you, says the unknown man. You have become a new topic. That is new for you.

His words have set off an alarm in your mind. You call him Uninvited-san because you do not know his name. Now that you do ask, you are afraid that you might have aroused his suspicion. You hurriedly give him a vague answer and change the subject.

You put on a pitiful look. He shakes his head emphatically. He is apologetic about his sudden outburst. His name is Kii. Kuniya Kii. The moment he says his name, you smile. He is so flustered that you feel like comforting him. You were teasing him just now He does not seem to be the type to boss people around and abuse his privileges.

You stare at him curiously. This is the first time you have ever heard anyone troubling themselves over this. Kuniya Kii says that his name does not give him any privileges. All men are born equal, and the Charter Oath of the late emperor states that all men are to be free from the limitations of their birth and allowed to express their worth.

You feel the same way. People should not be ridiculed for being poor, and there should not be any difference between the rich and the poor. Orphanages that lack funds have to worry about food and clothing. Shameless thugs bully poor children. That’s so unfair. No one wishes to be born poor. Kii-san’s thoughts resonate with you and you look at him earnestly, disregarding your Kazoku disguise. Then you realize you have been too emotional, so you pause, embarrassed. Kuniya Kii suggested that you should organize a donation. He is attending an auction preview soon, so you can introduce him to some people who can help. Now you are facing two options. Option 1 (Say yes to the invitation) or Option 2 (Politely decline the invitation)

Say yes to the invitation
Politely decline the invitation

If you select Option 1 (Say yes to the invitation), you will open Stage 1-6 and Masaya Hino goodwill goes up. Surprised at his offer, you blink at Kii-san. You don’t seem to recall Suzuki-san making any special arrangements for the next few days, so you nod candidly.

You do not need to be so polite. It’s no trouble at all. It would be his honor to have you there. He will see you the following day at Ichino Torii of the Ikuta Shrine.   

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If you select Option 2 (Politely decline the invitation), you will open Stage 1-7. You are very tempted to accept Kii-san’s invitation. It allows you to do something for the orphanage, after all. However, you worry that Suzuki-san might have other plans. You can’t help but sigh. You really wish Akira Suzuki would tell you more about his schedule.

You bow your head apologetically. Your voice is filled with regret. He thinks that his invitation was too abrupt. He says that if you come across another opportunity in the future, he will invite you again.

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The anxiety from the Tokko incident this morning gradually dissipates after a relaxed conversation with Kii-san. Sitting in the rickshaw on the way home, the setting sun shines upon Kuroko Sato’s face. She looks a bit disturbed, and that worries you.

With your arms akimbo and your cheeks puffed up, you must be a comical sight. Amused, Kuroko Sato shakes her head. Kuroko Sato says that you should not do that, now with your current status.

Kuroko Sato would like to talk to you about Suzuki-san. Kuroko Sato falls silent at your blunt question about Akira Suzuki’s risky plan. She frowns uneasily. She thinks that whole thing is too dangerous. She also says that Akira Suzuki is always so evasive whenever you question him. And the Tokko’s attitude this morning was highly suspicious.

Kuroko Sato hangs her head as she speaks. Her clenched fists show just how worried she is. She mustered up the courage to tell you this. However, if you quit now, you might not raise enough money for the orphanage in time. You have two options. Option 1 (There is no turning back) or Option 2 (Her worries are justified).

There is no turning back
Her worries are justified

If you select Option 1 (There is no turning back), Kuroko Sato is extremely anxious. You try to reassure her in a light-hearted voice.

Kuroko Sato should know how proud Akira Suzuki is. He is just trying to be mysterious because he thinks he is too smart for you. Deceiving you will not benefit him. You are dirt poor. Besides, there is no turning back now. If you quit out of fear, you won’t get anything.

You gaze at her with concern and try your best to comfort her. Surprisingly, your attempt to reassure her has only made her even more anxious. She shakes her downcast head repeatedly and clenches her fists even tighter.

Kuroko Sato thinks that you are acting too rashly, and it will just get you into trouble. You interrupt her by saying that your ‘’nighttime strolls’’ are also dangerous. You would have to keep risking yourselves until you steal enough valuables.

As long as there is a way to save Sato-sensei’s orphanage, you will do it. No matter what it is. Even if you have to go to Naraka. Naraka is the Hindu equivalent of hell. Kuroko Sato seems distressed by your obstinacy. She slumps her shoulders. You fall silent, and the heavy atmosphere lingers. 

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If you select Option 2 (Her worries are justified), Kuroko Sato’s goodwill goes up. Also, Yuko Sato will understand Kuroko Sato’s concern. After all, Akira Suzuki never makes anything clear.

What’s more, the Tokko this morning scared half of death. You can’t believe that in the Tokko is allowed to use violence to threaten people like that. You grumble discontentedly. The gloom on Kuroko Sato’s face seems to be fading.

You must endure everything until you have accomplished your goal. ‘’Hang on, and be hopeful’’, that was your quote. Kuroko Sato stops abruptly and is silent for so long that you wonder if she has dozed off. You are about to shake her awake when she pulls her head back up to look at you.

Frowning, you put a hand over her mouth. It is bad luck to talk about misfortune. You sigh. You would never sacrifice Kuroko Sato. She must protect herself as well, even if she wants to protect you. You are worried about her too. All you have is each other. The orange sunset lights up your face and you clasp your hands together. You may be living in the gutter, but you must look up to the stars, and be hopeful.

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Stage 1-5 is officially over. You had to choose two directions. Each direction has its own course and thus the story is divided into two paths. Two new stages have been unlocked and you can now see the consequences of your decisions. Prepare for the challenges ahead because we have a lot to tell you. Follow our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.