Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Taisho Adventures Chapter 2 Stage 10 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, an avalanche is set in motion. Semi Suwa is provoked by his vanity. Despite all the prohibitions ordered to him by Masaya Hino, he still received a great desire to take revenge on everyone. He pointed a gun at you, used you as a human shield. Masaya Hino wounded him and thus saved you. That’s not all, he managed to escape. That means there are no more moral breaks holding him back. He’s getting ready to attack you and kill you. Be down to earth when it comes time to panic. Masaya Hino is not 100% trusted due to previous events and lies. Kuroko Sato and Akira Suzuki are on your side. Get ready, an avalanche is coming. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 10.

The event has been postponed because of Semi Suwa. It is unclear when the banquet will be held in the future. Kuroko Sato and you are discussing your options. You could either stay and wait, or return to Kobe. There is a sudden knocking on the door.

You wonder what she wants from you. She requested you only, without Kuroko Sato. Kuroko Sato seems insistent. You nod at her and answer the maid. In this situation, you have to change your clothes. You should wear something appropriate to see Madam Miyagawa. What is Madam Masako Miyagawa’s invitation about? It will not hurt to dress up for it. Change into something Noble and Perky before going over.

After you have changed your clothes, the maid takes you to the parlor. Madam Masako Miyagawa and Masaya Hino are chatting with one another. You wonder what they are talking about. Madam Masako Miyagawa orders you to sit down. She will go straight to the point. She says that she heard there have been some misunderstandings between you and Masaya Hino because you have different standpoints. You will see that Madam Miyagawa is worthy of leading a large family. Nothing ever seems to escape her notice.

Madam Miyagawa wonders if you would do her a favor and talk to Masaya Hino for a while. Maybe this is your chance to thank Masaya Hino for helping you at the party. Madam Masako Miyagawa leaves with her maid, leaving Masaya Hino and you together. The atmosphere is rather awkward. You call each other’s names at the same time and burst into laughter. Masaya Hino speaks first.

You are also apologizing. You assumed that Masaya Hino was working with Semi Suwa, and you rejected your help. You will say that it was so rude to him, but he helped you anyway. Yuko is ashamed of how she has behaved. Once again, you will apologize to Masaya Hino.

On the other hand, Masaya Hino admits that he should have warned you about what was going to take place at the banquet, so you’d be prepared. Hino-san says that if he had done that, Semi Suwa would not have gotten a chance.

His family treats him as a pawn. They put him in the military so he could court popularity and gain power. They even hoped he would seize all the power of the Miyagawa family. To avoid family conflict, Masaya Hino has always kept his head down, and simply did what he was told. His eyes make you think of a deer lost in a forest, and you instinctively reach out to hold his hand.

That is because he met you. Masaya Hino’s impression of you is that you are not afraid to be yourself, and you always know what you want. You have the courage to face your enemies, as well as the resilience to stay true to yourself. He says that you have influenced him. He has decided to stick to his belief that soldiers should fight for the welfare of the country and its people. They shouldn’t be used to further one’s selfish goals or exploited for the benefits of a specific group. He is promoting and befriending like-minded people in the military. He hopes to make all those old, anachronistic ideas a distant memory in the future. Semi Suwa was your first battle. Masaya Hino speaks enthusiastically. His eyes are gleaming with excitement, and he looks extremely charming.

Masaya Hino is about to thank you but he cuts off his sentence when something outside the window catches his attention. His expression worries you. It looks that someone has broken into the main hall. Semi Suwa may want him to inherit as soon as possible, so he has decided to go after.

After Masaya Hino leaves, you wait alone in the parlor for a long time, but nothing happens. You don’t hear anything outside. The moment you step into the corridor, you hear a bone-chilling voice. Semi Suwa has been lurking here all along. You instantly regret ignoring Masaya Hino’s instructions to stay in the parlor. Semi Suwa says that your death is the only way to ensure that the Hino family will be victorious. There is madness in his eyes. You turn and run, shoving things onto the ground to draw attention from the guards.

Semi Suwa says that no one is coming to rescue you. You should just give up and accept your fate. You clear a corner and duck into a room. It has a large closet that is perfect for hiding in. There is no time to hesitate. You jump into the closet. Almost immediately, you hear the door open. Semi Suwa’s heavy footsteps are approaching the closet.

This is a very exciting route, going through stages 2-10. It is only a gift for you, as it is for this situation. Despite all the guards from the Miyagawa family, Semi Suwa managed to get closer to you. Does the possibility exist, that your life is a little people’s looks like? Will it end? Do you want someone else? It is all under a great secret, but it comes to mind and can only be a moment. You can follow our exemplary precautions and find something to do with your life and your love.
Many thanks for reading.