Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Taisho Adventures Chapter 2 Stage 13 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you have learned very important news. Madam Masako Miyagawa stated that you are the heir. A long-lost baby who is the legal heir of the Miyagawa family. This is news that completely changes the course of things. It allows you many things. The benefits are huge and the list is endless. The only problem will be your retention of friends you have made during your life so far in Sato orphanage. Kuroko Sato, Masaya Hino and Akira Suzuki have left an indelible mark on your life. It’s something you’ll be able to remember. It takes a little more effort to keep them alive. Stage 13 gives you specific answers. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 13.

After so many years of absence, the Miyagawa family finally welcomes their true heir back home. The whole mansion is bustling with activity. Everyone is working non-stop to prepare for the succession party. You feel father lost, and you don’t know why. It should be a happy event, but you feel as if something is missing.

Maid says that your expression looked so sweet and sorrowful as if you were missing someone. Now you are an important person, you order the maid to prepare an outfit for you. You have something important to say to your grandmother. For that special someone in your heart, dress up in a Grand and Formal outfit before speaking bravely to Madam Masako Miyagawa.

The maid’s words have cleared your mind. There is someone you miss. Who do you miss? Option 1 (Akira Suzuki) or Option 2 (Kuroko Sato).

Akira Suzuki
Kuroko Sato

If you select Option 1 (Akira Suzuki), now that you know what you want, you head to the garden where your grandmother is. You wish to seek her approval first.

You would like to send someone to fetch Akira Suzuki to the mansion. You have something to say to him. Madam Masako Miyagawa looks at you thoughtfully. Her penetrating eyes seem to have read your mind. She sighs. You are the heir of the Miyagawa family. You carry a heavy responsibility on your shoulders, and people are watching your every move.

You are nervous but you gather the courage to express your thoughts. You want to see him because he always makes you laugh, and though you like to argue, he cared for you more than anyone else. Now that you are apart, you can’t help feeling as if something is missing from your heart. It has made you realize how important he is to you. You know you will regret it for the rest of your life if you let him go. Hold your breath, and wait for her answer. You thought she would reject you sternly. Instead, she smiles and strokes your head.

You just have to remember, the Miyagawa family will always be here for you. Now that you have your grandmother’s permission, you ask someone to bring Akira Suzuki to you. You have so much to say to him. However, as soon as you lay eyes on him, your mind goes blank. You feel shy, but Akira Suzuki appears almost indifferent as if he’s trying to keep his distance.

Suzuki-san says that you are the young mistress of the Miyagawa family. You should know you should not be in contact with someone as lowly as him. Someone like Akira Suzuki, who has struggled at the bottom of society since birth. A person who steals and scams other people. The world has not been kind to him, so he does not need to be kind in return. All is fair. Akira Suzuki’s self-deprecation is mostly due to the helplessness and resentment he feels about his birth. Your heart aches for him.

He is speechless for a moment. You take the chance to confess your love for him.

Akira Suzuki says nothing. He draws an imaginary line between you with his fan and looks at you expressionlessly. Finally, he says that there is a line between you. It has become impossible to cross that line ever since you became a member of the Miyagawa family.

Akira Suzuki stands up to leave. You have to make him understand how you feel about him. You will say that he is the one who has drawn that line, so you can’t cross it no matter what you do. You don’t understand what he is afraid of. He uses cynicism to disguise how fragile his heart is. But to win love, sometimes people have to be bold, and you can’t be afraid of getting hurt. You have said that no matter what happens, Akira Suzuki is still Akira Suzuki in your eyes.

You are just two steps away from one another, and you have already taken the first step. You will ask him to step forward if he is willing to reciprocate your love. Akira Suzuki hangs his head and hesitates. After several moments, he leaves without looking back.

At the banquet, you look around for Akira Suzuki, though you know he will not be here. You feel disappointed again and again. You can’t feel a drop of joy despite all the dancing going on around you. Enough is enough, you can’t go on like this. You glumly turn a corner to take a break and collide with someone. A steady hand stops you from falling. A familiar laugh fills your ears.

You are both confused and excited by Akira Suzuki’s presence and him asking for the fancy. Suppressing your excitement, you nod. You are so distracted by your thoughts that you almost on his foot several times.

You want to protest, but you see a trace of nervousness in Akira Suzuki’s smile, so you change it to a retort instead.

