Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Taisho Adventures Chapter 2 Stage 14 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you had two perfect endings with Akira Suzuki and Kuroko Sato. As the true heir of the Miyagawa family, you have managed to do everything in your power not to be alone. To take care of your friends and be happy because you managed to be peaceful in your life together. Stage 14 is a sequel to the story when Semi Suwa is arrested. This is the day after Semi Suwa’s arrest. This stage unlocks if you previously selected ‘’It’s not up to me to decide’’ in Stage 2-11. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 14.

The nightmare has ended with Semi Suwa’s arrest, and you can finally relax. Kuroko Sato is insisting that you return to Kobe, so you set a return date to reassure her. It is a pity that Masaya Hino is so busy dealing with the aftermath that you can’t find a chance to say goodbye to him. While you are packing, the maid informs you that you have a visitor. You should change your clothes before you receive your visitor. No matter who is the unexpected visitor, a Miyagawa must not be too sloppy. Hurry and change into something Elegant and Gentle.

When you reach the parlor, you see Masaya Hino pacing anxiously. He looks like he hasn’t slept for days, and the exhaustion in his eyes is palpable. He hesitates for a moment when he sees you. Then he strides towards you. He makes a sudden bow and apologizes.

He apologizes not only because did he fall into Semi Suwa’s trap, but he also put you in danger. He is too ashamed to face you. Masaya Hino’s face is full of worry and remorse. You can sense his feelings of guilt.

You cherish his desire to protect you, but that’s not what you want. You don’t want to be protected like this. Afraid that he might leave, you grab hold of his hand. You will tell him that you mean you don’t want to be passive, and hide behind anyone’s protection. You know he wants to protect you, but you don’t want him to put himself in danger. He is very important to you.

He seems to consider returning the grasp, but he hesitates for a long while, and finally retrieves his hand with a bitter smile. Masaya Hino says that his presence in your life will only bring you more danger. You may have escaped unharmed this time, but the future is unpredictable. He says that he can’t put you in danger out of selfishness. He would never forgive himself for the rest of your life.

Masaya Hino sounds like he’s trying his best to hold back his sorrow. You realize you are more important to him than you thought. You know that he will encounter more danger after he becomes the heir.

You want to know Masaya Hino’s safe place. Also, you want to stand by him, and fight alongside Masaya Hino. You want to share his burden. To be his sanctuary. Masaya Hino looks at you quietly and takes a deep breath.

He is not a perfect man and he doesn’t need to be. You like him just as he is. Both the good and the bad. You gaze into each other’s eyes. He reaches out and pulls you in.

In the evening, Madam Masako Miyagawa sends for Masaya Hino. You guess she wants to talk about the succession. Madam Miyagawa and Masaya Hino are talking about the secret box. He returned the box and informed her about Semis Suwa’s scheme. He says that after he met you at the Karasuma residence, he started thinking about how to stop Semi Suwa. In order not to alert him, he pretended to go along with the plan and decided to secretly inform the Miyagawa family. He found a way to insert a message in the suitcase that Semi Suwa delivered, and used the opportunity to reveal everything about his plans. You look at Masaya Hino, and something suddenly dawns on you.

On the other hand, Madam Masako Miyagawa says that he could have secured the inheritance by destroying the secret box, but he did not do that. It is his family that covets the power of the succession, not him. Masaya Hino does not agree with their unscrupulous ways. He is a member of the Hino family, but he refuses to submit to their schemes. The future of the Miyagawa family is counting on him. Madam Masako Miyagawa stops smiling, and bows gravely to Hino-san, who returns the gesture.

She says that they will be a family soon. There is no need to be so formal. But now, here is a very unexpected statement. He would like to ask Madam Masako Miyagawa for her approval to marry you. As the heir, you know that you have to be level-headed, and many things are not within his control. However, Masaya Hino and you are in love, and you are the one to spend the rest of his life with.

Then he will ask Grandma Masako Miyagawa to find another heir. He has decided that you are the only one for him. Masaya Hino’s expression is grave, and Madam Masako Miyagawa’s smile has vanished. You are about to say something to break the tension when Madam Miyagawa bursts into laughter.

Madam Miyagawa could not be happier. She permitted him. She says that the two of you are destined to be together. She hopes you will look after one another, and cherish each other. Masaya Hino and you look at each other, and smile.

This is the perfect way to complete this stage. Stage 14 is the penultimate stage in this book of ours. This is proof that we have managed as a team to reach the highest heights. Stage 15 is the last in Chapter 2. That means our walkthrough has helped you in this adventure. Taishō Adventures is one very interesting story that has a beautiful ending. One of the endings awaits us in stage 15. Follow our walkthrough and find out what kind of end Yuko Sato deserved.
Thank you for reading.