Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Taisho Adventures Chapter 1 Stage 8 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you had to pretend to be an important part of a famous family so that you could take the invitation and forge it. Kuroko Sato helped you with that. It was all under the auspices of your partner, Akira Suzuki. One of the greatest people in Japan, Merchant Saito, believed you to be a famous woman from a large family. That way you got proof that your acting was at an enviable level. The continuation of the text marks the consequence of your choices in the earlier stages. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 8.

You have more to do after scouting out the preview display. Suzuki-san makes you rehearse the plan at random moments to make sure that everything will go smoothly. With such strict training, you think you should have no problem completing the task with your eyes closed. The repetitive training is truly exhausting.

You have to practice on your last day. After all practice, your mission should be foolproof. Akira Suzuki ignores your complaints. He seems pleased. Get changed after breakfast, and you will leave in half an hour. Do not forget, you are going to the auction house. Dress formally, and act like a proper Kazoku lady. To blend in with the crowd, pretend to be one of them by wearing something Elegant and Gentle.

The auction house is bustling with activity. It is as if the whole o Kobe’s nobility is here. You maintain a low profile and head towards the ‘’safe zone’’ inside the auction house. Suzuki-san has bribed the staff to arrange a special room for your hideout.

Akira Suzuki suggests you be vigilant. He will wait here for your return, and you will leave once the job is done. Akira Suzuki hands over a box. It is an exact copy of the Miyagawa box. It has the same complex geometrical pattern, but you can sense something off about it.

It is not stolen. All his imitations look identical to the originals. And now, it is your turn to ‘’fake it’’. If the plan goes well, you shall go your separate ways. Akira Suzuki wishes you success in advance. You will meet up later. The scenario is similar to what you have rehearsed. The staff is too busy preparing for the event, and they pay no attention to you. You look at the map Akira Suzuki has sketched for you, and pinpoint the door that leads to the secret box. When you hand the counterfeit over to Kuroko Sato, who is in charge of the switch, you can’t help reminding her.

She nods and smiles at you assuring you. Then she disappears. You mumble the sentence to yourself. At that point, the guard spots you two.

The sudden inquiry makes your heart skip a beat. When you see the confusion in his eyes, you regain your composure. You look like a lady who has lost her way, so you should play along. You will say that you are sorry. You got separated from your maid. Just now, you are looking for her.

You clasp your hand in front of your chest and tears well up in your eyes. Your act has the desired effect. The guard’s tone is gentler now. You say that you are in a panic, and you are lost. The moment the guard asks you for the invitation, you freeze. Akira Suzuki didn’t pass the invite to you before you left.

The guard asks you about your name. You break out in a cold sweat. If he continues to probe further, your identity will arouse suspicion. What should you do? Someone comes to mind. Option 1 (Suzuki-san), Option 2 (Kii-san) or Option 3 (Kuroko).


If you select Option 1 (Suzuki-san), you will claim that Suzuki-san is always good at fooling others with a straight face. You purse your lips and smile, imitating his unperturbed expression.

However, you think you would better wait here in case your maid and you miss each other again. The guard seems to come to a sudden realization, and you know you have successfully dispelled his suspicion. You are contemplating your next move when Kuroko Sato’s voice rings out behind you.

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If you select Option 2 (Kii-san), this choice is Selectable only if you previously selected Say yes to the invitation in Stage 1- 5. You remember Kii-san’s earnest eyes. You blink, look earnestly at the guard, and thank him.

You will say that your name is Yuko Karasuma, and you are here with your friend Kii-san. Your maid will surely come looking for you, and you will return with her. The guard seems to come to a sudden realization, and you know you have successfully dispelled his suspicion. You are contemplating your next move when Kuroko Sato’s voice rings out behind you.

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If you select Option 3 (Kuroko), you think of Kuroko Sato’s agility. If she were in your shoes, she’d be able to escape effortlessly. Unfortunately, you are not that agile. So, you take a deep breath and proceed to handle things your way.

You will say that you shouldn’t add to his troubles. It would be terrible if people were to think he is neglecting his duties because of you. The guard seems to come to a sudden realization, and you know you have successfully dispelled his suspicion. You are contemplating your next move when Kuroko Sato’s voice rings out behind you.

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Kuroko Sato went all the way to the end but she couldn’t find Porky. She thinks he might have run out of the building. Look for him outside. Kuroko Sato says that his Lordship will be angry with you if he finds out you brought Porky in here and let him run around.

