Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Taisho Adventures Chapter 2 Stage 12 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, Semi Suwa was arrested. This is great news for you because you are finally safe. He tried to kill you out of some personal conviction. It all came down to Madam Masako Miyagawa. She asked you a couple of questions where you had to consider what you wanted to say. Some things remained unresolved. There is only the question of whether you are the heir or not. Four more stages to go. The truth will finally be revealed. Be prepared. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 12.

After Semi Suwa’s arrest, you can finally bid goodbye to your days of being hunted. You don’t know how long he will be locked up, and you hope he will repent in prison.

You are really sorry for worrying Kuroko Sato. The maid will interrupt your conversation. Kuroko Sato and you are chatting in the garden when the maid surprises you. She says that Madam Masako Miyagawa has an important announcement to make, and she would like to see you both in the parlor.

Kuroko Sato seems rather calm. She watches the maid leave and then sighs. She is not curious about the announcement. All secrets are revealed eventually. You will find out what it is soon. You should change into something appropriate for an important announcement. Madam Masako Miyagawa has gathered everyone for an important announcement. You should head over in an Elegant and Formal outfit.

Besides Madam Masako Miyagawa, both Masaya Hino and Akira Suzuki are also in the parlor. You are even more curious now. You wonder what the announcement is about.

Madam Masako Miyagawa bows her head and apologizes. You hurry to stop her. She holds your hand affectionately. The warmth of her palm conveys her love for you. The reason why she asked all of you to come here today is to announce the heir to the Miyagawa family. The heir has to have the wisdom to make the right decisions for the future of this ancient family. Even more importantly, they must have an upright and noble heart and prevent disgrace from befalling your family name.

Masaya Hino seems utterly composed. A range of complex emotions well up within you. You feel a little envious of him, and also a deep sense of regret. Madam Miyagawa is so kind of you. How nice it would be if she were your real grandmother. You shove your emotions to the back of your mind as you wait for the announcement. Madam Masako Miyagawa: I hereby announce the next heir to the Miyagawa family, my granddaughter…

Your mind goes blank. She now calls you by your real name, Yuko Miyagawa. You look around you in a panic. The others are all smiling at you as if they have known you all along. Although you are not sure how this is true, Madam Miyagawa has an answer prepared. She is certain of it. You look just like your mother Ayako, and there’s a birthmark behind your ear. Madam Masako Miyagawa pushes your hair aside to reveal the birthmark. Her eyes are moist.

She takes out the secret box that you are now all familiar with and hands it to you. The complex lock is now open. Inside the box, there is a stack of old letters as well as some jewelry and accessories. At her encouragement, you break open the Tsurunomaru seal on one of the letters.

Ashikaga and Ayako. Those are the names of your parents. Your heart is thumping wildly, and your hands are trembling uncontrollably. You continue reading the letters. You cradle the box and look at the contents of the letters. Your head is throbbing, just like ‘’Yuko-chan’’ who hit her head. The nursery rhyme that you hear in your dreams and the woman holding the box flash through your mind.

Madam Masako Miyagawa interrupts your thought. Madam Miyagawa looks away sadly, trying her best to hold back her grief. Something did happen. The day after this last letter was sent, you were abducted from the hospital. After receiving the telegram, Madam Miyagawa rushed to Kobe. She searched with all the means available to her, but she failed to find you. It was then that she realized no matter how powerful she was, it was of no use in such a situation. Your parents never managed to find you before they passed away. Her voice chokes up, and she sits down with the help of the maid. Tears start rolling down your face.

Madam Masako Miyagawa’s frail body is trembling. Right now, she is not a Kazoku head, but simply a grandmother who longs for her granddaughter. You will beg Madam Miyagawa not to apologize. Things have been hard, but you wouldn’t change anything about your life. From now on, you can call her ‘’grandma’’. She hugs you tightly as if afraid you will disappear if she lets go.

The two of you once thought you were destined to be alone. Now, you are reunited as a family. The reunion feels unreal. You worry that this is just a daydream and you will snap out of it soon. You decide to take a stroll outside to calm your thoughts. On the way, you see Akira Suzuki at the foot of the stairs, carrying his luggage. It looks he’s leaving.

He is here to say goodbye. He says that now that there is a happy ending, he thinks it is time for him to leave. You have only known each other for a short period of time, but you understand each other so well, it’s as if you have been friends for years. You are sad to see him go. At the same time, you have a burning question to ask him.

Akira Suzuki said once that he brought you to the imperial capital to get his revenge, and that he has a selfish motive apart from that too. You will ask him about that selfish motive. Akira Suzuki looks embarrassed. He can’t seem to meet your gaze, and he falls silent for a while.

He said that he works for the Miyagawa family for the sake of freedom, not money. The old tanuki had something on him and forced him to look for her heir. Finding the heir wasn’t her intention after all. She was just using him as a pawn in her scheme. She must be as lucky as the Mikawa Tanuki. Not only has she saved her family line, but she has also found her granddaughter as well.

You respond half-jokingly, expecting Akira Suzuki to answer with his usual sarcasm. To your surprise, his face takes on a complex expression. He takes a step back, and bows to you.

You are a little stunned by Akira Suzuki’s sudden change in attitude. You want to tell him not to play games with you, but his serious gaze makes you hesitate for a moment. Before you can say anything more, Akira Suzuki turns and quickly walks away. And with this move, stage 12 ends. Three more stages to go. This has been a beautiful day for you. You have established that your future is assured and you have no reason to worry. What still bothers you are your friends? Will you run out of them? Akira Suzuki did not skillfully hide his secrets. His eyes betrayed him. Follow our walkthrough.
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