A perfect end of a perfect love story. Crossing the Line.

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If you select Option 2 (Kuroko Sato), this option ‘’Kuroko Sato’’ unlocks if you previously selected I don’t know in Stage 1-13. You wait for Madam Masako Miyagawa in the garden. Someone keeps appearing in your mind as you look at the bright flowers.

Your heart knows what it wants, but you struggle to find the words. Madam Masako Miyagawa does not rush you. She smiles. She says that if you can’t tell her today, you can tell her tomorrow. And if not tomorrow, the day after. Most importantly, you should take the time to understand what’s really going on inside you. Madam Masako Miyagawa’s gentle words help you make up your mind.

Someone once asked you what she means to you. You couldn’t answer then, but you knew she was important to you. You just hadn’t sorted out your feelings yet.  It is clear for you now. She is irreplaceable to you, and you want to spend every day of your life with her. Madam Miyagawa thinks that you should say this to her instead. If she changes her mind or doesn’t feel the same way you do, you should not feel guilty. Madam Masako Miyagawa does not answer your question. Instead, she looks at the flowers in the garden.

You follow her line of sight and see purple flowers withering on the bamboo hedge. The morning glory bloomed, though she knew she would eventually wither away. People shouldn’t shy away from a decision just because they are afraid. You reflect upon her philosophical words. She is right. Madam Masako Miyagawa says that there was a girl a long time ago who was brave enough to speak to you about her feelings and wanted her approval.

You sense what she is implying, and with a thumping heart, you try to pursue the topic, but she has already changed the subject. She says that she has arranged for a new maid for you. Not understanding why she has suddenly brought this up, you refuse hastily. But as the heir of the Miyagawa family, you have to get used to having a maid. The matter is settled. Madam Miyagawa ignores your protests and leaves with a smile. Now that you have finally understood your own feeling, Kuroko Sato seems to be avoiding you.

You are in no mood to attend the upcoming banquet. Without Kuroko Sato around, everything feels meaningless. The new maid comes into your room. A tiny voice is coming from outside the door, and you recall what your grandmother said about getting you a new maid. You have always wondered where you get the strength to fight, and now you have finally figured it out. Maybe you resisted Grandma’s suggestion of a maid because you subconsciously refuse to have someone other than Kuroko Sato around you.

The maid unexpectedly ignores you and opens the door.

When you turn your head, you realize that the maid is none other than Kuroko Sato. You ask Kuroko Sato how did she get here. You have been looking for her for so long. You are overjoyed, and you want to rush up to her and hold her hand. However, you stop in your tracks, remembering that she has been avoiding you.

She is not angry, but she was avoiding you. When you asked why did she do that, she looks at you with a mixture of pain and unease. Kuroko Sato was just not sure if you need her anymore. Yuko is no longer Yuko, but Kuroko is still Kuroko. Now that you know what she’s thinking, your heart aches for her.

You and Sato-sensei told Kuroko Sato that one day you must realize what you are worth, and not exist as a shadow. Back then, Kuroko Sato didn’t care and thought she just wanted to stay by your side for as long as she could. However, you are now high up in the clouds, so far away from you, out of reach.

She shakes her head at your answer. She has spent a long time thinking about it. You were going to drift apart in the future. And she knows that the only way she can catch up with you is to improve yourself. Kuroko Sato has changed, but this is not a bad change.

When you say ‘’NO’’, Kuroko Sato’s face falls. You smile and take her hand. But you don’t want her in the background. You want her to stand beside you as an equal, and be with you always. You plan to return to Kobe and use the Miyagawa family’s finances to fund the orphanage. Together, you will help Sato-sensei make it better. After that, you shall go on a trip together. Autumn maples, winter snow, spring cherry blossoms, and you two.

You open your eyes, Kuroko Sato is smiling. She does not say anything. Instead, she steps forward and stands by your side. You promise Kuroko Sato. Whenever you want to go, you will go together.

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The perfect ending for the perfect love story. A love story between two friends who became as close as two sisters. Life is that little line between the year of birth and the year of death. During that time, try to love as much as possible, because those are the moments that keep you alive. Moments that mark your life. Love is one of the few things that have no price because they are free. And the more it is divided, the more it has. There are two more stages left. You can follow Stage 14 and Stage 15 on our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.