Doubts erased; the guard lightens up. You respond with a sheepish smile. It is a dog.

You nod your thanks to the guard, and proceed to the ‘’safe zone’’. Fortunately, the guard did nothing to you. He was starting to get suspicious when Kuroko Sato appeared. She is your lucky star. It is so smart of Kuroko Sato to come up with Porky.

Kuroko Sato takes out the secret box and carefully places it in your hand. You take the box from her and hear a little ‘’thud’’ coming from the box. Curious, you give it a shake.

Kuroko Sato suggested you open this box when you get back to the orphanage. You continue your way towards the ‘’safe zone’’ while you discuss. However, when you reach the room, you find nobody inside.

While you wonder where is Akira Suzuki, there is a sudden commotion outside the door. The guard will be very loud. Something is stolen. He commands others to seal off-premises and inspect all the areas. Check for the suspects.

The discovery of the theft has sent an army of guards on a search. Akira Suzuki is not in the ‘’safe zone You start to suspect that Akira Suzuki might have a hand in this. But the secret box is still in your hands. You rack your brains trying to figure out Akira Suzuki’s motive. An idea comes to mind all of a sudden. Perhaps you have been the bait right from the very beginning. By betraying you and causing a commotion, he can proceed with his real plan. You turn to tell Kuroko Sato your theory, and she looks at you at the same time.

You feel a pang of guilt. You will apologize to Kuroko Sato, saying that it is all because you have been too naïve. You didn’t bother to dig further into what he’s doing, and now he’s landed you in this predicament. Kuroko Sato doesn’t regret anything she does for you. Akira Suzuki is simply too devious. He has no regard for morality, and he only cares about himself. If you get hurt because of this, it will be sad, says Kuroko Sato.

After coming up with a plan, you force yourselves to remain calm and walk out of the room as if nothing happened. Just as you were about to walk out the main door…

The stern-looking guards come over and warn you not to leave. You look at them with wide-open innocent-looking eyes. They seem to soften a little. A voice behind you has interrupted the conversation. You are about to turn around to see who it is when the same man lets out a terrifying blow.

The chef guard behind you drives all the guards away. You are wondering how to get rid of this unexpected newcomer when he suddenly bursts out laughing.

That obnoxious tone. It is Akira Suzuki. You glare at him. The loud sound of shattering glass drowns out Akira Suzuki’s voice. Shocked, you all look at the figure escaping through the window. It is the ferocious Tokko.

It’s as if he’s heard you. The Tokko shoots a swift glance at you. He seems confused to see you. The guards are closing in on him, and he’s forced to continue running. He vanishes before you manage to recover from the shock.

You are still reeling from the shock. Akira Suzuki has already regained his composure, and he urges Kuroko Sato and you to hurry. You rush into the carriage he’s arranged for you, and head to Akira Suzuki’s residence.

The entire episode has come to an end, and you can finally take a breather. Akira Suzuki is examining the secret box intently. He says that you don’t need to see each other again. From now on, you owe one another nothing. Once he is certain that the box is genuine, Akira Suzuki hands it back to Kuroko Sato.

He says that he had a personal matter to attend to, and when he returned, the guards had already started their search. Afraid that they will get into another fight, you hurry to explain before Kuroko Sato gets a chance to speak. You thought he deliberately created a commotion to betray you. Akira Suzuki looks at you silently for a moment. Then he laughs heartily as if it is the most absurd thing he’s ever heard.

Someone traced your footsteps and stole the fake box. Akira Suzuki seems totally relaxed. You are in shock. So is Kuroko Sato, whose eyes are widened in disbelief.

As long as the boxes are switched, his job is done, says Akira Suzuki. You don’t need to probe any further. Take the reward you’ve worked for and go save your orphanage. Akira Suzuki pushes a check to you with great pleasure. And one last thing before you go, the matter has now come to an end. You have nothing to do with each other now, says Akira Suzuki.

Akira Suzuki smiles flippantly, but you can detect a despondent air about him. With this separation, stage 8 ends here. Very long and strenuous stage. You had a lot on your shoulders. The auction went in a very unexpected way. You got money for an orphanage and thus ended your relationship with Akira Suzuki. Did you really manage to raise money? Did you really end every contact with Akira Suzuki? You can find out all this on our walkthrough. We wish you good luck.
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