Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Taisho Adventures Chapter 1 Stage 7 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you were in a meeting with Kii-san. During your date, you may have noticed that Kii-san is an extremely successful and charming person. Above all, he is extremely pleasant to you. It’s all a dose to cultivate certain affinities towards you. The problem arose when you faced a dilemma. He is so wonderful to you that you forgot for a moment why you are here with him. You feel a certain amount of guilt because you have to steal from him, but it’s all part of your job. You have to be professional because you have a higher goal. This is to provide enough money to help your Sato Orphanage. This Stage Unlocks if you previously selected Politely decline the invitation in Stage 1- 5. We wish you a lot of success and happiness! Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 7.

You feel a little sad about declining Kii-san’s invitation, but you were right, and Suzuki-san has already planned your next move. The shoji opens with a swish. Kuroko Sato and you watch Akira Suzuki into the room in high spirits.

Akira Suzuki has arranged an impromptu test for you both. Kuroko Sato and you are surprised because it is so sudden. Akira Suzuki should tell you about plans earlier. Of course, he ignores your protests and puts on a forlorn look.

Back to business. According to his sources, a batch of auction invitations will be sent out today. Saito-san is on the invitation list this time, so you are going to visit him. You probably remember the man. That man Saito is the merchant at the party who tried to get you to introduce him to Lord Karasuma. He’s irritating and tactless. For you two, it was painful talking to him.

For this impromptu test, you are going to use a business negotiation as an excuse. You must ‘’borrow’’ the auction invitation before you finish your negotiations with him so that you can forge it. This is a rehearsal, so give it your best shot. Now go to change into the clothes Shiratori-chan has prepared for you. Don’t forget that you’re visiting someone at his residence. You must not let the Kazoku family look at you. Come on, change into an Elegant and Formal outfit to impress them.

The carriage travels for quite a long while and finally stops in front of a villa. A servant takes you to the parlor. While waiting for your host to show up, Kuroko Sato and you look around carefully, trying to figure out where the invitation might be kept. Akira Suzuki suggested you not waste your time. The invitation hasn’t reached Saito yet. If everything goes smoothly, the postman should arrive with the invitation soon. You are reminded of Suzuki-san’s frequent comings and goings, and realize that he’s been preparing for this for a while.

Akira Suzuki shrugs at you and closes the book he’s holding. Akira Suzuki says that you should be thinking about how to get the invitation. He reminds you that your test has begun. His words remind you of the task ahead of you, and you nod in response.

The host still hasn’t shown up, and there are no servants around. Kuroko Sato and you leave the parlor and head out of the building. For you, it is strange that there aren’t any servants attending to visitors. It’s as if they are neglecting you on purpose.

The postman is coming. The postman, dressed in a dark uniform and a straw hat, approaches the Sato residence. You take a deep breath and exchange a look with Kuroko Sato. You take the initiative to walk towards the postman and make good use of your acting skills. Pretending to be members of the Saito residence, you trick the postman into giving you the invitation. Once the invitation in your hands, you tuck it away so that you can hand it over to Suzuki-san. Kuroko Sato and you return to the entrance to the parlor and overhear Saito-san and Suzuki-san.

Kuroko Sato and you are shocked by Suzuki-san’s servile tone. You can’t believe that you are listening to Akira Suzuki. The arrogant Suzuki-san is bowing and scraping to someone else just to achieve his goal.

Merchant Saito says that some merchants don’t like to deal with ‘’half-bloods’’. They keep asking you if Akira Suzuki is local or a foreigner, and which side he’d be on if the empire goes to war. People like Akira Suzuki look different from them. It is about his eyes and hair. It is completely different. People feel insecure doing business with ‘’unidentifiable’’ people like Akira Suzuki.

Something clicks in your head. ‘’Half-blood’’, ‘’unidentifiable’’… They are terms used to discriminate. Upset at the thinly veiled malice, you impulsively reach out and push open the door. You strengthen your back and step into that revolting room with an air of arrogance.

Merchant Saito says that if there is anything you need, let him know. He is always at your disposal. The merchant tries his best to flatter you. It is both sad and absurd. Your ‘’lineage’’ and your fake ‘’identity’’ are the only reason why this man is giving you any respect.

The day of Sakoku is long gone. His short-sightedness tells you that he is not suited to working with the Karasuma family. You have wasted precious time. You shall take your leave now. Panic spreads across Saito-san’s face. You look at him coldly. Then you grab hold of Akira Suzuki, and all three of you leave the residence. In the carriage, you hand the invitation to Akira Suzuki. You have a heavy sigh.

You have just realized something, and it makes you loathe yourself. You realized that Akira Suzuki must have a hard time as well. You thought that money is all he needs to get respect from people, so you thought he had a pretty easy life. However, he has his own difficulties and worries.

Akira Suzuki listens quietly to your sudden apology. He also says that you should not worry about how others see you. Just know what you’re doing and what you want. That is enough. Social values don’t change overnight.

It should be based on the effort spent to better yourself, and your contribution to society and the world. Akira Suzuki falls silent. The carriage comes to a halt. You discover that you’re not back at Akira Suzuki’s residence. Instead, you’re in front of a magnificent building.

This is a good time to see what your treasure looks like. There is a wide range of items on display in the auction house. You have never seen such a novel and beautiful thing. Not even Sato-sensei’s books have mentioned them. Akira Suzuki has no intention of showing you around. He leads you straight to the target. It is a strange box consisting of intricate geometric shapes, and no visible hinges. When you look at it, images from your dream flash through your mind.

The surreal and nostalgic scene reappears in your mind. This time, you can see things more clearly. There is a figure playing with a box that looks just like the auction item.

Akira Suzuki’s voice yanks you out of your trace. You turn and look blankly at him. E is also staring at the strange box. You detect traces of eagerness and urgency in his eyes. Take a good, close look. That is your target. Don’t make any mistakes.

You don’t need to know details, says Akira Suzuki. Kuroko Sato stands by your side. She says that you are right to ask. It concerns your partnership. Akira Suzuki doesn’t need to hide anything from you.

You want to say more, but Kuroko Sato pulls on your hand and you look at the thing she’s pointing at. Not far away lies the ruby necklace that was taken from you at the orphanage. Akira Suzuki advises you to stop thinking about that ruby necklace. As if he’s read your minds, Suzuki-san steps swiftly in front of Kuroko Sato. He whispers a warning and shoves her towards the door. Kuroko Sato can be obstinate as well.

It used to be, but it’s not anymore, says Akira Suzuki. So, give up on the idea, and don’t complicate things, adds Suzuki-san. You can’t help sighing as you watch them bicker. A pattern on a door nearby catches your attention.

The thing that covers the door is the family crest of a Kazoku clan. Akira Suzuki’s voice is filled with disdain and sarcasm. You have to go. Suzuki-san urges you to hurry, and you leave the place that is about to become your battlefield.

Stage 7 of Chapter 1 ends here. These are the consequences of one of the choices you had in Stage 1-5. Will you be able to adapt to the new challenges? Will you be able to find a common language with Akira Suzuki? It all has to do with your dilemmas and beliefs about that man. One thing is for sure, one cannot trust a person who deals with deceptions and frauds such as Akira Suzuki. Follow our walkthrough and find out what awaits you below the book.
Thank you for reading.