Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Taisho Adventures Chapter 1 Stage 9 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you had the opportunity to attend the auction. It is a place where very valuable things are bought for large sums of money. Your goal was not to buy. At least not for the money. You had to take some precious things that would help you in your main goal. That is to financially support Sato Orphanage. Kuroko Sato also stole the necklace you lost a few days earlier. All of this can be seen as rewarded for your hard work. Akira Suzuki said that you have done all your work and that you no longer have any obligations towards him. As far as he is concerned, you have done your part of the job and you can part in a decent relationship. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 9.

Stage 1-9 starts with familiar words of the song.

It is that dream again, the dream that is filled with nostalgia. This time around, you hear the gentle voice of a woman singing, as well as the clacking of wood pieces. However, the woman’s figure is still hazy, and you can’t see her clearly. You need to see more clearly.

It seems to Kuroko Sato that you had a nightmare. You shake your head in response to Kuroko’s question, but the dream remains in your head. This time the dream is clearer than before, with the figure of a woman singing and the strange clacking sound of the wood pieces. But piecing all these clues together just makes you more confused.

Kuroko Sato brought you breakfast. You should eat something. You can’t think on an empty stomach. You haven’t seen Akira Suzuki since the auction. The money from Akira Suzuki allowed you to pay off the debt and buy the orphanage. You have saved the rest of the money to operate the orphanage. Everything has gone well.

You stare at the box. Just like its name, it holds many secrets. It’s always on your mind. Perhaps it has been dragging you deeper into that dream world.

Kuroko Sato has noticed how troubled you look. You are certain she will throw the box away the minute you say ‘’YES’’. You will say to Kuroko Sato that you saw a few more clues in the dream and you were so close to seeing the woman who’s singing. When you first saw the box at the auction preview, you realized it is the same box as the one in your dream. And you think it is linked to your dream in some way. If you can find out who the previous owner was, you might be able to find out more about the dream.

You laugh at your own thoughts. Kuroko Sato is silent and still. She asks if you magically transform into a Kazoku lady, and you are no longer Yuko Sato, will you stay in the orphanage?

Kuroko Sato sighs quietly at your blunt answer. If you were to become a Kazoku lady, you would be someone important. You would be able to do more things, including whatever it is you want to do. You would move the orphanage to a better place, where you can see the whole of Kobe, and the Seto Inland Sea then you open the door.

Kuroko Sato stares at you blankly as you describe your pie in the sky. You call her name, and she comes back to her senses. She chuckles softly. She has always loved to dream. Your dreams sound impossible to her.

You blush, a little embarrassed by her praise. She continues.

You are a little surprised to hear her mention his name. She doesn’t like him, but it is the only way to solve your problem. She looks at you earnestly. You take a deep breath and make up your mind. Akira Suzuki should know something about the box, or he wouldn’t try to swap it. He might as well not wait. Dress up in a Simple and Noble outfit to visit Suzuki-san. You have to question him properly this time.

On the way to Akira Suzuki’s residence, you discuss how to get him to tell you the truth. While walking, you spot a familiar figure and stop in your tracks. She looks in the direction you are pointing, and her eyes widen.

The words that reach your ears disrupt your speculations. Thugs talk about you two. The alarm bell starts ringing in your head. Your mind goes blank.

But you know that none of these questions are important right now. You look at the equally terrified and confused Kuroko Sato beside you, and you can only think of one thing.

You dash towards your destination, and in your panic, you knock over fruits and vegetables outside a yaoya by the side of the road. Shops selling fruits and vegetables in Japan are called yaoya. ‘’Yao’’ also has the meaning of having a wide variety of items.

The store owner curses at you, and the loud noise attracts the dreaded Tokko. Famous Semi Suwa catches up with you.

Why would you stop? You grab hold of Kuroko Sato and run. The Tokko seems as determined as a hound that has sunk its teeth into its prey. It is so hard to get rid of him. Fortunately, you know the city’s winding alleys better than the Tokko. Kuroko Sato and you dash into an alley, and just as you think you have shaken him off…

You see Semi Suwa standing at the end of the alley. You have been too naïve. A chill comes over you as you gaze at him.

The ferocious Tokko is heading towards you. Kuroko Sato runs in the other direction, pulling you along with her. You push over wooden crates to act as obstacles. You flee down another alley, but the sound of footsteps behind you seems never-ending. The oppressive footsteps come to an abrupt stop, and when you look over your shoulder, you crash into a wall. 

The voice is reassuring. You look up to see a confused and worried Kii-san. When you check behind you, there is no one. You freeze for a moment, wondering if you should say more to Kii-san. The Tokko knows your true identity.

There’s such a vast difference in status between ‘’Yuko Karasuma’’ and ‘’Yuko Sato’’. He will realize you have been lying to him, and you don’t want that to happen. You hastily grab Kuroko Sato’s hand and gesture to tell her not to say more. Then you take a deep breath and take on the persona of ‘’Yuko Karasuma’’.

You will also say that while passing through this neighborhood, a madman with a knife ran out of a nagaya and started chasing you. Nagaya is a type of rowhouse where individual households live next to each other. Each household has its own exit to the street, which is the rowhouse’s unique feature. You will say that you are fine. Fortunately, Kuroko Sato was there to protect you. She ran and pulled you along with her. Kii-san looks like a huge weight has been taken off his shoulders. He looks at you gravely. He seems so serious and sincere that you can’t help feeling guilty. Now that the auction is over, you are supposed to remain ‘’Yuko Sato’’ and never cross paths with Kuniya Kii again. However, Kii-san is like your knight in shining armor. He saves you whenever you are in trouble. You will face two options. Option 1 (Accept his offer) or Option 2 (Reject him politely). 

Accept his offer
Reject him politely

If you select Option 1 (Accept his offer), Mesaya Hino goodwill goes up. Kii-san provides you with a sense of security. You nod at him.

You thank him sincerely.

Kii-san smiles at you. A carriage is heading towards you.

Back to Previous Choice

If you select Option 2 (Reject him politely), you will reject him politely. Say that you can’t possibly make him go to the trouble.

Kii-san smiles at you. A carriage is heading towards you.

Back to Previous Choice

Saying the address where you live ends stage 1-9. This was a very interesting stage for two reasons. The first because you learned that your acting is recognizable to some very dangerous people. The other thing is that you had a chance to meet Kii-san again. He is a very important character to continue the story. You will only find out what you will go through with him. Follow our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.